Let personal Adsense really tangled record bottleneck

ever geometry, the record has become the network community know all about the topic, the website has become the biggest web site of the heart disease. I am in several group of friends in the past few days in the lament, in fact we are in support of the national policy for the government, but the efficiency of some local administration and ways of doing things make people too scared. Take my friend, just last month, the domain name registration, but when going to the record of the early discovery by others will record, but there is no record of success, he didn’t want to record by record, and made some telephone calls to the local information management bureau, and Fujian Bureau of the fuze communication, then a call to the Fujian communications administration, told to send a copy of personal results, the website domain name certificate and the application form, please, waste a few days finally to fax, the results of more than a month later, up to now no letter, called several times will not work, not to blame him after all, the people of Fujian is also the official fuse Bureau, people dare and Guan Dou! But has been tangled in the record, it has been unable to do, money in there, because a domain name for a domain name registration card Lord. Have a friend, to submit information, all the information is true, the others are down for a month, he would get down, then a friend advised him to spend money to find agents for the record, but a friend is not convinced, said: This is the Communist society, which is China, I keep the law by citizens, I what to buy for ah, I do not lie, do not steal two, three is not illegal, I submit the record is true and effective information, what do not give me a read more

Google AdWords free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe it, it is SP fraud

Google Adword free to send 6 QQ ads, we do not believe that, it is SP fraud

has recently seen a lot, for free, answer to send 6 QQ beautiful date, finally send text messages in customized advertising, such as

these are those who do SP alliance tricks, as long as you send text messages to at least 10 yuan more than 30 yuan fee information is deducted from your mobile phone, do the people who can get bonuses ranging from $5~15 Mobile Corporation can get 5 yuan, the other is the SP agents of the money go pinch.. read more

First, the search engine starts with the search engine

, let me elaborate on the idea of personal servers:

first, let’s analyze why the server spread so fast. It’s easy to use a search engine. More than 70% of the columns sold in the ADMIN5 link are private servers. What’s the role of linking? That’s for keyword search rankings.

I always do not understand why only erecting governance governance PW, but forget the most direct communicator PW (PW release station), we all know that PW release station is profiteering multi day earning millions more, the less there are hundreds of. It’s all about propaganda. read more

Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes

has been standing for almost a year, and for me it’s a short and long year. This year, I learned a lot from the station and lost a lot of it. This year, I spent my time exploring, forming the purpose of this article is to share with you the experience of failure. Welcome everyone to thread communication and discussion.

get to the point, digression. Do stand very hard, just like farmers uncle kind of sweet potatoes!.

I started the forum from the forum, and now I remember. At first, it was a whim, and there was no clear mode of operation. I think it’s a platform for people to communicate, but I don’t know exactly what it is. When I set up the forum, I gave myself 500W forum currency, which gave the forum the first user 1000W. That feeling was like the one I held in my hand. That was the RMB. That’s $… Later, when we met a girl on QQ, we talked for a long time. To this end, I took the forum positioning in the "emotional communication forum", with my 2 inch rotten tongue, her heart out of the trough, the forum moderators, later part of popularity is her. read more

Eight kinds of common anti cheat technology in online advertisement

1, IP prevent cheating

general billing method is in accordance with the only IP within 24 hours, you can each IP into the database, the next access IP and the database already exists IP, at the same time, it is not billing. Now the Internet is generally dynamic IP, cheats through the dial-up device offline to achieve change IP address, you can through the C section IP to identify, such as a large number of 218.175.11.x, the same C section of the IP number, you may cheat. Can be submitted by IP encryption, and then by the receiver to decrypt the record storage, you can put an end to the use of analog data submitted to cheating. read more

Big boss moves, teach you how to cut off the electricity supplier website, redundant customer servic

each electricity supplier website will be customer service as an important standard configuration, and with the development of the site, constantly on the customer service into manpower and technology. Maybe one day, you’ll wonder: how do I recruit so many customer service? In the cold winter of capital and the increasing cost of operation, it is time for you to think about a question: do I really need so many artificial customer service?

often around major business blog and forum friends all know a funny words: iron stores, water service. It’s about the high turnover rate of customer service. There are so many people walking, and your professional response as a manager is to recruit people. No one can cope with so much counseling. TIM tells you: "you have this kind of professional reaction that is both a good thing and a bad thing.". You constantly recruit customer service, explain the amount of consultation, good business, you know, according to the volume of manpower allocation. But you have to use ten years ago means of the operation of customer service system, but did not want people can really solve the fundamental problem of user consultation? There is no more a method to improve the user experience of read more

A brief talk on the experience and ideas of operating local talent network

after nearly 2 months of development, Songjiang real estate network has been on-line, and today began to enter the promotion period, I hope this blog can truly record the growth track of this local property network!


had developed a local talent network www.001sj.net, after nearly six months of operation, IP has now stabilized reach about 1000, more than PV10000, has reached a preliminary set before the first stage of

!The next

on how to achieve our second goal — is IP/2000/ problem, I made a deep thinking, it should be said that now all kinds of keywords relating to our area, and talent recruitment related we are ranked in the first page of Baidu before three, and local sites are exchanged links. This area of the line recruitment we have done a preliminary cooperation, the new IP is going to come from that? Feel done, find a breakthrough from read more

Know about Huang Jixin the next five years, how do we read

editor’s note: Huang Jixin, for example, read the daily newspaper and shares the future of what he understands. He believes that the next is an era of integration, content producers, producers, consumers, the boundaries between increasingly blurred. This article is authorized to reprint from WeChat public time offline (theoffline), according to knowledge of the co founder and chief operating officer Huang Jixin in the "OFF2015·, offline future conference" speech finishing. read more

Method for increasing flow in early stage of personal website

first of all, talking about the site, we naturally will associate traffic, yes, a web site, traffic is its soul, no traffic. Any web site to do better, can not discover his true value, you may pay more than others, but you may end up working so hard, what is not. Today I will focus on how personal website operations start with traffic, and bring your website to success.

traffic can be distinguished as follows: one is the latest traffic. One is the fixed flow.

fixed traffic with a number of factors, including: the site’s domain name, site name, site type, content update speed, the content of the attraction, the amount of Web site operating capital and so on. Pull too many variables, this is not the focus of my study today, I am mainly talking about how the personal website at the beginning of how to increase the flow of new problems. read more