How Data and Analytics Translate to Personal Care

first_imgPatient engagement and analytics were trending topics at HIMSS15. I now wonder how the essence of those conversations will change going forward.In this video, I share insight into how the discussions around analytics and patient engagement need to shift toward improving the quality of care and reducing costs. I also look at how the growing volume of personal health data coming from wearables and genomic research will help drive truly customized care into becoming a reality.Watch the short video and let us know what questions you have about the future of analytics and customized care, and where you think they’re headed.last_img read more

REVEALED! Batsmen favour personal milestones over team’s objective

first_imgOver 2,000 Test matches from 1880-2014 were analysed for the studyBatsmen who were close to reaching personal milestones were likely to alter their strategy in a way which, at first sight, seems detrimental to the team, new research suggests.”We found clear evidence that the behaviour of batsmen is affected by their personal rewards in the game,” said Professor Lionel Page from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) who collected data on more than 3,500 one-day matches between 1971 and 2014.Professor Page and researcher Romain Gauriot from QUT business school examined the behaviour of batsmen reaching landmark scores in ODI matches.The research found that players were likely to bat more conservatively as they approached a half-century or century to maximise their chances of reaching it.”We found players react to individual-specific incentives in ways which can be detrimental to the team as a whole. For example, if a batsman is close to making 50 or 100, he will play more conservatively and hence score at a slower rate,” Page added.This increases his chances of reaching the landmark score, but at the cost of the team’s winning chances.”That is because in ODIs, batsmen should adopt a relatively high strike rate, taking the risk of losing their wicket to score more quickly,” Page pointed out.Contrary to the belief when batsmen reach the “nervous nineties” – the idea they are more likely to be dismissed as they approach a century – the researchers found adopting a conservative style at that stage reduced their chances of dismissal.advertisement”We observed that while batsmen are conservative on their way to a milestone, they switch to a more aggressive strategy straight after reaching it, possibly to catch up with lost time,” the authors noted.The data showed the batsmen’s strike rate jumped more than 40 percent after reaching a century compared to the period leading up to it.”This leads to a sharp increase in the rate of dismissals,” they wrote.Analysing more than 2,000 Test matches from 1880-2014, professor Page found captains were far more likely to declare an innings when a batsman had reached a landmark rather than when he was just below one.”One of the most interesting finding from this study shows that team captains also react to individual-specific incentives by accommodating them,” he said.The evidence suggests that team captains are willing to trade a cost to the team in favour of a substantial reward to a particular player – for example eating up valuable time and delaying a declaration so a batsman can reach his individual milestone.The research is forthcoming in the journal American Economic Review.last_img read more

Tubelight: Director Kabir Khan shares Shah Rukh’s look from Salman’s film

first_imgAlright, so the verdict is out. Shah Rukh Khan is indeed starring in a cameo in Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tubelight.The news spread that King Khan would act in Salman bhai’s film when trade analyst Komal Nahta tweeted that Shah Rukh would feature in a small cameo in Tubelight.However, when Nahta deleted that tweet, ‘news’ became rumours.ALSO READ: Shah Rukh to play a magician in Salman’s Tubelight?ALSO READ: SRK-Salman to reunite in TubelightALSO READ: I’m an actor, not a vocal leader, says Shah Rukh when asked about his political correctnessFollowing this, on being asked about the same, Shah Rukh Khan gave a vague answer to Hindustan Times, “Salman and I were planning to do something together on the business front. But then he sent me a message saying, ‘Nahin karte hain yaar. Phir se log kahenge ki hamara jhagda ho gaya.’ (Let’s not do this. People will say we started fighting again.)”Following this, a report in said that Shah Rukh Khan is playing a magician in Tubelight. In fact, the tattoo that Shah Rukh was seen sporting in recent pictures was for the role he would play in Salman’s film.Now, director Kabir Khan himself has taken to Instagram to upload a picture of himself with Shah Rukh Khan in his tattooed-face avatar…and yes, he confirms that Shah Rukh is acting in a cameo.advertisementSet in the backdrop of the 1962 Sino-Indian war, Tubelight is the story of a mentally challenged man who crosses the border to reach China, looking for his lost brother, and there he falls in love with a Chinese girl.Starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Paras Arora and Chinese actor Zhu Zhu, Tubelight is scheduled to release in theatres on Eid, this year.ALSO WATCH: No one understands me, says Shah Rukh Khanlast_img read more

How credit inquiries may (or may not) affect your credit score.

first_imgAbout TransUnionAt TransUnion, we believe in Information for Good. Whether it’s creating web-based financial products or sharing expert tips, insights and news on our blog, our mission remains the same: putting powerful tools and resources in your hands to help you know your credit, protect your identity and more effectively manage your financial picture.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related If you’ve applied for credit recently – maybe for a store card over the holidays – you may have come across the term “inquiry.” Even if you’re not familiar with credit inquiries, it’s critical to understand what they are, how different ones work, and what they mean. Fortunately, we have answers to your credit-inquiry questions here.What’s a credit inquiry?A credit inquiry is a credit check. It’s a request to view your credit by lenders — retailers, financial institutions and others who are legally allowed to see your credit report.Types of inquiries: hard and soft.A hard inquiry happens when a potential lender looks at your credit report and uses that information to decide whether to offer you credit and what the terms of the offer might be. Think of hard inquiries as the types of credit checks that happen when you apply for credit, whether it be a credit card, mortgage, car loan or other type of financing. Hard inquiries must be made with your permission and in connection with specific transactions.A soft inquiry, on the other hand, is more of a routine credit check that doesn’t need to be done with your permission. Importantly, soft inquiries won’t show up on the credit reports potential lenders request to evaluate your creditworthiness. Soft inquiries can happen for a variety of reasons. One example is when potential lenders check your credit report to determine whether to make you eligible for any pre-approved offers. Another happens when one of your existing creditors checks your credit to make sure you’re still creditworthy. A soft inquiry is also triggered every time you check your credit.One other thing to note: if you would like to see credit reports listing all your inquiries, soft and hard, check your free annual credit reports at inquiries matter.The first thing you should know is the kinds of credit reports potential lenders see will only list hard inquiries, not soft ones. In that sense, hard inquiries are the ones that “count.” That’s because credit scoring models usually factor in the number of hard inquiries you have when they’re calculating your credit score. Generally, credit scoring models tend to associate a high number of hard inquiries, especially if they’re made within a relatively short period of time, with a high credit risk. It’s important to watch the number of hard inquiries you make because too many of them may affect your ability to get credit at the lowest-available rates.Do inquiries remain on your credit report forever?In short, no. They are automatically removed 2 years from the date they first show up on your credit report. As with other aspects of credit, the more time that passes, the less effect hard inquiries may have.Loan shopping and inquiries.Let’s say you’re shopping for a mortgage or car loan and want to find one with a good rate and other terms that work best for you. After all, especially with big purchases, you want to make sure you get the best financing you can. But every time you apply for credit, a hard inquiry happens. Does that mean you shouldn’t shop around for a loan?Fortunately, no. Credit scoring models tend to account for this kind of activity. Generally, credit scoring will count several inquiries made over a relatively short period of time, like 45 days, as one single inquiry. That way, you won’t necessarily get penalized for causing several hard inquiries while shopping for one loan.Bottom line.Inquiries are a key, and often misunderstood, part of credit. But they aren’t everything. While you want to pay attention to how frequently you apply for credit, credit health encompasses much more than just hard inquiries. Keep an eye on your hard inquiries, but don’t lose sleep over them, especially if you’re paying your bills on time, not using too much of your available credit, and otherwise practicing healthy credit habits. In other words, keeping your hard inquiries in check should be just part of a healthy-credit new year’s resolution! Post navigationlast_img read more

