A Division to look into the matter – Hicken

first_imgBridge extortionCommander of the Police A Division ((Georgetown-East Bank Demerara), Clifton Hicken has said motorists in Albouystown being financially extorted to gain access to their street was a criminal act and steps would be taken to address the illegality.Hicken, speaking to Guyana Times, disclosed that he was not aware of the criminal activity that was occurring in the community of Albouystown, despite two patrols being in the community.“I will have a patrol stationed at the point – immediately – of where this activity is happening even if they have to be stationed there for 24 hours,” the A Division Commander remarked.The Mayor and City Council over a month ago moved to block a dilapidated bridge at the junction of Sussex and Barr Streets in Albouystown, resulting in motorists allegedly being extorted to use the only other entrance for Barr Street.The bridge, which had been erected some years ago, was in a deplorable state, posing a serious threat to motorists. The bridge is visibly sinking in the centre, while the sides appear broken.The M&CC, early in June, took precautionary measures to have the bridge blocked, which the residents of Albouystown applauded after the Councillor of the Albouystown/Charlestown constituency, Malcolm Ferreira had reported it.Now, the residents are complaining that the bridge has been blocked for too long and is now being used as an avenue for persons to make a dollar.With the bridge being blocked, Barr Street is now left with one entrance that persons are reportedly cordoning off at nights and charging residents to enter and to exit the community.Since the blocking of the bridge, no rehabilitation work has commenced. Residents said they were grateful for the consideration displayed by the M&CC to close the bridge to prevent any mishap, but were calling on the Council to begin repairs on the bridge immediately.Guyana Times understands that despite the actions of the M&CC, many residents have reportedly opted to remove the blockage from the bridge to use it; however, the M&CC would subsequently return to ensure the bridge was once again blocked.The City Engineer’s department disclosed that the sinking of the bridge was due to heavy vehicular traffic.last_img read more

Hoosiers In The Thick of Things After Two Rounds at Olympia Fields

first_imgAs it has been at the start of the season, senior Andrew Havill led the way for the Hoosiers but was joined with a solid team effort to allow IU to retain its position on the leaderboard. Havill carded an even par round of 70 to move up to a tie for 14th with a score of 143 (+3). The native of Carmel, Indiana, is tied for second with nine birdies through two rounds.He carded three birdies and to offset three bogeys on his first nine holes – the back nine on the course – before two birdies and two bogeys on his second nine left him at even par.Meanwhile, junior Brendon Doyle showed a steady hand on the day by posting 15 pars to give him 27 through the first two rounds, which is tied for second in the field. His day started with a bogey on No. 10 and then a double bogey on No. 15 to make the turn at 3-over par. On his back nine, he registered eight pars and one bogey to give him a 74 for round two and a total score of 146 (+6) and a tie for 24th.The lone freshman on the team, Brock Ochsenreiter, also added a 4-over par 74 in round two, after playing his first nine in 2-over par and then carding a double-bogey on his final hole to end a streak of eight pars. Individually, he is tied for 36th with a two-round score of 148 (+8) and is also tied for third having played the par 3’s in 1-under par through 36 holes.The third round of 74 for IU on Saturday came from redshirt sophomore Jake Brown, who logged 14 pars and four bogeys on his round. He entered his 16th hole of the day just one over par, but finished with a trio of bogeys to put his 36-hole score at 151 (+11) and a tie for 51st.Another junior, Matthew Weber, trimmed three shots off his first round score to shoot 77 in round two. He is tied for 73rd with a score of 157 (+17) through two rounds.Competing as an individual is Jack Sparrow, who also improved on his first round score, shaving four shots off to register a 76 in round two and is tied for 71st with a score of 156 (+16).Team StandingsPos.    School                          R1        R2        Total      To Par1         Illinois                           274      280      554         -62         Texas A&M                   280      295      575         +153         Oklahoma State            287      290      577         +174         North Carolina              294      285      579         +195         Florida State                 294      286      580         +206         Southern California      296      288      584         +24T7       UNLV                             298      287      585         +25T7       Alabama                       296      289      585         +259         Texas                            294      292      586         +2610       Indiana                          296      292      588         +28T11     Purdue                          291      298      589         +29T11     Baylor                           293      296      589         +29T13     Northwestern               295      296      591         +31T13     Arizona State                302      289      591         +3115       Army                             306      306      612         +52 Indiana Player ResultsPos.    Player                           R1        R2        Total      To ParT14     Andrew Havill               73        70        143         +3T24     Brendon Doyle              72        74        146         +6T36     Brock Ochsenreiter      74        74        148         +8T51     Jake Brown                   77        74        151         +11T73     Matthew Weber           80        77        157         +17T71     Jack Sparrow*              80        76        156         +16 * – Competing as an individualcenter_img The Indiana men’s golf team trimmed four shots off their first round score, registering a team score of 292 (+12) on Saturday in the second round of the Olympia Fields/Fighting Illini Invitational to gain sole possession of 10th place.Although they are in 10th, Indiana is just nine strokes out of fourth place against many of the top teams in the country.Today’s final round will get underway at 9:45 a.m. ET with live scoring on GolfStat.com.last_img read more

