The wrong content is king is not trusted not to let the content become burden optimization

for many people to understand the word content is king is the original, this is a point of view is very sad, we all know that the original site is not so good to do, but also the two month three day in and day out, month to, or even longer if you insist, not for this particular station can you really love this stick? I believe that few people can! Even if it is for a station of my earliest, also is the debut in time and slowly lost his love for his original. Another misunderstanding is that many web content are junk content, which the content is not related to the content or keyword accumulation content, these content is disdain and do in our regular do stand webmaster heart, but he is good, so some webmaster began noisy say content is king is nonsense, don’t believe such nonsense, in fact can not blame them, because they see a corner of this site of the iceberg, in fact for this site does not play a decisive role, but outside the chain, such as Links high weight, the chain, or buy some chain weight high, even some people hang a number of black chain, if we put this down to the content of this one is quite unfair. There may be other content for the wrong point of view, these views are not credible, we must be aware of this point. read more

The scoop buy links hidden behind

two to cancel the purchase link to how to handle the

B: love Shanghai (China largest search engine market share rate is above 80%, the main battlefield of Chinese station)

A: noble baby (the world’s largest search engine, the main battlefield of the domestic foreign trade site)

, a search engine for the link to purchase attitude.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for the chain he always pays more attention to keep from talking about, "user experience". But in a recent update to the head of the community "first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sources" proposed business connection harm. And make the following explanation: "buy links may use very improper means to make site to obtain a certain effect in a short time, but the search engine has a special program to identify the various means and behavior, once found, the site will not get the desired effect, and even be search engine punishment." In order to take their own petty profits, the website hit edge ball, will eventually lead to incalculable consequences. read more

Analysis of enterprise website how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization from four aspects

: a web site layout optimization and the appearance of

enterprise website both in Shanghai Dragon

for the enterprise website is concerned, in fact, keyword density is very easy to control in a reasonable range, such as 2% to 8%, because when the business involved in the presentation, it is easy to control, but if you do not pay attention to the control, it is difficult to achieve reasonable keyword density of key words usually! The density of serious thin, or keyword density is not serious to stack the website optimization. read more

Analysis of the construction site outside the chain of high quality diversification mode

when the website operation gradually on track, then you should pay attention to the chain optimization on the web page, the reason for this is.

two, operation began to focus on creating the mid chain


three, operating on track to build the chain of

a home page, the chain is the site optimization key early

at this stage is generally longer, is also the focus of the site optimization, in fact the website optimization is to optimize the core content of long tail keywords, the optimization of the column page is to create more from the search engine entrance, also can further enhance the website traffic conversion rate. read more

Love Shanghai included the main domain and with index.html index.php solution

Of course, my home is the default

three: the structure of the website, there is no unified method of online home page, the God given is to unify the home page, the home page is the best place for the absolute path, directly to the main domain name written up. (the beginning I bypass this, finally found a few days or the problem)

home Xenu tool chain detection tool, this love can direct sea search, Download everywhere.

: a space without default homepage, the solution is to set index.html as the default home page, my space is all the default home page is set to index.html read more

n the love of Shanghai blog included test

this simple test.


then take a look at my statistics! Love Shanghai after the update, the previously released blog stand ninety percent included is cleared, only a few accounts, there are a few papers, several anchor text content is still included with low quality content. Take these and included in the account, enable the same number of new love Shanghai account, daily published 8 essay collection content and anchor text. The old and new account account each side 4, a week later, all the contents of the old account is deleted, the new account number eighty percent was included in Monday, Tuesday. Don’t be happy, is just the beginning, after Wednesday not included. In second weeks, or Monday and Tuesday are included, and included rate is very high, including Thursday query included, last week, that included twenty percent of the content to be filtered out. There have been a week, and now all been filtered. Similarly, I also tested the form of link to reprint the same effect. read more

Facing the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng occupation when will we have the spring