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Your Dream Gap Year

first_img Post navigation Table of Contents Why Students Should Consider a Gap YearHow to Save for a Gap YearMoney-Saving Tips During Your Gap YearApplying for College After a Gap YearAdditional Resources For many young adults, it can feel like there’s an expected life path that they’re supposed to follow. You do well in school, get into a good college, take a well-paying job after graduation and begin “adulting.” But this typical path isn’t what everyone wants — and that’s okay! In countries like the United Kingdom and Australia, taking a gap year is a popular option for people that don’t feel quite ready to head off to college right away, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the United States. A gap year, sometimes also referred to as a sabbatical year, is an opportunity to unchain yourself from classrooms and conference rooms to explore and experience what the world has to offer. While the concept of taking time off of work or education may not make sense to some, there are many successful people, such as J.K. Rowling and even Prince William, who have taken a gap year and used it to their advantage. If you’re considering taking a gap year —  whether it’s taking some time before heading off to college, or leaving your job to explore the world — we’ve laid out some tips on why a gap year can be beneficial, how you can save money for a gap year and spend wisely during it, and ways you can get back on track once you come back. Why Students Should Consider Taking a Gap YearAttending college can feel like a lot of pressure, especially if you aren’t positive what career path you want to take in life. Taking a gap year can help provide you some clarity on what your passions are, and help make you a well-rounded individual. It’s a big choice to make, but these benefits of taking a gap year may help you make your decision. IndependenceFor many young adults, college can feel like their first real moment of independence. But with class schedules, homework, studying, and authority figures like teachers and parents still having a say in at least some part of your life, how independent are you really? By taking a gap year, you have the opportunity to set out truly on your own for the first time.Time to Reflect Our lives tend to be fast-paced, and time passes in the blink of an eye. It can be hard to find moments to take a step back and think about the big picture. By taking a gap year, you allow yourself time to figure out what you truly want for yourself out of life, and come up with a plan to achieve those goals. Learn a New Language and CultureIf you choose to take your gap year in a foreign country, it is a great opportunity to practice a new language. Understanding the language will help you become more socially integrated into your new community, which in turn will help you understand the culture. According to the Gap Year Association, 94% of people said they spent their time abroad learning how to communicate with people from different backgrounds. The ability to acknowledge and respect other cultures will allow you to be more open-minded throughout your life, including in the workplace where you may encounter various beliefs and values. Improve Career Opportunities Some people may view taking a year off of work or school as a setback, but in reality it can offer a lot of new opportunities for you. People who travel abroad and take a gap year have better people skills, strong problem-solving abilities, and possess a better sense of self. These characteristics are highly attractive to employers — but be ready to address these soft skills in your cover letter or a job interview. How to Save for a Gap YearOne factor that deters many from taking a gap year is the concern of how you can afford to take a year off to travel. Before you jet off on your new adventure, use these tips to help you save up the funds you’ll need to support yourself throughout the gap year. Set a GoalThink about everything you want to accomplish during your gap year and put a monetary estimate on it. Consider things like transportation costs, housing, and various living expenses that you’ll have to afford throughout your 12 months. There are simple ways you can save money, like cutting back on your subscriptions, or you can make a plan to put a certain amount aside every paycheck that you’ll use for your gap year. Do Your Research  While traveling abroad can offer you a lot of spontaneous experiences, planning your gap year should not. Before heading off on your adventure, research things like the cost of living and transportation. Countries in Southeast Asia are more affordable for someone traveling on a budget versus European countries. You’ll also want to understand the exchange rate in the countries you’ll be visiting to make sure you’re making the most of your dollar. Make Sacrifices While it’s not something that most 20-somethings want to do, in order to save money you may have to make some sacrifices. Social expenses like bar tabs, movie tickets, and eating out at restaurants can add up quickly and take away from your gap year budget. Cut back on these activities will be beneficial for your wallet and your health! Work As Much As Possible The purpose of a gap year is to take a break from our regular day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, but you will have to work hard beforehand. If your job allows, take on extra hours or shifts to earn more money. You may also want to consider a part-time job or side hustle to help you save additional funds.Plan and Book AheadOnce you’ve started saving additional money for your gap year, consider spending some of that extra cash on accommodations or travel. Booking these things at the last minute can end up costing you more, which may prevent you from doing everything you wanted during your gap year. Use platforms like Google Flights or Kayak to set up price tracking so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.  Money-Saving Tips During Your Gap YearYou’ve saved the money, made the plans, and on your way to somewhere new to begin your gap year. But once you arrive, it may be tempting to splurge and blow your budget. These tips will help you stick to your budgeting plan and ensure you come home with money to spare. Don’t Exchange Money at the AirportWhile it’s super convenient to exchange money at the airport, it also comes with a high commission fee. If you know what regions you plan to visit, exchange cash at your bank before leaving for your trip. You can also wait until you get to the main part of the city you’re visiting to exchange, where you’ll likely find better rates. Carry a Prepaid Card If you choose to go to your bank and exchange money before leaving, also consider picking up a preloaded currency card as well. This card will help you avoid ATM and overdraft fees, keep a better handle on your spending, and even lock in the exchange rate. If possible, wait until the rate is favorable to load your card — a prepaid currency card will protect you from any rate fluctuations. Use a Budgeting App Your gap year is all about gaining experiences and creating memories, and sometimes those come at a price. From dinners with new friends, to drinks at a piazza, and excursions through exotic locations, you might see your money disappear more quickly than you anticipated. Using a budgeting app like Mint can help you see exactly what you’re spending your money on and help you make adjustments.Applying for College After a Gap Year At some point, your adventure abroad and gap year has to come to an end. While you may not want to immediately get back into the swing of things, it’s important you take steps to prepare yourself for applying to college upon your return. Deferring Your Acceptance If you’ve applied to college, received your acceptance letter, and suddenly feel a bit hesitant about to head off to school in the fall, that’s okay. Universities and colleges are more commonly recognizing gap years as a way for students to grow and experience the world. Check with your college’s deferral policy, outline your gap year plans, and share with the admissions board for approval of your request to defer. Records and TranscriptsIf you choose to take a gap year between high school and college, it is recommended that you discuss with your guidance or college counselor first. While many high schools will have your transcripts and records on file for a few years after graduation, it is important to confirm with your counselor that they will keep these for you. Standardized Test ScoresYour test scores will still be valid after you return from your gap year, if you take either the ACT or SAT before you leave. These scores are valid for five years, and you can request score reports through the tests respective websites. If you’re unhappy with your scores, you can always retake the tests — just be sure to continue studying throughout your gap year to ensure you’re prepared.  Accounting for Your Gap YearApproximately 40,000 Americans take a gap year between high school and college, so most admissions counselors are familiar with what they entail. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to provide an account for your year. Whether you choose to write your personal essay about your experience, or submit it as additional information with your application, be ready to clearly explain why you chose to take a year off and what you gained from the experience. Additional ResourcesGap Year Association Center for Interim ProgramsThinking Beyond BordersWhere There Be DragonsUSA Gap Year Fairs NACACIf you’re thinking about taking a gap year, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’ll take thoughtful planning, saving and budgeting to ensure you make the most of your time, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. By taking a gap year before college, you can grow yourself into a more well-rounded individual and set yourself up for a successful college experience and full life.Sources Year On | Winterline | Go Overseas (1, 2) | Travelex | Forbes | Collegevine | Gap Year Association | HuffPost Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) RelatedHow To Apply For Student Loans Without Your ParentsAugust 29, 2019In “Student Finances”#BlackWomensEqualPayDay How To Understand And Improve Black Women’s PayAugust 22, 2019In “Financial Literacy”WTFinance: What are these insurance terms?August 8, 2018In “Financial Planning” last_img read more