Ohio Issues Aviation Fuel Dealer Rule

first_imgA new Ohio Department of Taxation rule addresses monthly aviation fuel dealer reports. Under the rule, such reports must contain:the seller’s name and address;the seller’s tax identification number and Ohio motor fuel/aviation fuel account number;the purchaser’s name;the purchaser’s tax identification number;the the the city and state of origin of the aviation fuel;the destination of the fuel by street address;the type of fuel;the total gallons sold to Ohio airports;the number of gallons of fuel sold by product type; andthe number of gallons on which sales tax was not charged.Rule 5703-11-05, Ohio Department of Taxation, effective January 18, 2018Login to read more tax news on CCH® AnswerConnect or CCH® Intelliconnect®.Not a subscriber? Sign up for a free trial or contact us for a representative.last_img read more

Why HD DVD Will Beat Blu-Ray: A Better Name For Mere Mortals

first_imgI was recently shopping at BestBuy with my wife, Kirsten.  She’s close to the opposite end of the tech-geek spectrum as I am (she uses a computer every day, but mostly for useful things and is not particularly concerned about some of the religious debates around technology and the relative merits of one thing vs. the other.  She’s not going to be running out to buy an iPhone as soon as it launches (I likely will be). I’m currently in the market for a new DVD player at home.  I’m generally not big on DVDs as I find the whole notion of moving data bits around using atoms organized into shiny disks someone quaint.  My parents are visiting us from India, and there are some things they want to watch that are not “in the cloud” somehwere — only on DVD.  But I digress. What do you think? How important is a simple name in helpling customers make a decision? So, my question is this:  Of the thousands of mere mortals (i.e. not tech-geeks) that will make the DVD player buying decision in the coming months and years, how many times will this story repeat itself?  How many people will walk out the door with an HD DVD player simply because they think it’s the “natural” choice”?  How many of these decisions will it take for HD DVD to become the prevailing standard not on technical merit, but just because of the name?  If we think back to the VHS vs. BetaMax debate, I find a bit of similarity.  VHS (when people asked) stood for “Video Home System”.  BetaMax didn’t stand for anything.  Will history repeat itself? Originally published Jun 6, 2007 10:43:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 So, we are in the market for a DVD player.  I’ve been following the HD / DVD Blu-Ray debate for a while — primarily as a curious bystander, because it didn’t really affect me all that much — until now.  As I was walking down the DVD player aile in the store with Kirsten, she paused and pointed to one and said “why not just buy this one”.  (It was an HD DVD player).  I asked her why that particular one had caught her eye.  Her response:  “Well, it’s an HD DVD player.  Aren’t you all over that whole HD thing?”  She basically thought HD DVD was what connected to our HDTV and that was that.  The whole notion of Blu-Ray with all it’s technical merits never crossed her mind.  It just made sense to her that an HD DVD went along with an HD TV.  In her mind, Blu-Ray wasn’t even in the race.  Decision made. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Six Reasons Videos That Aren’t Viral Are Valuable

