Buy Your Coffee to Help 40 Firefighters Who Lost Their Homes in Wildfires

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMoreThousands of firefighters who in late October were still battling 10 wildfires in California have finally achieved near full containment, but as these brave men and women returned to their families, many of them had no homes. The blazes destroyed thousands of structures, including 40 homes that belonged to firefighters on the front lines of the deadliest fires in the state’s history.We reached out to Luke Schneider, the CEO & Founder of Fire Department Coffee to see how we could help. Besides being a firefighter himself, Luke’s company gives back a portion of all sales to fire department charities.*Buy a Bag of Coffee in This Exclusive 10% Off Sale— with 10% Going to Cal Firefighters!“As a firefighter, I used to drink coffee just to stay awake and alert, until my wife got me hooked on drinking good coffee,” Luke told us. “We started roasting beans together, and decided to give a portion of our sales to firehouse charities—and we love that aspect.”Their experimental blends are a big hit, and the Navy veteran agreed to offer GNN readers an extra 10% off their order and, in an exclusive partnership, will also give 10% of the proceeds to the California firefighters who lost their homes. (Note: Discount is applied on the Check-out page)100% of the charity funds raised through this delicious coffee sale will go toward Go Fund A Hero, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit managed by International Association of Fire Fighters locals from Marin County and Santa Rosa—two of the hardest hit regions.Buy Your Beans for Less, and Help Firefighters Rebuild Their Lives10 percent of each coffee purchased on sale will be distributed equally among the 40 firefighter families who were victims of the North Bay area fires—with 100% of funds raised for charity going directly to the firefighters, because Fire Department Coffee will deliver a check to GoFundaHero, eliminating the credit card fees associated with giving donations online.By clicking THIS link, your discount is automatically applied to your order at the Check Out page.Lend a hand and raise a cup for the awesome firefighters that saved the historic town of Sonoma and surrounding areas of Napa Valley: Order a bag right now.YOU CAN HELP by SHARING This Link…AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailEmailShare to RedditRedditRedditShare to MoreAddThisMorelast_img read more

Board Certification in children’s law gaining traction

first_imgBoard Certification in children’s law gaining traction Board Certification in children’s law gaining traction Senior EditorTouted as an enhancement for professionalism, a new certification area in children’s law — combining delinquency and dependency issues — is moving forward.Now in its third year of working on the effort, the Bar’s Legal Needs of Children Committee voted 21-2 to approve a set of standards for the new certification area at the recent Midyear Meeting in Orlando.“We have a total of 150 petitions sitting in (Bar General Counsel) Paul Hill’s office. We were very happy to have such a great interest,” said John Copelan, chair of the certification subcommittee, vice chair of the entire committee, and director of prevention law at the Department of Children and Families. “The Bar is looking to see whether this will be a financial success. I think this shows an overwhelming interest.”To make the new certification area “economically viable,” Copelan said, “We’re shooting for around 75 to 100 to go through the process initially.”If all goes as planned, Copelan said 2012 will be the year the first lawyers are certified in children’s law.In September 2009, the Board of Legal Specialization and Education approved the request in concept for children’s law certification, a joint effort of the Legal Needs of Children Committee and the Public Interest Law Section.Now, the approved standards will go through the BLSE and then twice before the Board of Governors before it progresses to the Supreme Court.Still up in the air is whether those with significant experience in either dependency or delinquency could be “grandfathered in” without sitting for the exam. The standards approved by the committee call for an exemption from sitting for the exam, applicable only to those applicants who apply within the first two years after the Supreme Court approves the certification area.But PILS wants everyone seeking certification to sit for the exam.“My biggest concern is that our goal has been to raise the bar, to make people study for an exam in their area of specialty,” said Gerard Glynn, director of clinical programs at Barry University School of Law, former chair of the Legal Needs of Children Committee, and a current PILS member.“Let’s make certification mean something, not that you’ve been doing it for 20 years. Will it reduce the number applying? Sure. Should it? Yes. My goal to push certification is that we improve the practice. Allowing people in just because they’ve done it doesn’t improve the practice.”Asking why some with decades of experience in children’s law should be required to take the exam, Copelan said: “I look around this room and see people who have made law.”Later, Copelan said he’s not really taking a position, but that grandfathering “seemed to be a way of ensuring there’s a wider percent” of lawyers seeking children’s law certification so that it pays for itself.Legal Needs of Children Committee Chair Mary Cagle said after meeting with PILS representatives: “I am trying to figure it all out. I want to stand with PILS and agree and have it be viable and rocket it forward.”As the details are hammered out, there’s agreement that children’s law certification is needed.“It’s really an important area of the law,” said Cagle, statewide director of Children’s Legal Services at DCF.“If you have certification, then folks rise to a higher level, the cream of the crop. That connects to what we’ve been doing in the department to hire talented young lawyers, having changed the focus from representing the agency to advocating for children.”Cagle added that she’s brought in Nova Southeastern University Law Professor Michael Dale, a national litigation trainer with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, for a three-day program for her lawyers who practice dependency law.“When terminating parental rights, those are serious trials,” Cagle said. “I see this children’s law certification as a piece of this. I think children’s law encompasses dependency and delinquency law. In the department, I can tell you we work with DJJ (Department of Juvenile Justice) all the time. There’s huge overlap, a huge cross-over between delinquency and dependency. If you practice in one area, you really should practice in the other.”Alan Abromowitz, DCF statewide director of family safety and vice chair of the committee, concurred: “Our concern is some of the poorest performance on dependency kids is they also have delinquency cases. Part of the issue is people who do dependency cases need to understand delinquency cases. I believe understanding delinquency is critical to those doing dependency casework.”The committee also unanimously endorsed a pending application from the National Association of Counsel for Children for a dual track to have BLSE accredit the NACC as a national lawyer certifying organization. Glynn said NACC certification “will encourage better training and recognition for attorneys who are true experts in dependency hearings.” Standards for Certification with Delinquency is available on the Bar’s website at: November 1, 2010 Jan Pudlow Senior Editor Regular Newslast_img read more