Finding Blue Ocean Keywords: A Fresh Look At The Long Tail

first_img Whether the notion of the “long tail” resonates with you or this idea of “blue ocean” keywords works, the key to attracting more free traffic to your site from search engines is to create more great content on your site than your competitors do.  Focusing less on the most common or obvious keywords and more on carving out your own unique set terms will likely result in faster and better results. keyword research It occurred to me that applying the essence of their theory to your or In Kim and Mauborgne’s metaphor, a red ocean represents existing and competitive industries where lots and lots of people are fighting for limited market share; picture sharks in a feeding frenzy.  A blue ocean represents new industries where opportunity is abundant and competition is non-existent; picture the clear, blue ocean water. “business consulting” “consultants” “consulting” A few years ago we posted an I created a spreadsheet (represented above) of about 1500 keywords that we track (presuming they are all reasonably relevant).  Then, based on the intensity of competition for each keyword, I applied a gradient with blue being applied to those keywords with little or no competition and red being applied to those with steep competition.  The result is a pretty cool visual representation of which keywords would likely deliver the quickest and most qualified results. .  They are easy to identify and they are attractive because lots and lots of people tend to search for them.  To actually generate organic traffic from them, however, is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for most companies; there is just way too much competition. Typically, these “red ocean” keywords are also very expensive if you were to consider buying them as part of a paid search campaign.  As it turns out, these popular search terms are also rather vague and are less likely to send high quality traffic your way.  In general, Kim and Mauborgne would recommend against spending any time competing for those terms on the right. , Keyword Research strategy could open up a sea, if you will, of opportunity. Keywords farthest to the right represent those that are common or most obvious.  For a consulting company, examples might be by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.  Essentially, the book encourages entrepreneurs to think differently about their business plans.  Instead of entering an existing industry and fighting for market share, create a brand new industry.  Instead of working hard to beat the competition, eliminate it.  Blue Ocean Keywords Topics: Red Ocean Keywords Keywords on the left, on the other hand, represent creative, outside-the-box keywords that differentiate a product or service from the masses.  Using the same fictional consulting company as above, examples of “blue ocean” keywords might be “small business IT consulting”, “small business network implementation” or “IT consulting company Cambridge, MA”.  These types of “long tail” terms are searched for less frequently, but they are more specific and therefore will bring more qualified traffic to your site.  There are also far fewer sharks in the water.  That “blue ocean” on the left – and even in the middle- is where the greatest opportunity lives and the list is endless.  What you see in the image above is just an illustration to make a point.  Blue ocean keywords are innumerable, all you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity it create the content.  Publishing often and writing relevant content will result in increased (and qualified) traffic form search engines.  And, if you are just getting started and you are considering jumpstarting your efforts with a paid search campaign, blue ocean keywords are usually far less expensive. article inspired by the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” Originally published Oct 27, 2010 8:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How to Market Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper with David Siteman Garland [Inbound Now #2]

first_imgIn this episode of Inbound Now, we are joined by David Siteman Garland from Smarter, Faster, Cheaper Passion may come from the product itself, it may be from a bigger idea, it may be from the thrill of starting something new, or changing an existing market, or the company itself, but in order to really Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper Sounds Great… Where do I Start? In this episode we discuss: Look for the Underdog Passion is something that you can see and feel in the content that is produced and that One of the best ways to build trust and longevity in a brand is about creating interesting, entertaining, and relevant content. : Non-Boring, Fluff-free Strategies for Marketing and Promoting Your Business, Why passion is a key ingredient to content creation A Look Into the Future . passion is contagious Originally published Jan 6, 2011 8:00:00 AM, updated July 03 2013 . Build out these areas of your site and keep building that in-house email list.  Getting your feet wet and creating Knowledge and personality can increase over time but without passion for the content that you are producing, Why emulating big brands might not always be your best bet passion is a KEY component Not to mention the tremendous SEO implications of building out all of those pages of content on your own site. David suggests finding one thing you are good at within the content creation realm and start producing one piece of content a week. (Make sure it’s indexable by Google for SEO credit!) What is Most Important Knowledge, Personality, or Passion for Building Your Business Smarter, Faster, and Cheaper? David’s focus has always on his community and not necessarily about building the “David Siteman Garland” brand. He focuses on creating entertaining useful content for his community and his community responds to that and builds and builds. This has resulted in David being hired time and time again by numerous companies including Google. The importance of having a clean, user-friendly site Don’t look at an entrenched big brand that joined social media “just because”. (I’m talking about you, Oprah.) Housing your content on your own site will ensure that you will be in good shape if something like this were to happen.  . 20% on creating the content and 80% on promoting that content and building those relationships online. Topics: you will fail. and commenting on why you want the book! (* to comment you must “like” the page) Don’t get intimidated by the big guys who are cranking out the content. Start with one small thing that is repeatable. People are not going to tune into your blog or other pieces of your content if they are product focused. Inbound Marketing Video = audio and text. People like to consume content in different ways. Cater to all of them. Remember, Google eats text for breakfast when indexing pages. Product Pushing and the Hard Sell are Out The Rise to the Top Look for people who have done this without a huge budget! Companies that have just emerged and have leveraged “digital smoozing” can teach much better lessons.center_img Hubspotters are extremely passionate about everything inbound marketing and the web! This helps fuel all of the content we produce and grow our community. Where to start when diving into inbound marketing Start building your site and content now! Click here you have to have it! You need a home base to house your own content. Twitter could die tomorrow and “Flitter” could pop up in it’s place leaving you with nothing to show for it. Take ownership of your content and fans today Then, we take a look ahead into whats coming up in 2011 Gauging Online Influence with Jason Keath of Social Fresh Just want to listen? David is a marketer and hustling entrepreneur that runs his own business and show over on RISE and has managed to grow his audience from 0 to over 100,000 raving fans in just under two years. Both the Rise to the Top and a content creation habit are critically important for your success online! Hands down “Content is king, marketing is queen, and your website is your throne.” Enter to win a signed copy of David’s new book: by heading to the Build it and They Will Come . People are programed on schedules and if you set an expectation for your content, you should stick by it. Choose one thing you might want to try and get rolling with it. Do it once a week. More web shows, more podcasts, more “web djs”  “crush it” 37 Signals Inbound Now Fan Page Consistent content is key Repurpose content! David sees many many more businesses becoming media sources.  Moving online relationships to offline in person relationships. Bringing people together!  to building any business through these new social channels.  Content curation will be a rising trend where, within this sea of content, there will be an increasing need in someone out their making sense of it all.  The ins and outs of creating content Emulating big brands may not be the best model. Look at people that are building big things that started with nothing. Past Episodes: Moonlighting to grow a community, there is no shame in that! You don’t have to be Shakespeare to blog or Spielberg to create video. started building their communities of passionate, raving fans before they had a tangible product.  Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