Hello, I am Xie kai. See this title perhaps a lot of people are feeling, the bottleneck of almost every occupation of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon people are hard to avoid, the occupation itself is so, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry to hot. We always follow the love of Google or Shanghai’s footsteps, rely on love Google or Shanghai live last night and a few colleagues drink, nonsense, talk to the prospects of the US occupation bitter, more and more young people joined the industry, with the pressure of competition. This industry is facing various occupation bottleneck, found in the usual communication, some friends have done a few years of the so-called chain specialist. Of course the salary is relatively hard, I also made a Commissioner of the chain of more than two years, if we do not think how to change, then certainly not many predecessors footsteps. The reason I do not long winded, everything is for money or the future. read more

Fuzhou decoration company by analyzing the needs of users ranked first

4. users decoration company in Fuzhou. This site is for you to do what the crowd? The female white-collar male students???? so, good location of users, the content of the site optimization is crucial

3. Fuzhou decoration company. It is the characteristic of the website, the website can bring a unique viscosity

then you need to think about is:

using the keyword optimization tool love Shanghai promotion, love and love Shanghai webmaster tools 5188 keyword mining tools by keywords heat analysis of user needs. read more

As of Shanghai dragon Er three kind of situations you should have the mentality

I also want to give you a suggestion, is to change your attitude to the website ranking, this sounds may make you feel ridiculous, some people may feel that this is a failure to give an excuse to evade their own. But please listen to the explanation.

we usually only think is Shanghai dragon ER technology is very important, in fact, the technology is on the one hand, as a Shanghai dragon Er has good attitude is more important. Many times we find that why my site in YAHOO, Google, soso search engine keywords can be found, but in Shanghai can not find love, is not love Shanghai to see my site not pleasing to the eye? Before I site in the search engine rankings good, now in sight, if I search engine punishment? We often encounter these problems, in the face of these problems, it is important for us not our technology is good, but we have a good attitude. read more

Analysis of the grade of drop right novice webmaster see website

for webmasters, the site is like another myself, believe that as many webmaster would do the same thing, that is every morning to look at the keywords ranking, snapshot, included, the chain, why the site is like another? When we see the search results within our expected, we work for the day the mood will be very relaxed, otherwise the day will be very depressed. Especially when we see the site light is K weight was reduced when the taste of heart is really meaningless complete ah. Here I take my own experience for everyone on the site right down the level of analysis, the hope can help some novice webmaster. read more

Google update algorithm Penguin 2.1

not long ago, Google released 3 years the biggest update algorithm named "hummingbird", Google in 2010 to improve their search algorithms, and it is named Caffeine (caffeine), but this time Google will upgrade the algorithm called Hummingbird (hummingbird), declared that this is to rethink the page based on the index and ranking.

how to recover from the 2.1 Penguin algorithm in

at the same time, another action Google is Google new algorithm Penguin 2.1 officially released in October 4, 2013, Matt Cutts in the Twitter update news shows: baby penguin algorithm update aristocracy to version 2.1, this algorithm updates about affecting about 1% ". read more

A new era of mobile search webmaster love Shanghai Fu can become two development key

as everyone knows, the big opportunities for the mobile Internet has disappeared, and in December 22nd the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, Director Tan also said to be the architect of search, the mobile Internet growth has slowed, entered into the bonus stage.

era, is also facing the user open web pages load too slowly, or even can not open the page. Including the reason, the webmaster technology ability is not enough, can not achieve the optimal loading mechanism, at the same time due to various unexpected incidents, not the first time to detect the complex problem of down server, it will bring great loss to the webmaster. read more

16 individual Adsense advertising allianceNew way out of 07 website income

, if you don’t want to apply for shlf1314ADSENSE ads, see how to apply for shlf1314 AdSense? wangyeba/management/wzlm/200704/6594.html

Asian friends alliance is an early alliance established. It is recognized as one of the few best reputation alliance. If you are not cheating, your income alliance will give you all. And the income is very high!!! A man registered US $1, female registration is $2 two. Money remittance a month, is a relatively good alliance should be. I’m doing.