first_imgThat’s a mistake. Download the free video Of course, the chances of your companycreating a video that reaches 19 million people in three weeks areessentially zero. It’s not going to happen, so don’t bother. Videodoesn’t need to be viral to have an impact on your business. In fact,any robust inbound marketingcontent strategy should include a videocomponent, designed with assumption that none of the videos will “goviral.” Instead, businesses should put time into video for at least sixother reasons: The video was published July 19, and it already has over 15 millions views. Topics: (2) Videos Are Marketing Annuities– Like a blog post, videos are annuitites; once you’ve published yourvideo and it passes its intial burst of traffic, you’ll continue to get traffic and banding value indefinitely. Mostmarketers understand that truly viral videos are almost impossible tocreate — and they use this as a reason to abandon video altogether. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Aug 3, 2009 8:15:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 to become an online video marketing superstar. (5) Videos Are Easier to Produce Than YouThink –If your company is in a content mindset, videos will be easy to produce.  Don’t getsucked into production details. Just plan the video, schedule time to shoot it, and make sure the shooting doesn’t drag on. It doesn’t need to be perfect.center_img (6) More Video, More Likely to Have a Big Success– Justlike venture capital or movie production, onlinemarketing video is porfolio business.  No successful moviestudio bets their year on a single film. They spread their resourcesacross multiple films, and hope they’ll get one money-maker out oftheir portfolio. You should approach your marketing videos the same way. (1) Video Gives Your Company Voice –It’s onething to read a paragraph about a company, but it’s a completelydifferent thing to spend four minutes listening to a company’s founderexplain the vision and purpose of the company. Video adds a personaldimension to company websites, which are typically heavy on impersonaltext. Webinar: How to Use Online Video for Marketing Video: How to Use Online Video for Marketing Learn how to use online video and podcasts for promoting your brand and generating new business. (4) Video IsAnother Channel for Your Content– Effective inbound marketing contentstrategies need to be executed in multiple media types. Some forms ofinformation are best communicated in blog posts; some in photos orgraphics; some in webinars; others in video. If you’re not using oreven experimenting with any of one these channels, you’re missingpotential customers. When peopletalk about online video they typically talk about videos like this one,the Minnesota wedding entrance choreographed to the Chris BrownballadForever. Does your company use video for marketing? Why? What else should be on this list? That’swhat you call a viral video. It’s the stuff marketers dream of — 15million people reached with no money spent on distribution orproduction. Businesses that achieve that kind of reach profitenormously. If you have any doubts, checkout what it did to Forever’s itunessales. Video Marketing (3) Videos Build Company Culture– Videos are fun and they showthat your company can have fun. They serve as morale builders within thecompany, and recruiting tools outside the company.last_img read more

Free Link-Building Directories to Jumpstart Your Search Engine Ranking

first_img Link Building Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Editor’s Note: The contents of this articles are out of date. It remains live for posterity (hah, remember when people used link building directories?), but the advice is no longer current with Google’s recommendations. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends, I recommend checking out this article.Links are the top metric by which search engines determine who you are and what you are about, and ultimately how you are ranked in search results.  In other words, links are your website’s life line. A great way to jumpstart your link-building efforts to get that online vote of trust is to submit your business to directories, which is a great way to get your small business website on the map.Wondering how to get more inbound linksto your website, and where to start? Here’s a list of top link-building directories, which are all FREE resources to help you get started.Access 4 Essential Link-Building TipsLocal Directories:Loopt.comLocaleze.comBiglocal.comOpenlist.comOutside.inBOTW.org/top/Regional/United_StatesSuperpages.comSearch Engine Local Business Listings:Yahoo.com, Google.com and Bing.com LocalGetlisted.org (to double check if you’ve been listed)Blog Directories:DoFollowBlogs.comPlaceBlogger.comBloglines.comBlogsearch.Google.comTechnorati.comBlogged.comBlogCatalog.comBlogmarks.netMyBlogLog.comZimbio.comReview and Rating Directories:Yelp.comRateitall.comInsiderPages.comDirectories not only help you get more inbound links but also bring in more qualified traffic and generate leads. As you add your business to directories, be sure to use very specific categories including location, industry-specific niches and anything else that makes you unique. Whether you are locally focused or have branches throughout the country, you should be listed where people are looking for you. Inbound links pointing to your site from other trusted sources on the Web are like people raising their hand to Google and saying, “You should pay attention to this one!”Photo Credit: Jurek Durczak Topics: Originally published Feb 11, 2010 2:30:00 PM, updated September 07 2017last_img read more