17 Examples of Creative Facebook Page Cover Photos

first_img Topics: Images Originally published Apr 5, 2012 2:37:00 PM, updated August 26 2017 Facebook’s new “Timeline” design has been mandatory for all Facebook businesses pages for almost a week now, and you may have noticed your cover photo is now taking up some serious real estate. So even if you don’t take the time to use new features like pinning, starring, and milestones, it’s certainly worth taking some time to make your cover photo stunning, creative, functional, or all of the above.But innovation doesn’t just come out of nowhere … you need a creative spark before you can fan the flames!Free Templates: Facebook Cover Photos for BusinessesSo we scoured Facebook looking for some of the coolest cover photos out there we thought would inspire you. Take a look at how these brands are making the most of their new Facebook cover photo real estate. Then get out there and design a cover image that makes your Facebook page fans and visitors “ooh” and “ahh!”1) Sunrise SignsWe love when our customers get really into their marketing, and Sunrise Signs is certainly showing an interest in the new Facebook cover photo capabilities with this fantastic one that showcases exactly what its product does — without words. They also highlight their clients, a great way to show customer love!2) Old SpiceOld Spice has opted for an Eye of the Tiger meets Diehard theme in its cover photo, also known as the punch you in the face approach. Actually, it seems like their spokesman really might jump out of the computer and punch you in the face, considering Old Spice’s clever cover photo/profile image alignment. But if you’ve seen any Old Spice campaigns in the last couple years, it’s completely on point with their brand. And while it might not be your cup of tea, there’s no denying it captures your attention.3) SharpieSharpie’s cover photo is simple and clean, but also really, really captivating. Look at that detail and artistry! It shows fans how to use this everyday product — a Sharpie permanent marker, and a paper cup — in a creative way. Plus, that pop of red draws your eye in, matches the pop of red in Sharpie’s logo, and reminds us Sharpie actually has colored markers!4) OverGo StudioOverGo Studio is another star HubSpot customer/partner, and their Facebook cover photo is effective because it explains what they do to an audience who may need more information about their services. Yes, they’re using words, but it’s not overpowering! The font is bright and crisp, and the lighter blue words in the background let someone who is really studying the photo learn about their service offerings in more detail without overwhelming visitors with copy-overload. They’re another example of an intriguing, yet subtle use of cover photo-profile image alignment.5) UberUber’s Facebook cover photo is effective because it’s both functional and brand-enhancing. The cars on the map show the cities in which they operate, and the old school map reflects the understated, classic, exclusive feeling of its customers’ experience.6) DropboxDropbox’s Facebook cover photo made this list because it is simply adorable. And you know what? Sometimes the best thing you can do in marketing is just make people smile. Just look at that little guy in the plane! This cover photo also aligns with Dropbox’s Twitter background, and helps make a relatively unsexy service (file hosting) more fun and accessible.7) LivestrongWe featured Livestrong’s Facebook cover photo in a previous post about brands that are making great use of the new features on Facebook’s brand pages. Livestrong’s cover photo is simple, but still artistic and strong. It just goes to show that you don’t always need to get fancy — just be visually captivating. And while we’ve seen a lot of brands play around with the alignment of their cover photo and profile image like we just saw with OverGo Studio and Old Spice, Livestrong cleverly carries its cover photo design into the ‘Views and Apps’ section of its page, where it features the Livestrong blog.8) Murder Mystery CompanyThen again, there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little flash in your marketing! HubSpot customer Murder Mystery Company takes you into their dramatic world with their Facebook cover photo, letting you in on the experience of attending one of their murder mystery performances. Plus, it has a little sex appeal — never a bad thing in marketing!9) McDonald’sMcDonald’s uses its Facebook cover photo to give you sense of the company’s history. Nostalgia is a great approach for McDonald’s — it showcases what I think many would agree is a more enchanting time for the fast food industry.10) Jive SoftwareJive Software’s success with its Facebook cover photo is in the details. When you click on the photo, you see that the caption is “The People are the Network.” What a great sentiment for a social business software company’s social media page! It creates a sense of community, and the image tells us that Jive’s customers are the foundation of the company.11) PhotoShelterUnlike Jive Software, HubSpot customer PhotoShelter lets you actually see the faces of people in its cover photo for a more engaging effect. Including pictures of people in your social media is always a great idea, as long as they look natural and not like stock imagery. These photos both reflect the company’s purpose, and put sympathetic faces behind the brand.12) iStockphotoAnother photo site, it’s no surprise iStockphoto has a spectacular Facebook cover photo — they’ve got a whole website full of them! So it’d be foolish for them not to show off the best of their product. If you look closely, the bottom right corner of the photo gives credit to the photographer, and when you click into the photo, it provides a link to the website where you can purchase the photo. Talk about a subtle call-to-action!13) VerizonVerizon gets their customers involved with their Facebook cover photo. Verizon changes the photo every day, replacing it with an image taken by a real customer. Then they add a picture of the customer in a small call-out, include the name of the customer who took the picture, and the name of the device they used. It not only pays tribute to Verizon’s customers, but it also shows off the capabilities of their products.14) ZipcarZipcar got some clever copywriters involved with their Facebook cover photo! They combined a funny, quippy saying with an image that shows where you can go with a Zipcar. And notice that directive in the bottom right corner? It tells fans what to do — get out, and zip!15) has gotten around the call-to-action restrictions of the new Facebook design by including an image of their latest piece of content. When you click into the photo, they include a link to the post which then takes you to the full piece of content.16) UrbanDaddyUrbanDaddy’s Facebook cover photo is exceptional at reinforcing their brand, but with subtlety. The photo doesn’t tout their product — which is their content — or their offers. It’s all about the person who reads UrbanDaddy, and the lifestyle they embody.17) HubSpotAnd of course, we wanted to give our own Facebook cover photo a little love! We combined the orange our brand is known for with the Boston skyline — it is our Hub, after all!What creative Facebook cover photos have you seen? Share them in the comments so we can all be inspired!Image credit: Sean Rogers1 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

7 Questions Marketers Should Be Asking Their Sales Reps

first_img Originally published Sep 4, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated October 29 2019 All too often, we think of marketing and sales as separate entities within an organization. As marketers, we just have to generate the leads and hand them over to the sales team. And that’s it, right? Well actually, no. In fact, as marketers, it’s our job to make sure that we’re not only generating leads for the sales team, but that we’re also generating high quality leads that our sales team can close as customers at as high a rate as possible.We’ve discussed the concept of “smarketing” in the past — aligning sales and marketing to make both teams stronger and more effective. And while there are a number of ways to do this, a good place to start is simply having a conversation with your sales reps. You’d be amazed how much insight you can glean about your marketing, your leads, and all the pieces of your strategy from any given member of your sales team.So go ahead, grab one of your sales reps for a half hour-long chat, and take some detailed notes about their answers to the following seven questions.7 Questions to Ask a Sales Rep Right Now1) What does your sales process look like?Okay, this one may seem a little rudimentary if you already know the basics of how your sales team operates. But first of all, a little review never hurts, and second, you may be missing important pieces of the sales process that you hadn’t realized.For example, do you know how your sales reps begin a conversation? Do you know how — and how quickly — they work in information about your product or service? How much time do they spend on the phone with a lead? How long does it take the sales rep on average to get your product in front of the decision maker at the lead’s company? It’s critical to develop a strong understanding of exactly how your sales team works your leads. That knowledge should be used as the foundation of your strategy, and it will prove immensely valuable for increasing your marketing effectiveness, since you’ll have a better understanding of how you can create marketing campaigns that complement — not counteract — the sales process.2) What qualities make a lead good or bad?Now, you may already have a lead scoring system in place (and if you don’t, you might want to consider it), and that’s a great tool for qualifying leads, but it’s still important to get detailed feedback from your sales reps about what they think makes for a particularly strong or weak lead. Your reps may also have different opinions about what qualities are most indicative of a lead that will most likely close or a lead that most likely won’t, based on their various experiences and techniques. Find out what factors they look for when they’re deciding which of their leads to call, and figure out how you can generate more of those kinds of leads for them.3) Are there specific marketing offers that signify a particularly strong or weak lead?This one goes along with number two, but it will give you a narrower focus on the actual content you’re using to generate leads. Let’s say you’re creating ebooks and hosting webinars as part of your lead generation strategy. Are leads more likely to convert into customers if they downloaded an ebook or attended a webinar? What about if the ebook was intended to teach readers about your specific product versus a facet of the broader industry?You should already be tracking this data so you can analyze your marketing offers to know which ones convert at what rates, but you may also find that your sales reps can provide additional insight into which offer topics and formats work best. Ask them which types of conversion events they like to see when they decide which leads to call. Are there any offers that make it particularly difficult or awkward for them to start a conversation? Use this feedback to make your offers stronger so you can generate the kinds of quality leads that your sales team likes to work.4) Do leads typically have the right expectations about what they’re getting?Messaging is a core part of marketing. You need to make sure you’re setting expectations correctly. Check with your sales reps to see if the leads they’re calling actually know why the rep is getting in touch with them in the first place. Are they aware that they’ve requested a demo of your product? Maybe your calls-to-action are unclear. Maybe your landing page copy needs rewriting, or your email subject lines are misleading. If you’re sending your sales team leads that didn’t intend to sign up for a free trial, and a rep calls them, saying, “I see you’ve requested a free trial,” not only is that embarrassing, but you’re also wasting your rep’s valuable time.5) What is the number one thing leads like and dislike most about our offers?Are your reps conducting demos of your product? Providing free trials? Maybe assessments of some sort? Find out how these offers are performing from the rep’s perspective, and ask your reps to shed some light on how helpful these offers are from their leads’ perspectives, too. What do people enjoy most about the demo or assessment? How valuable are they finding your ebooks, webinars, or other downloadable content? What are a few pieces of criticism the rep has received? Understanding what your leads do and don’t like about your marketing offers will help you improve both their format and delivery, as well as your ability to effectively position these on the marketing side.6) What are the top reasons a lead doesn’t close?This is a big one. As marketers, our job is to not only generate new leads for sales, but to also nurture leads who are not yet qualified, which include ones that reps have attempted to work but were not yet ready to buy. Instead of just throwing all of these not-yet-ready leads into one bucket, ask your reps about the most common reasons why those leads were not ready to buy. Let’s say the top 3 reasons are budget, timing, and not seeing the value of your product. That’s extremely valuable information to you as a marketer, because now you can segment those leads accordingly and target your nurturing campaigns to address their specific pain points. The more effectively you can nurture these leads, the more effectively you can get them to be sales ready and hand them back to your reps to close.7) Are there any ways marketing can help or do better?It’s good to get a general idea of how your sales team feels your marketing team is performing, but chances are, they’ll have some specific points of feedback that could be really useful to both you and them. Don’t forget — they have insights into the qualities, needs, challenges, and behaviors of your leads and their sales cycles that you most likely don’t. Maybe there’s an opportunity to hand a certain type of unqualified leads back over to Marketing to nurture. Maybe a new type of lead-gen offer, a different positioning of your product, or a new angle for your follow-up messaging might be more effective in getting your leads to be sales ready. Let your sales reps share their ideas, and see which ones make sense to implement.It’s easy to get caught up in your own strategy. And while you should absolutely be conducting your own analyses to figure out what works and what doesn’t, your sales reps are the ones who are actually talking to your leads, and taking it from where you leave off. A short conversation can go a long way. So go grab a rep, grab some coffee, and make your marketing — and your smarketing — way more effective.What other questions do you ask your sales team to help improve your marketing strategy?Image Credit: Collection Agency Inbound Sales (Marketing) Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Shikhar Dhawan forgets Ashton Turner’s name. Cricket Australia has a good laugh