2 energy-saving recommended index: you can feel you can feel read more

Adsense site should be user experience.

five, stationmaster should have the determination to persevere

this problem is the webmaster to face things, speed and stability of a website is very important, so we started to choose space at the same time you should put the stability in the first place, here I recommend the webmaster can choose the space station network flat-share, for browsing the membership is certainly the site speed the sooner the better, the stability of the space should also pay attention to, especially when every night network is very peak, then there cannot be unable to access the situation, so to improve the site access speed and stability is one of our webmaster will do. read more

Determine the seven dimensions of a keyword competition


3. before the three page page number. This is a very important index, namely the search keywords out of the first three pages of SERP if a lot is the home page ranking (whether the domain name top or not, but love Shanghai, Sina, Tencent and other major portals except), then a large extent can directly determine the key words in the degree of competition is fierce.

8. experience. Experience is the most subjective and difficult to quantify but the method is one of the most useful judgment keywords intensity. read more

From pandering to refusal, why do entrepreneurs abandon the 90 whitewash labelAs a programmer for th

4 years ago today, I naively registered a company and tried to do something interesting. In the past 4 years, there have been several transitions, some dreams, and some hopes. I don’t know how exciting or difficult the road ahead is. I just know that I still have a team that works hard to admit defeat and a heart of blood." In June 6th, Yin Sang wrote in his circle of WeChat friends.

especially when he saw that, with their own shows and software development of Mike. Slade, and finally embarked on the management, created a large number of companies including ESPN, a good friend of Jobs, the kind of loss is inexplicable strong, has all of his original lust for comfort, not on the management annoyed. Is it a matter of technical management or continuing to be a programmer? read more

7 yuan ad collection! Release to buy!How to make use of information asymmetry to make money for webs

is the webmaster can also use the reality in many ways to make money to make money, such as many Daoye way to make money, there is information asymmetry between the two sides through the way to make money! And on the Internet, the information asymmetry is relatively easy to make money, here we come from what is the information asymmetry to start

to meet the requirements of the website or blog, as long as participation in the activities, in the thread behind the post forum.yigao/viewthread.php? Tid=1093& page=1& extra=page%3D1, working days will be within two hours to reply or buy. read more

For O2O Entrepreneurs how to build $one billion enterpriseA 26 year old boy’s 3 year history of webm

product guide /shark Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship course, taught by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology. The first day of the course has now been completed…

, /shark

1, "you should not go to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, in fact, if you simply want to make money, so there is a lot of simple methods, but if you choose to start, the most important thing is to have out of the ordinary passion, and entrepreneurship should be put in the second." read more

The 25 day of the new site Wangzhuan experienceShao Jingjiang analyze the business models of adverti

cheating and anti cheating

to draw more owners to join, union must pay higher commissions, which means that their alliance profits will be more and more low, finally forced the league only through the deduction amount to interest, although it is not on the table to get the operation, but for now it is the most feasible means of alliance at present, it has become an unspoken rule of alliance. Everyone in the line knows that it’s just a little more than a deduction, and if any League says it never stops, do you believe read more

Zhou Hongyi’s three advice to entrepreneurs financing is more important than price!250 million cash

— Speech at the dark horse race in Nanjing in July 6, 2013

on November 21, 2016 evening, Chinese online announcement announced that the listed company to 250 million stake in Guangzhou barrage Network Technology Co., Ltd. Acfun, accounting for 13.51% of shares. Upon completion of the capital increase, the Chinese online will have the right to nominate 2 of the 7 seats on the A board.

in the semi annual report this year, Huace also disclosed a sum of 50 million yuan of investment in A station, but not to the A station of the valuation, and financial data have detailed disclosure. It is worth noting that, in the A station shareholders list does not appear Huace figure. read more