Your Website Is More Than Great Design

first_img 2. The CSSP heavy-duty blog is working to gain lots of authority (MOZ rank of 4 and 724 inbound links) but they need to consider renaming the articles with keywords and not numbers in order to maximize these posts.  Last Google visit was almost two weeks ago and with the content CSSP generates, spider visits should be much more frequent. with Prashant Kaw, we reviewed three websites: one relatively new; another one that was a consolidation of several geographically far-flung sister sites; and one that has been around for over a decade.  They were all “NOT PRETTY” in the standard, graphically-enhanced marketer view of the world.  But, each site worked for the marketer responsible for lead flow.   More importantly, each site had some opportunities for optimization and improvement despite decent Website Grader scores.  The marketer on the call for each of review walked away with ideas for increasing their Search Engine presence, their Social Media efforts, and Lead Generation. Join HubSpot experts for a live session of website review and optimization, providing tips for getting found online. Twitter handle Topics: 2. Move the blog from blogspot.com to the Sweet Grace website as soon as possible.  Right now, her pictures of wedding cake designs are giving Blogspot traffic and search rankings that should be the website’s.  Consider using video on the blog, in addition to the pictures for maximum visibility. A custom cake (wedding primarily) creator, Lisa did a great job with her 4-month-old site with geo-tagging in her meta descriptions and page titles.  (I’ve done seven during my marketing career) is a painful and much-lengthier process than any website development company will tell you.   This prospect wanted to wait for the budget, then the redesign, and  finally, the launch before turning to lead generation tactics for their business.  All because some internal folks didn’t like the “look” of their existing website. Is that a smart marketing move? One of HubSpot’s top Inbound Marketing Specialists asked me to join a sales call in an effort to show the prospect that waiting for a website redesign, instead of concentrating on building relevant content for their site with keyword-rich, consistent copy points, was putting the cart before the horse.  They did not have – and were unlikely to get in the relatively near-term – budget approval to proceed for a complete overhaul of their site.  Yet, they were persistent in their belief that the new site would solve all of their lead generation problems.  Baloney! During yesterday’s 1. With “blended” results occuring as search continues to evolve, this site would benefit from having a social media presence.  Using the help of community that is part of the Center for Strategic Planning’s world, their content is a perfect way to utilize Twitter and Facebook. 1. Use Google Local and Google Street Maps to get found geographically.  Even without a storefront, being found online is critical when looking for brides in a specific geographic area. URL: cssp.com | Grader Score: 98  3. Increase your authority on search engines by executing a 301 redirect on the sweetgrace.net to www.sweetgrace.net.  Right now, there are two sites in the eyes of Google and the diluted effect is hurting rankings. Suggestions for optimization: 4. Their domain is set to expire in less than a year.  Get it renewed for another 5 or 10 years and do it quickly. Date & Time: What do you think these sites could have done differently?  Do you agree that design is not the most important factor in website effectiveness? Website Optimization Webinar  for optimization by HubSpot experts! (3-5 will be selected) 2. Create single Twitter and Facebook accounts for Tiger Turf World.  She has not grabbed thecenter_img 1.Have a main Tiger Turf Blog on the home page navigation. Right now, the North American site (Grader Score: 43) has a blog (the main site does not) with just four posts, the last one in July 2009.  She has the content to make consistent blog posts easily and it needs to be done in order to feed her social media accounts. URL: tigerturfworld.com | Grader Score: 84 3. Update all meta descriptions to fill in the missing data and keywords. There were many pages completely missing the information to Get Found by search engines. I pointed out that a This 10-year-old website is a textbook example of Best Practices in website functionality.  With a free ebook download, easy-to-find and above-the-fold information, Charles works at constantly tweaking this site for maximum visibility.   But we had a few ideas for improvement. Website Design This site launched in December, 2007 and as the marketer responsible for the effort, Kim had her hands full. First of all, all of the different geographic points had “unique” and inconsistent fonts, graphics, etc.  Kim did a wonderful job of bringing everyone under the main Tiger Turf World site.   Her next issue was trying to figure out how to start moving towards Social Media.  Kim wanted to know if she should have different Twitter and Facebook accounts for each geography (as with the sub-domains on the main site). Every Tuesday at 1:00pm ET Live Website Optimization: Using Website Grader For Marketing Success  URL: sweetgrace.net | Grader Score: 77 Suggestions for next steps in optimization: 3. The use of testimonials on the Home Page is terrific.  Why not repurpose them on individual pages and tweet them frequently?  Or, use on their Facebook page as well? Lots of low-hanging fruit here. Submit your site now yet and it needs to be done immediately. (Looks like it was done, now the bio and image needs to be updated for their profile with relevant keywords). Originally published May 6, 2010 9:00:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Every marketer begins a new job with a significant look at the company website.  A website is visible to everyone: employees, customers, shareholders, prospects and can be tangible evidence that the marketing department/marketer is doing their job.  Unfortunately, the website review usually has more to do with how the site looks and not how it works.  Not functionally, in terms of navigation and page load, but in the context of “Being Found” on the Internet.  What is the point of creating a wonderful, graphics award-winning website if no one ever finds you, your company, or your products? website launch or website redesign Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