first_imgIndia opener Shikhar Dhawan seems to have struggled to recollect Ashton Turner’s name during the post-match press conference in Mohali on Sunday. Turner bagged the Man of the Match award after slamming a 43-ball 84 in the fourth ODI between India and Australia.Turner earned an Australia call-up after impressing in recently-concluded Big Bash League season for Perth Scorchers. The 26-year-old, playing only his second ODI, hit six sixes and five boundaries to help Australia achieve their highest-ever successful of 359 chase in ODIs.Turner left the Mohali crowd stunned and India captain, Virat Kohli frustrated when he sent the hosts’ best death bowlers in Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar to the cleaners. Turner also smashed left-arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav to pull off a remarkable escape act.It was Shikhar Dhawan’s return-to-form century that went in vain as India failed to defend a 350-plus score for the first time in their ODI history.Dhawan lauded Turner’s effort, saying “that guy” took the game away from india in Mohali. The India opener also rued the dew that made it difficult for the India bowlers, especially the wrist-spinners to grip the ball.”He’s a new player but we knew that – he already (played). Of course, ‘that guy’ played a really good knock and took the game away from us,” Dhawan told the media in Mohali.”But if there wasn’t any dew it wouldn’t be possible to play those shots. Because of the dew those things just got away from us. Credit goes to him that he played a great knock.”advertisement’Ash who? That guy leaves India reeling’Cricket Australia’s official website had a good laugh at Dhawan’s expense. “Ash who? ‘That guy’ leaves India reeling,” reads the headline of one of their news stories.Meanwhile, Dhawan shed light on how he had been dealing with criticism over his form (or the lack of it) in the recent past. The left-hander roared back to form and silenced his critics, hitting a fluent 143 in the Mohali ODI.”I perform best when I am calm. There’s no point in cribbing or being sad,” Dhawan said.”When I feel hurt, I move on quickly. And I don’t really know what people are writing. I make sure that I am in a positive frame of mind and keep doing my process,” he added.Also Read | I perform best when I am calm, don’t read newspapers: Shikhar DhawanAlso Read | Unfair to compare Rishabh Pant with MS Dhoni: Dhawan after Mohali defeat to AustraliaAlso See:last_img read more

Inside the Current Inbound Job Market: New Data on Today’s Hottest Roles & Responsibilities

first_imgAre you a jack of all inbound trades or a master of one? If you’re looking for a new gig, recent research shows that you may be better off as the former.According to a new study by Fractl and Moz, there’s an increasing demand for marketers with a varied skill set. The study also found that demand is high for inbound skills, with significant growth seen in the number of roles seeking social media, content marketing, and digital marketing skills. However, employers struggle to find well-rounded marketers with the technical and creative competencies needed to succeed in today’s marketing landscape.If you’re a person on the hunt for a new gig, or an employer looking to finally fill that role on your team, what else should you know about the current inbound job market? Read on to dive into some of the study’s most compelling findings. Popular job listings seek a diverse mix of marketing skills.As part of the study, more than 75,000 Indeed job listings containing keywords such as “digital marketing,” “inbound marketing,” “content marketing,” “SEO,” “social media,” “Google Analytics,” and “PPC” were analyzed. Of the 20 most popular job titles within that data set, most job descriptions called for a broad range of marketing skills. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack The extreme volume of social media job listings doesn’t necessarily reflect a huge number of social media focused roles. Social media has become an expected skill within a variety of roles, even non-marketing positions such as Recruiter and Customer Service Representative. Meanwhile, you’d be hard pressed to find non-marketing roles seeking PPC skills.Here’s how the other keywords fared in terms of search volume:Job ads containing “digital marketing” or “inbound marketing” were a distant second, with 19.5% of the search volume.15.5% of the job listings contained “SEO,” and “Google Analytics” appeared in 8.7% of the job listings.“Content marketing” and “PPC” had the lowest volume of search results, with 5.8% and 3.8% respectively.Social media, digital marketing, and content marketing jobs have seen the most growth.Looking at how much certain jobs have grown in recent years is a good indicator of which skills are most in demand. The graphs below show the percentage of job listings containing certain keywords based on historical data from Indeed.Job listings containing “social media marketing” or “social media management” have seen significant recent growth in addition to some staggered growth in the last several years. Indeed lists “social media” as one of its top 10 job trends (as of July 2015). A generalist role like Digital Marketing Specialist may require a skill set that includes experience with content marketing, analytics, SEO, PPC, and social media. Even the SEO Specialist job ads were looking for skills beyond SEO, including content marketing and PPC.The study also looked at the most common job titles for each search query. While you might expect to see a majority of specialist roles for these search queries such as Social Media Manager or PPC Specialist, most of the job titles are for generalist roles such as Digital Marketing Manager.Perhaps the most interesting results are for “social media marketing,” which had only one social media-focused role in its top five job titles, three generalist positions, and one non-marketing role (Recruiter). The inclusion of Recruiter within the top five suggests that the need for social media skills extends beyond the marketing department. It may also explain why job ads requiring social media skills are so prevalent, which we’ll dive into more in the next section.Other findings include:“Content marketing” searches had three content-specific roles appear in the top five, with the other being two generalist marketing positions.For “SEO” searches, only one of the top five job titles is for an SEO-focused role, and only one PPC-specific role was in the top five for “PPC.”Since few roles would actually have “Google Analytics” in the title, it’s not surprising that the top job titles for that search are so varied.For further insight into this trend, I spoke with Diane Domeyer, executive director for The Creative Group. She says that professionals who have a mix of skills — email specialists who know SEO or copywriters who understand information architecture, for example — are highly sought.Are employers unrealistic about the breadth of skills they expect from a single employee? Domeyer cautions employers to not go overboard with listing too many requirements in job descriptions, which can deter good candidates from applying. She recommends focusing on five to six crucial skills needed for the job.Social media skills were listed as a requirement in almost half of the job ads. Nearly half of all the job listings analyzed (46.7%) contained “social media marketing” or “social media management.” Marketing Jobs Additional data points from the study include:The number of SEO job listings peaked in 2011 and has decreased by 58% as of January 2015. However, there is still a high volume of SEO job listings compared to content marketing.Other than a large spike around 2008 (shortly after the second version of Google Analytics was released), job listings for “Google Analytics” have maintained the same search volume.The number of PPC job listings peaked in 2012 and decreased by about 55% as of January 2015.Is the amount of available talent keeping up with the growth in job opportunities? The prevalence of keywords in LinkedIn profiles can shed some light on which skills are gaining popularity among marketers. Job titles containing “SEO” had an average salary of $102,000Job titles containing “Google Analytics” had an average salary of $82,000Job titles containing “Content marketing” had an average salary of $74,000Job titles containing “Digital marketing” or “Inbound marketing” had an average salary of $71,000Job titles containing “Social media marketing” had an average salary of $51,000Although social media skills are the most prevalent in job listings, they also have less value than the other skills analyzed in the study. Notice that the salaries for “SEO,” “content marketing,” and “Google Analytics” increased when the keyword was in the job title. This suggests that specialized roles may actually pay better.Based on the study, we see that it’s a candidate’s market with ample opportunities for marketers with inbound skills. There is a growing number of inbound jobs and a growing number of marketers with inbound skills. Having a surface-level understanding of several other marketing disciplines in addition to deep expertise in one area can give job seekers a competitive edge. (Pro Tip: If you’re on the job hunt, getting your Inbound Certification could give you a leg up.)Employers having difficulty finding the right candidates for inbound roles should consider solutions such as less stringent job requirements. Looking for less experienced candidates who show potential and providing more training can also help ease hiring woes.Be sure to read the full study for additional data, including which states have the most inbound job opportunities. Originally published Aug 10, 2015 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Most notably:Between 2013 and 2015, the number of U.S. LinkedIn profiles mentioning content marketing has increased by 168%. Notice this is still a significantly smaller number of profiles compared to other inbound skills, appearing on just over 31,000 profiles.The number of U.S. LinkedIn profiles mentioning “social media” grew 137% between 2013 and 2015. It’s also worth mentioning how prevalent this skill is among LinkedIn members — it appears in more than 2.2 million profiles.Between 2013 and 2015, the number of LinkedIn profiles in the U.S. containing “inbound marketing” grew by 112%.While the talent pool is growing, some recent data suggest that demand is outpacing supply. Wanted Analytics recently reported that Marketing Manager is one of the hardest roles to fill, with only two available candidates per job listing. A recent survey by The Creative Group found that 42% of executives report it’s hard to find professionals with the skills they seek, up from 24% from a year ago.Recruiters may also be struggling to find marketers due to the combination of skills they seek. As stated in “The Inbound Marketing Economy”:While there may be a lot of specialists out there, perhaps recruiters are struggling to fill marketing roles due to a lack of generalists or even a lack of specialists with surface-level knowledge of other areas of digital marketing (also known as a T-shaped marketer).”Employers may have to compromise on their job requirements or look for more junior talent for hard-to-fill roles. Ramping up on-the-job training may also be crucial for bridging the skills gap.Jobs requiring digital marketing, SEO, or analytics skills have the highest average salaries. So which skills are worth the most to employers? Here’s a look at the average salaries for job listings containing the following keywords. Topics: Although content marketing has a low volume of results, it has seen significant growth. The number of job listings on Indeed containing “content marketing” or “content strategy” grew by nearly 350% between 2011 and 2015.  Between 2009 and 2015, the number of Indeed job listings that mention “digital marketing” or “inbound marketing” grew by about 867%. “Digital marketing” or “Inbound marketing” had the highest average salary at $84,000“SEO” and “Google Analytics” both had average salaries of $76,000“PPC” had an average salary of $63,000“Content marketing” had an average salary of $61,000“Social media marketing” had the lowest average salary of $57,000These numbers changed a bit when looking at keywords within the job title, as opposed to anywhere in the job listing.last_img read more