first_imgFast Company:Cold emails can be awful. And yet–we’ve formed valuable mentor relationships via cold email. As journalists, cold emails are often our only avenue for reaching important sources; in our businesses, cold emails are frequently how we make sales and drive growth.The point of cold email is typically to get something out of someone else. And yet, as Adam Grant finds in his 2013 book, Give and Take, “Givers” tend to be far more successful salespeople and engineers and entrepreneurs and humans than “Takers” who are out for themselves. So how does one reconcile the inherent “Taker” nature of cold email with the desire to be more successful (and make the world less crappy)?Email tactics in posts like these give us some ideas. However, we wanted to use a little science to explore cold email strategy for people who want to connect with important people for mentorship or advice and be able to look in the mirror and not see a douchebag. So we put together an experiment:Read the whole story: Fast Company More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Is symptom expression a form of communication?

first_imgPinterest LinkedIn Share Email Share on Facebookcenter_img Symptoms of illness are not inevitably tied to an underlying disease –rather, many organisms, including humans, adapt their symptom expression to suit their needs. That’s the finding of Arizona State University’s Leonid Tiokhin, whose research appears in the Quarterly Review of Biology.Tiokhin, an anthropology doctoral candidate in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, uses evolutionary theory to understand human behavior and psychology, and is especially interested in the evolution of communication.His article, “Do Symptoms of Illness Serve Signaling Functions? (Hint: Yes),” argues that changing symptom expression to alter others’ behavior can be beneficial in several different ways. For example, feigning or exaggerating symptoms of illness can cause an individual to receive extra aid and social support from others, or can prevent unwanted others from interacting with them. Share on Twitter Alternatively, suppressing symptoms of illness can prevent exploitation by those who prey on the weak, as well as prevent avoidance by potential mates. In some cases, it can even benefit organisms to self-induce illness, actually causing pathology, if the costs they pay to do so are outweighed by the social benefits.Tiokhin’s key contribution is his development of a comprehensive conceptual framework for understanding how, when and why symptoms have signaling functions. In doing so, he suggests that signaling theory can shed light on some longstanding puzzles in the medical field, such as how symptoms can exist without disease and why symptom severity fluctuates in different contexts.last_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Sunday, March 8