5 Marketing Lessons from Harry Potter

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Since 1997, the Harry Potter books have been a big part of many of our lives. Whether you were someone who stood in line for hours to be the first to see a new movie or anxiously awaited a book release to find out if Harry Potter would finally defeat Voldemort, you have been a part of the Harry Potter revolution. But this story goes beyond a wizard in a magical world to a strategic approach that J.K. Rowling took when writing the books and marketing them.  So as the movie series comes to an end on Friday, think about the marketing lessons that can be learned from Harry Potter. 1. Develop a Strategic Approach When J.K. Rowling first started to write the Harry Potter books , she knew exactly how the characters and story were going to develop.  For years, fans asked her how the story was going to end, if Harry was going to die, if Snape had allegiance to Dumbledore or Voldemort.  She never said a word, but she told the world that she knew the answers.  As a marketer, it is important to develop a strategy.  Create goals, and execute your strategy with those goals in mind.  You will find that you will have more success with a strategic approach from the beginning until the end than you will if you just make it up as you go. 2. Viral Marketing After the phenomenon began, J.K. Rowling did not have to do much promoting. The fans took over and created many viral campaigns on her behalf talking about the excitement they had over upcoming releases.  Harry Potter is often a trending topic on Twitter, Facebook events and page are abundant and thousands of bloggers create posts on their behalf.  These promotions are more genuine because they come from the source, the fans, instead of the person who makes a profit.  In the same ways, marketers need to utilize inbound marketing to create the same buzz over their product, service or company.  Positive reviews and promotions that come straight from consumers are more valuable than content that comes from the company.  Utilize the different social media tools that are available online to create the hype that you need to be successful. 3. Multi-Channel Approach J.K. Rowling used multiple channels to reach her audience.  She recognized that her audience ranged from young children to adults, and she needed to cater to their interests.  In addition to the books and movies, she created an experience through amusement parks like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She is now entering the social media space by creating Pottermore which will open in October.  The Harry Potter trailers reached millions of viewers on YouTube . Marketers should follow her example by using many channels to get their message out.  Different parts of your audience are more attracted through different means making it necessary to use a healthy mix of promotional tools. 4. Play Off Your Audience’s Personality After a few book releases, J.K. Rowling knew how to reach her audience.  She knew the anticipation of new books or movies, sneak previews and subtle hints made her audience go wild.  In the years to come, she used this knowledge to generate more buzz about anything relating to Harry Potter.  Marketers need to do a lot of research to understand and connect with their audience.  The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to execute your strategy.  If your audience is attracted by a certain channel, use it.  If your audience is attracted by a certain message, use it.  If your audience is attracted by a certain spokesperson, use them.  Having this knowledge about your audience puts you miles ahead of your competitors. 5. Create a Distinct Brand When you think of Harry Potter a few keywords come to mind.  They could be wizard, lightning bolt scar, Quidditch, or “the boy who lived.”  These characteristics of this book series are recognized by people who aren’t even fans. J.K. Rowling has created a distinct brand for Harry Potter that is comparable to Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola.  Marketers need to follow this lead and create specific and identifiable brands for their company or cause.  What message does your brand have?  What is your brand supposed to symbolize?  How will other people connect with your brand?  What does your brand mean to your audience? Identifying all aspects of your brand is important at the start of any campaign.What other marketing lessons can you think of from the Harry Potter series?Photo Credit: bibicall Marketing Advice Originally published Jul 12, 2011 5:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Topics:last_img read more