17 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Marketer in Your Life

first_imgAlthough that program has been retired, there’s still a good alternative: Send a Starbucks eGift Card. Just add a personal message and the amount you’d like to give, enter an email address, and hit “send.”Where to get it: StarbucksCost: Buyer’s choice2) Blogging Fuel MugAs comedic writer Dave Barry once explained, “It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.”Not only is this mug a good way to keep your favorite marketer sufficiently caffeinated, but its message is also on point. Around here, at least, our marketers love creativity — but we also love precision. And, we love the written word. So when this mug came across our radar …Source: Amazon… we knew it had to make this list.Where to get it: AmazonCost: $14.95 + $4.95 shipping3) “Eat. Sleep. Blog.” T-ShirtThis is a pretty great gig we all have. Sure, there are seemingly unattainable lead goals and endless writing deadlines. But think about it for a moment: Every day, we get to get up and figure out how to capture people’s fascination. It’s an amazing job.This shirt summarizes that sentiment nicely.Source: AmazonOh, and it’s really comfortable for blogging.Where to get it: AmazonCost: $17.394) HubSpot Fleece-Lined Winter HatWe’re not sure how the weather looks in your neck of the woods, but around the holiday season, it starts to get cold where HubSpot is headquartered, in Boston.It’s sweater weather. Hat weather. Fleece-lined hat weather, to be specific.Luckily, HubSpot has a hat for that.And while you’re at it, check out these other last-minute gifts from the HubSpot Shop:Sprocket zippered hoodieHubSpot Camelbak water bottleHubSpot dog collarWhere to get it: HubSpot ShopCost: $155) “But First, Coffee.” T-ShirtIt’s best to wear your priorities on your sleeve … er … torso. This cozy T-shirt puts your working style out in the open. In fact, it may double as a signal for the best way to bribe you for extra work.Don’t work in a jeans-friendly office? Nothing a blazer and nice pants can’t fix (she writes as if she has actual fashion sense.)Where to get it: SkreenedCost: $29.996) Mophie Smartphone CaseA few years ago, a group of HubSpotters got these cases while working long hours at the INBOUND. But they’re not just any cases — they’re Mophie smartphone cases.Mophie is a smartphone cover that also doubles as extra battery life.Source: MophieThey’re a little clunkier than the standard phone case, but they can extend your phone’s life by 100% or more. If you know a marketer who is often working on the road.Where to get it: MophieCost: About $100, depending on variety7) Book Cover Laptop CaseRumor has it writer Jorge Louis Borges used to sleep surrounded by books. He’d crawl into bed with stacks of them on either side. His last scent before sleep would be that of open pages and intricately worded lines.Source: Twelve SouthThis isn’t quite as poetic, but it’s close.This laptop cover would be a good fit for the bookworm on your team.Where to get it: TwelveSouthCost: About $808) Subscription to a Streaming Music ServiceOkay, so music may not make you smarter, but it does make you happier. And isn’t delight what we’re really after here?Many marketers already listen to streaming music while they work, but without a subscription, that streaming music is typically limited or interrupted by commercials.Buying your marketing friend a subscription to a streaming music can get rid of all the commercial interruptions and just leave them with good working music. We’re inbound marketers — thus, we hate commercial interruptions.Here are a few options:Pandora: $54.89Spotify: $9.99/month for PremiumApple Music: Plans start at $4.99/monthGoogle Play Music: Plans start at $9.99/month9) @TwitterName NecklaceIt might be a bit excessive, but it’s also kind of awesome. Here’s a gift for the social media strategist who has single-handedly grown your company’s Twitter following from 15 to 500 and beyond.Source: EtsyIf jewelry isn’t the right gift, there are also a range of social media coasters.Where to get it: EtsyCost: $43.9910) 1PasswordWelcome to secure accounts on the internet. Your password must be 15 characters long with at least two capital letters, three symbols, two numbers, and at least one variation of the Jabberwocky poem.Nope, that won’t work. And it can’t be the same as any password you’ve used since junior high school.If you could spare the marketer in your life this frustration, wouldn’t it be a happier new year? Take a look at the 1Password app. It will create and store all of your passwords securely and enable you to log into your accounts with one click.Where to get it: 1PasswordCost: Plans start at $2.99/month11) 99U Essays: Manage Your Day-to-DayOne of my favorite books, this collection of essays from 99U, focuses on how to develop a habit of creativity in your work and personal life. It gives you tips on how to put your creative work first and fend off a stream of endless emails, texts, and other interruptions.Source: 99UWith an average 4.4-star rating on Amazon, this book offers concrete ideas for getting more out of your daily routine and finding the right moments for creative, complex work.Where to get it: AmazonCost: $10.9912) Freelancer Tools From WriterAccess or ZerysWhile they don’t do gift cards, you could help a freelancer’s life easier with tools from WriterAccess of Zerys. Create a gift certificate yourself and wrap it up in a bow: Good for one day of reprieve from creating content.Where to get it: Zerys or Writer AccessCost: Varies13) Premium Versions of Productivity AppsMarketers use all sorts of freemium tools to organize their time and plan campaigns. Find out what online apps your marketer uses to make his or her day-to-day easier with access to all the bells and whistles for a year.Here’s a breakdown of some popular ones:Evernote: Evernote is a repository for just about anything: ideas, articles, documents, photos, marketing examples. You can use the tool on your phone, desktop, and tablet, so it goes where you go. The big benefit of Evernote is how searchable it is. You can search documents or even the words in a picture to quickly retrieve your content again. The premium version gets you more storage, better search, and an interesting presentation mode. Cost: $69.99/yearDropbox or Box: We all could use a little space. Help your marketer out by upgrading their Dropbox or Box accounts to a pro version. Cost: VariesFeedly Pro: When Google Reader closed its doors, Feedly was widely adopted as the replacement RSS reader. Feedly Pro is a more powerful version of Feedly with one-click integrations, custom sharing URLs, and full support. Cost: Plans start at $5.41/month14) Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesCan you really put a price on peace and quiet? Turns out, Bose can: At a minimum, it’s about $180. Yikes.But if you can get over the price, this is an amazing gift for anyone who needs to focus throughout the day. Noise-cancelling headphones put your marketers in their own cozy and uninterrupted lead-generating world.Whether they listen to Mozart or Modest Mouse, these headphones give marketers a chance to block out everything but the work ahead of them.Where to get them: BoseCost: Models start at $179.9515) Class ReimbursementFor intellectually curious marketers, think about giving them the combo-gift of classes plus the time to learn a new skill.There are a number of low-cost and free online classes and tutorials out there for people looking to code (Codecademy), design (Skillshare), or acquire other relevant skills. The trouble is finding the time.If you really want to thrill a marketer on your team this season, give them the classes plus an approved block of time each week to dedicate to the lessons. Wrap it up in one package.Where to get it: Check out Code Academy and Skillshare, plus your local continuing ed classes. Then, help your favorite marketer figure out how to make the class time possible.Cost: Varies16) INBOUND TicketsSurprise! It’s not too early to buy tickets for INBOUND 2018.INBOUND is an industry event like no other. Of course, I would say that, because as a HubSpotter, it is the center of my life in August and September. But as it turns out, others think so, too.Darby Tinch of Mohawk Home said, “This was by far the best conference I’ve attended in a very long time. Not only was it the recharge I needed professionally but also on a personal level. It has been a long time since I’ve been this excited about my career. I cannot wait until [the next] INBOUND!”Where to get it: INBOUNDCost: Tickets will be available at a special early bird price in January.17) Donation in the Marketer’s Name or HonorIf none of the above seems like a fit, consider a donation in your marketer’s name or honor. Donations are a personal thing, so be sure you have a sense of the issues your marketer cares about. But once you do, a gift in his or her honor can be really meaningful.Where to get it: Because the donation should reflect the gift recipient and there are so many nonprofits we care about here at HubSpot, I’m going to leave the door open here and not make any specific suggestions. Talk to the gift recipient and see what they care most about.Cost: Whatever amount you see fit.There’s your starter list. There are dozens more ideas out there: subscriptions to magazines or journals, lunch from a local restaurant, or a plethora of other gift certificates anyone would love. The days remaining in 2017 are few, and 2018 is just around the corner — things you undoubtedly know already.But here’s something you may have forgotten about: There’s not much time left to finish up your holiday shopping. (Gasp! We know.)Maybe you’re a marketer looking to complete your wish list. Or, maybe you’ve got a team of marketers you want to make smile.Click here to access everything you need to design holiday marketing materials.To help you out, I’ve searched the internet far and wide (it’s kind of what I do), and found you some of this year’s best gifts for marketers.Without further ado …17 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Marketers1) Send a Starbucks eGift CardOnce upon a time, Starbucks offered a Tweet a Coffee program, which was retired after testing it in beta. I tried it for the first time earlier this season when Emily Maxie, B2B tech marketer at Very said something nice about our social media tool. I was really thrilled and just wanted to do something nice in return. Tweeting a coffee was an easy, hassle-free way to surprise co-marketing partners, customers, or others. Plus, it was almost instantaneous, so it was a savior for last-minute shoppers.@emilymaxie, @meghkeaney just tweeted you a coffee! 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Spending time on phone not so bad for mental health