first_imgWhere did school safety signs go? A school in Saratoga Springs has a safety problem, again. Lake Avenue Elementary is the closest school to our urban downtown, The city can make kids and parents much safer with some simple changes in traffic patterns surrounding the building.But change does not come easy in this town, and some neighbors fought two parallel streets, Marion Place and Regent, from becoming one-way during school days.Our community came upon a decent compromise two months ago.Signs were installed on these streets denoting temporary half-hour one-way traffic during student drop offs and pick-ups.Walking my 7-year-old to his first day back to school after spring break last week, I was flabbergasted to notice all signs were gone.It seems that without warning or public input, they were ripped down by the city, not unlike when, in 2010, the city filled our famous skateboard “bowl” with dirt, rendering a perfectly good exercise facility useless.That epic battle took a year-and a-half to reverse.Charlie SamuelsSaratoga SpringsBiden nomination ensures Trump winThis is a prediction from a humble Schenectady man based upon the candidate bias and history of stupidity on the part of the Democratic Party.The Democratic leadership are going to do everything to assure that Joe Biden is going to be the candidate, which will alienate younger voters, as well as progressives.More importantly, it will be the perfect situation for Republicans.Going into the general election, they are going to put Biden on the defensive and continue to control the spin.Biden does not have the temperament for that, and he will stumble over his words, come across as agitated and cagey.Trump wins.I cannot even imagine the damage that will mean to our checks and balances, income inequality, environmental degradation and the continuation of the current moronic foreign policy.James CiminoSchenectadyGOP is full of liars trying to cheat us allThis is an open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell. I don’t understand why you sent a request for money, as I am a Democratic supporter. You and Mr. Trump are worried more about your position of authority than the American people.Your whole party is full of liars and cheaters who will say and do anything to divide Americans instead of reaching across the aisles to get things done.During the president’s State of the Union message, he swore that he wouldn’t touch Social Security and yet in his new budget, it is cut. You don’t have the right to do that.Each of us, unlike you and your fellow Republicans, didn’t contribute to it like we did. Hands off our Social Security.How about working on the many bills that are sitting on your desk that the American people want voted on but you again don’t care about us?You all complained about Obamacare. And yet when it came time for your party to propose a replacement, you couldn’t come up with anything close.Please Mitch, take this letter to the president and let him know how we really feel about you, him and the rest of the Republican Party.Walker C. StowellCentral Bridge I read the Feb. 23 article (“One last letter”) about Dr. Roger Malebranche by Jeff Wilkin, and his final letter, with a tear in my eye.Although I didn’t know Roger well personally, I felt that I did know him from his letters to The Gazette. I also knew of him from my father, Sam Strauss, a general practice physician in Scotia for more than 40 years, starting in the late 1940’s.He knew Roger and respected him as a talented surgeon and as a good man. My father was not entirely unfamiliar with the issues of racial and ethnic discrimination, and he had an inkling of what Roger faced in Schenectady. And face them Roger did.He talked, through his letters, about a Schenectady and a world that was, and a Schenectady and world that could be. His love for his country and his family was evident;I am so glad that he got his wish and was able to spend the holidays one last time with his children and grandchildren. Rest in peace Roger.Frank B. Strauss, DMDScotiaDemocrats will lose with Sanders at topFor the good of our country President Trump must be defeated. As a Democrat, I am worried who my party nominates to face him.If it is Bernie Sanders, I will vote for him, but doubt that he will win. Trump’s dirty campaign will repeatedly drag Bernie through the mud.To win, Sanders needs the votes of the independents and former “Trumpers” who supported Democrats in 2018. Many of them will not vote for a socialist.A Trump victory would jeopardize our flipping the Senate and retaining the House. He will appoint one or more right-wing Supreme Court justices. With congressional support he will attack safety net programs from social security to food stamps.Climate warming will be ignored. Environmental protections will be eliminated. It is not too late for Democrats to nominate a candidate who can defeat Trump. The moderates must unite behind the one who has the best chance of winning.Let’s hope egos and vanity and the potential prize of the presidency will not result in the re-election of Donald Trump. Let’s hope the candidates will do what’s right for the survival of the United States of America.Charles RiellyAltamontEmbrace benefits of technological changeThank you for your comic page. Recently, a few of its comic strips helped somewhat in inspiring this very letter.New technology brings good things to life. We need to be reminded of this fact, because recently we have been getting bombarded by all sorts of propaganda stressing the downside of our technology.In my personal experience, technology has brought many good things to my life.Here are a few examples:For a few months, I had been meaning to check out a series named “The Chosen.” A free app I was able to install on my smartphone allowed me to do so.I enjoy a wide variety of music at my favorite coffee shop, thanks to the technology of Sirius radio.Videos on YouTube have helped me do everything from replacing light bulbs on my car to listening to exactly the music I want to.Finally, the technology of computers has made it much easier and quicker for me to create and send letters such as this one to the editor.What technology does for or against you depends a lot on your attitude towards it.My good attitude towards it, technology, has greatly paid off for me.It can do the same for you.Joel NelsonSchenectadyMeaningful debates require on-off switchAfter watching two Democratic debates so far and several from the last presidential election, I have concluded that these debates are designed more for the entertainment business.Ground rules for participant behavior is clearly stated to the contestants, only to be broken by participants constantly shouting at each other, waving fingers, talking over each other and most times running way past their allotted time.There is one very simple solution to all of this. It is a technical innovation founded over a century ago.It is called the on-off switch.When a candidate’s time is up, the switch automatically turns off his or her microphone. And, at the discretion of the proctor, the off switch can be activated for other reasons of poor behavior.The candidates will learn very quickly they must abide by the rules. Perhaps the debates will become more meaningful and avoid this childish behavior in the future.Harry J. DarlingBurnt Hills Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionTrump has the edge over split DemocratsThings look great for Trump this year: a booming economy, lower taxes, improving trade relations, an impeachment debacle, a Democratic Party in chaos. The list is almost endless.So, the Democrats face a dilemma, choosing among all-too-willing volunteers to be thrown under the Trump bus.Now it’s Biden vs. Sanders. If it even appears that the nomination is stolen from Bernie Sanders, for the second time in four years, his supporters will refrain from voting for the Democratic Party’s lackluster candidate of choice in droves.And afterward, the highly vocal, highly progressive wing of the party will ensure that it will remain impotent for years. If Sanders gets the nomination, the large plurality of independents in the country will, out of fear for loss of the good times, vote for Trump in droves.It looks like a no-win situation for the Democrats. But in this case, there is hope for them. The moderate leadership, if there is any left in the party, will finally rein in the progressives and try to regroup on a more moderate platform for the future. So of course, the choice is clear. Go Bernie.Jim MoorheadScotiaDr. Malebranche was a special individualcenter_img More from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Take a role in police reformsEDITORIAL: Don’t repeal bail reform law; Fix it the right wayEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: No chickens in city without strong regsEDITORIAL: Make a game plan for voting. Do it now.last_img read more