4 Tactics for Finding Meaningful Conversations on Twitter [@InboundNow #34]

first_img , find, and participate in relevant industry conversations on Twitter? are social media tool Originally published Aug 18, 2011 11:02:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Runtime: 12:25 Inbound Now is currently in booking mode for upcoming episodes! Is there a certain topic you would like covered or an expert you would like to see come on. Contact me on Twitter Using What other tactics do you use to to see a ton of options and start getting rid of some of the noise. Reach out in a genuine way and start sharing their content on a regular basis. There monitor To view more episodes of Inbound Now, You can add questions to a to-do list to answer later, or forward them to a colleague and help them connect with relevant Twitter users. 4. Find Relevant Tweeters in Your Space , we share some advanced Twitter search tips to help you wade through the fire hose to find relevant conversations and filter out useless noise. Topics: advanced search link Here are some other examples of other common search modifiers, courtesy of the Twitter application, HootSuite: Regardless of the tool you use, centralizing information in one place is critical to saving hours of time and your sanity. Key Point: The tools you are using aren’t as important as the smart searches you are using to find the useful needles in the proverbial Twitter haystack. . keyword ? -http is a great site to scan Twitter bios for relevant keywords. It may take a little digging, but once you find some influential people in your space, make sure to start following them and connect. gets rid of all the auto-posts from blogs and people’s RTs, which can be helpful when you are looking for statements and questions(?) around your keywords (a.k.a. conversations). keyword suggest -http keyword anyone -http keyword recommend -httpcenter_img Followerwonk.com Search.twitter.com SEO and Social Media is a great way to start learning the advanced search queries Twitter has to offer. Click on the -http conversations happening and questions being asked about your industry. The trick is finding them in an efficient way. Would you like to see a particular marketing mastermind on the show? You need to set up a place to centralize all your queries in one place. I prefer to use HootSuite, TweetDeck, or Sendible for this. HubSpot also has a pretty nifty It never hurts to have an influencer on your side, and they can be instrumental in helping you spread your messages when the time comes. Give, give, give, before you ever try and ask for anything. (This is the Golden Rule in social media). . social media and digital marketing podcast The InboxQ.com 3. Set Up a Listening Station Twitter @DavidWells or drop me a line on our contact page helps you take your monitoring to the next level by providing a browser plug in/extension that notifies you of any new conversations happening around one of your advanced search strings. 1. Use Advanced Search Modifiers click here In this episode of Inbound Now, HubSpot’s Four awesome search modifiers for Twitter are: 2. Leverage InboxQ to help keep tabs on conversation. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Google+ Now Available to Everyone, Adds Search Functionality

first_img Google Updates New Feature: Search Functionality!Considering Google is the king of search, it’s pretty strange that an internal search function wasn’t available right off the bat. But Google listened to users’ requests, and now the +Search box is available to all, enabling users to search for others’ posts and content within Google+ and on the web. To ensure others’ privacy, the search function returns search results that are either publicly available or that only the searcher can see.Resources for New Google+ UsersIf, up until now, you’ve been unable to access Google+, here’s a great list of resources to help you get on the same page as other users:The Ultimate Google+ Cheat Sheet10 Awesome Google+ Presentations to View Today Websites Using Google’s +1 Button Get 3.5x the Google+ Visits [Data]11 Things You Don’t Know (But Should) About Google+Marketing TakeawayFirst of all, if you hadn’t yet been granted access to Google+, you can now sign up here. Take advantage of the above resources to help you get up-to-speed with all Google+ currently has to offer, and make sure you know the ins and outs of Google+ with your personal account so you can be prepared to tackle business pages once Google launches those.Secondly, start experimenting with Hangouts on Air! This feature already has big potential and implications for businesses. Think online video news announcements and livestreaming to the public, making it very easy to spread your message to a public audience.Lastly, make sure you’re effectively leveraging the +Search functionality. When possible, make sure your posts and links to content are optimized with the keywords for which you want to get found, and be sure to make your posts publicly available to make it easier for those outside your direct network to find and access your content.Are you using Google+? What do you think of its newest features? Topics: Originally published Sep 20, 2011 3:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016center_img If you’re someone who has been anxiously awaiting access to Google+ over the past few months, your wait is now over. This morning, Google announced it has officially released the ability to sign up for Google+ to everyone, with or without an invitation.Google’s move to make the social network completely open to the public is based on a number of new improvements and additional features now available to users, which has propelled Google+ from ‘field trial’ to ‘beta’ status. While most of these new features are focused on improvements to Google+ Hangouts, Google also announced the addition of an internal search function within Google+…finally.New Features in +HangoutsGoogle+’s improvements to Hangouts (Google+’s video chat capability) are the most numerous.Mobile Hangouts: Users with Android 2.3+ devices and front-facing cameras can now can now launch Hangouts directly from their mobile phones.Hangouts on Air: Users can now create publicly broadcasted (and recorded) hangouts, which can include up to 9 video participants and made available to anyone who wants to watch the broadcast live. (Note: Creation of Hangouts on Air is currently limited to a number of broadcasters, but anyone can tune in.)Extra Hangouts Features: Google+ has also added some new features to Hangouts. These extras can serve as add-ons to your video chats and include screensharing, sketching, Google Doc collaboration, and Hangout naming functionalities. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more