first_imgIn contrast to generally held views about the negative impact of using smartphones, researchers have found that teenagers spending time on their phones and online is not that bad for mental health.”Contrary to the common belief that smartphones and social media are damaging adolescents’ mental health, we don’t see much support for the idea that time spent on phones and online is associated with increased risk for mental health problems,” said Michaeline Jensen, Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina.About the studyFor the study published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, researchers surveyed more than 2,000 teenagers (aged between 10 and 15 years).The researchers collected reports of mental health symptoms from the adolescents three times a day and also reported on their daily technology usage each night.They analysed whether youth who engaged more with digital technologies were more likely to experience mental health symptoms but they found that increased digital technology use was not related to worse mental health. Researchers said that teenagers who reported sending more text messages reported feeling better (less depressed) than kids who were less frequent texters.Experts’ adviceAdvising against excessive use of technology, experts emphasised on its responsible use.According to Samir Parikh, Consultant Psychiatrist and Director at Fortis Mental Health Programme in Noida, life for a young person needs to be well balanced with indoor and outdoor activities, and the studying time should be also balanced with the time to have fun. “TV, Internet, online games, social media needs to be used in limit and never at cost of peer interaction, family time, sports and studies. The key is to find the right balance. Using phones to connect with friends is good but students should also be well compensated with in-person interactions,” he told IANS.advertisement”Social media can be used positively to express views, choices and bring positivity. At the same time, children should be empowered with skills to deal with social media effectively,” he added.Adults need to be good role models and help shape the overall lifestyle balance for children.”Content is as important as the user mindset and his environment to create a pathological condition called ‘internet addiction’,” Mrinmay Kumar Das, Senior Consultant, at Jaypee Hospital, told IANS.Know about | Use of mobile phones enhanced education quality in MaharashtraKnow about | Teachers warned against using mobile phone in classes in Bikanerlast_img read more

US Open: Ash Barty crashes out after losing to Wang Qiang in round of 16

first_imgSecond-seeded Ash Barty is out of the US Open, beaten 6-2, 6-4 by Wang Qiang, who advanced to a Grand Slam quarterfinal for the first time.The 18th-ranked Wang, who had never been beyond the third round of a major in 20 tries, kept Barty back with consistent groundstrokes that landed deep in the court and she had just 14 unforced errors to her opponent’s 39. Barty overcame three match points before Wang finally served out the match, pumping her fist in the air as the Australian’s return sailed long.Barty’s loss ends an impressive run of Grand Slam performances this year, having won the French Open, reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and the round of 16 of Wimbledon. That record, along with titles at tour events in Miami and Birmingham, England, helped her hold the No. 1 ranking for nearly two months this summer before Naomi Osaka regained the spot.Wang, the first Chinese woman to get this far in the U.S. Open since Peng Shuai made a run to the semis in 2014, next faces the winner of the match later between No. 8 Serena Williams and No. 22 Petra Martic.last_img read more