LNG project begins

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MATHESON joins ISMI’s ESH Technology Centre

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Linde’s successful Food Safety Summit

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Interview: Floating tidal platforms to kick start tidal farms

first_img“Learn with low costs, grow with minimized risk, and keep offshore access easy in the early phase.” This recipe for success in tidal energy industry was shared with us by the Head of New Energy at Bluewater Energy Services, Mr. Allard van Hoeken.Tidal Energy Today has interviewed Mr. Van Hoeken who was recently bestowed with the title Engineer of the Year, and was awarded the Prince Friso Engineers Award.The main focus of the interview is the recent launch of the BlueTEC floating tidal platform off Texel island, the Netherlands.Allard van HoekenTET: Mr. Van Hoeken, can you tell us more about the BlueTEC tidal platform performance now that it has been deployed off Texel island?Van Hoeken: It’s a great success. The platform is already feeding electricity to the Dutch grid. What is also very special about it is that, from November when the project was still in the drawings, to April/May when it was deployed, only six months have passed. That is just amazing, and not yet seen in tidal industry. It is very good for tidal industry to know that this is possible.It is out operating in the sea near Texel, and now the platform exists. This gives a lot of comfort to potential buyers. Apart from having a demonstration platform, we have begun measuring real wave and current forces, to compare it with our simulations and calculations, in order to improve the design basis for future platforms.TET: Does Bluewater have plans for expanding the Texel project with additional platforms, and what insights does Bluewater, with its partners, expect to get from this first deployment?Van Hoeken: The plans for expanding the Texel project consist of using the same platform that can be fitted with larger turbines, so actually increasing capacity on the platform itself. Maybe in the future we will extend the project with more platforms. The most important thing now is using this platform to extend it with more turbines and larger turbines, and as already mentioned, measurement and data acquisition that we’re doing to match the reality with the simulations. That really is the plan for Texel and that’s what we expect to get.TET: Can you tell us more about the latest tidal energylast_img read more

Lift & Shift claims Indian record

first_imgWith a total weight of 3,300 tonnes, the shipment included a HA deck of 2,400 tonnes, load spreaders weighing 200 tonnes, barge grillages of 100 tons, as well as axles weighing 550 tonnes. The mammoth structure, which was fabricated by L&T, Hazira, for Maersk Oil, Qatar was lifted by special hydraulic axles placed in four rows with four engines and 928 tyres. The entire HA deck was transported for over 1,000 m at 1 km/h.The company was involved in the engineering and design of the load spreader and played a key role in the selection of trailers, identifying the correct barges, correct tides and pumps for the smooth execution of the transport project.last_img read more