Harbhajan: People will have their opinions but Virat is the best captain

first_imgVirat Kohli’s captaincy has earned him brickbats and accolades in equal measure. Many will present his record in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he has endured more failures than success, to substantiate his below par captaincy but in India jersey, his captaincy record is unmatched.Virat Kohli is already the most successful Indian captain with 29 wins in 49 Tests. On Thursday when Virat will walk onto the field to lead India in the Pune Test it will be his 50th Test as Indian captain. He will go past Sourav Ganguly (49) and MS Dhoni (60) will remain as the only player to have led India in more Tests than him.Despite these strong numbers, Virat has had to face some serious questions over his selections calls and some on-field decisions. But for Harbhajan Singh, Virat is the best captain in the world at the moment.”If you see Virat’s (captaincy) record, he has won more number of matches than any other (Indian) captain. There are only a few other names (international captains) who have won more Tests than him. So he must be doing something better than others,” Harbhajan told India Today.”Whether people like it or not that’s their opinion. In my opinion, he is doing a great job for India as a leader, showing how to win games not just in India but overseas too. The way he handled pressure in Australia, was remarkable. There were lot of expectations on him not just as a captain but also as a batsman, and he came out like a champion.advertisement”I hope he achieves the milestones, he has set for himself. He wants to be the best captain in the world and in my opinion he is the best,” the veteran off-spinner proclaimed.Harbhajan, who has 417 wickets to his name in 103 Tests, was also effusive in his praise for Rohit Sharma as a Test opener. Although he stopped short of calling Rohit the next Virender Sehwag of Indian cricket in Tests, he believes the Mumbai marauder can cause a similar impact that Sehwag had in his heydays.”I don’t want to compare Rohit with anyone. But yes, Virender Sehwag had the biggest impact on the opposition. If you didn’t get Sehwag out, you would find him batting on 250 or 270 by the end of day’s play.”Rohit is no less and is more than capable of scoring big in a similar fashion. Rohit has a better technique (than Sehwag) and he could be even more dangerous. With Sehwag you knew he will go after you once he was set but with Rohit, he will play those shots that you would think he is not looking to play but will still hit you far enough.”This is the best decision that the team management has taken in the recent past. I think, with Rohit opening and scoring those runs in that fashion, it is a great for Indian cricket going forward. I would like the management to continue with him for at least 8-10 games,” said Bhajji, who has seen both Sehwag and Rohit from close quarters.Meanwhile, Harbhajan insists that South Africa will find it tough to reverse the result in the Pune Test, following a 203-run defeat against India in Visakhapatnam.He said toss will play a crucial role if the Proteas are to do better in the second Test, otherwise they are in for a difficult time against a superior Indian team.”I don’t think South Africa will be able to get the result they want. India are way too strong for them. Toss also becomes very crucial. If you see the Vizag Test, there wasn’t much for the bowlers on the first two days. So, South Africa will have to win the toss, bat well to post something around 450 and then bowl well. But unfortunately, I don’t think South Africa have the bowlers to trouble this Indian batting.”It should be 3-0 (series win in favour of India) but will also depend on the surface. Last game at Pune, we saw a rank turner. But keeping surface aside, India should sweep South Africa 3-0,” Harbhajan said.Also Read | Pune Weather Forecast, India vs South Africa 2nd Test Match: Will bad weather play spoilsport?Also see:last_img read more

A-League Review

first_imgSydney v Perth Glory A-League Review: Successive hat-tricks for Bobo as Sydney move eight clear Harry West 19:22 12/30/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Sydney - Cropped Getty Images Sydney v Perth Glory Adelaide United v Brisbane Roar Sydney Adelaide United Brisbane Roar Perth Glory A-League Sydney striker Bobo netted a second straight hat-trick as the A-League leaders moved eight points clear with a 6-0 hammering of Perth Glory. Bobo’s second hat-trick in as many games helped Sydney to a 6-0 demolition of Perth Glory that moved the defending champions eight points clear at the A-League summit.The leaders took full advantage of Newcastle Jets’ 2-1 defeat to Melbourne Victory 24 hours earlier as three goals in a nine-minute burst in the second half preceded Bobo taking his tally for the season to 13 to complete a resounding success.Graham Arnold’s men only led 1-0 at the break thanks to Brandon O’Neill but the tone for a one-sided second half was set as Adrian Mierzejewski – having two minutes earlier seen a goal overturned by the VAR for offside – was soon celebrating for real thanks to a deflected strike. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Milos Ninkovic then rattled the crossbar and Alex Brosque glanced in Michael Zullo’s cross before Jacob Poscoliero hauled down Bobo, who stepped up to slot home from the penalty spot.The Brazilian doubled his tally with a fine volley on the swivel in the 90th minute and his successive hat-tricks – after three goals in a 4-1 defeat of Wellington Phoenix last week – were sealed when he squeezed home another spot-kick via the post in stoppage time.FT | That’s one clinical performance from your Sky Blues as we equal Brisbane’s undefeated home record of 23 games… #SydneyIsSkyBlue #SYDvPER— Sydney FC (@SydneyFC) December 30, 2017In the day’s earlier game, Brisbane Roar survived playing the second half a man down to secure a 2-1 victory at Adelaide United.The Roar were two up thanks to goals from Fahid Ben Khalfallah and Massimo Maccarone – the Italian’s fourth in five games – when captain Matt McKay was given a straight red card on the stroke of half-time for kicking out at Nikola Mileusnic.McKay’s punishment was upgraded from the initial yellow after referee Adam Fielding consulted with the VAR, but, although Adelaide halved the deficit in the 69th minute through George Blackwood, they could not capitalise on their numerical advantage.last_img read more

PHOTOS: G-G Meets NCU Team

first_imgGovernor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen (right), in discussion with members of the Northern Caribbean University’s Student Entrepreneur Team, during their call at King’s House on June 26. The team members are (from left) Lancelot Riley, Amina Muhammad, Jermaine Smith and Bescekia Nembhard.last_img

Competing ads during NBA finals to paint very different pictures of Scheer

first_imgOTTAWA — The Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors aren’t the only ones who’ll be trying to score during Game 5 of the NBA finals.The Conservative party will be competing with a third party advocacy group, Engage Canada, in a bid to define Tory Leader Andrew Scheer ahead of this fall’s federal election.The Conservatives have been running television ads throughout the basketball playoffs, introducing Scheer to viewers as a regular guy from a middle class family who’ll repeal the carbon tax and otherwise help make life more affordable for average folks.But on Monday, Engage Canada will join the fray with two 30-second spots painting an entirely different picture of Scheer: as a “yes man” to Ontario Premier Doug Ford.Engage bills itself as a non-partisan third party, founded by former Liberal and NDP strategists and made up of individuals, labour organizations and professional associations who share the common goal of ensuring Scheer never becomes prime minister. The group was similarly active against former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper in the run-up to the 2015 campaign.Engage spokeswoman Tabitha Bernard refuses to say how much money the group has devoted to the Game 5 ad campaign, other than to say “our buy is substantial.”“We’re pretty excited to be able to be competitive. This is sort of a David and Goliath operation,” Bernard said in an interview.Ads that run during the NBA finals would be among the most expensive available, reaching an audience of some 10 million or more Canadians who have rallied behind the Raptors as “Canada’s team.”Bernard confirmed that Unifor, Canada’s largest media union, is involved in Engage but refused to quantify its role. Unifor president Jerry Dias, whose union also represents auto workers among others, has vowed to be Scheer’s “worst nightmare.”The Conservatives have been denouncing the Liberals’ intention to include Dias in an expert panel that is to advise the government on the make-up of an independent body that will decide how to divvy up almost $600 million over the next five years in tax credits and other incentives for struggling news outlets.By running ads now, Engage does not have to reveal where its money is coming from or face any limit on its spending.Under new rules imposed by the Trudeau government, all third parties will face spending limits and must disclose donations as of June 30, the start of what’s called the “pre-writ period” before the official start of the election campaign. Bernard said Engage has plans for ads up to the end of June and will “see what happens” after that.In late May, Engage unveiled its first TV ad, which portrayed Scheer as a bobblehead who says yes to tax cuts for wealthy individuals and big corporations and to Ford-style cuts to health care. The group has also been running “lapdog” radio ads. All the ads, including the new one to air during Game 5, end with the tag line: “Andrew Scheer. His weakness will cost you.”The new ad combines a shortened version of the bobblehead ad with a new segment featuring a photo-shopped picture of a seated Scheer with a menacing-looking Ford standing behind him while a narrator warns that Scheer won’t stand up to Ford’s cuts to health care and education and will make similar cuts at the federal level.While the ad will have broad reach across the country, Bernard said the ad is aimed particularly at voters in urban and suburban centres in Ontario, where Ford’s popularity has plunged since winning power just a year ago. Joan Bryden , The Canadian Presslast_img read more

eHealth services launched in Saskatchewan

first_imgAPTN National NewsEarlier this year APTN brought you news of an expanding program that incoporates medicine and 2-way technology.The e-health services has touched down in BC, Manitoba and even in the North,Today it was launched in Saskatchewan.APTN’s Larissa Burnouf has more.last_img