The Morbid One is Freddie: not the PPP, PPP/C, nor Jagdeo, the transformer

first_imgDear Editor,Let me acknowledge publicly that I read the “Freddie Kissoon Column” whenever it is at hand. So, too, do I read “Peeping Tom”, “Ian on Sunday”, “Future Notes”, “So it Go”, and other columns.I do not do so as a Freddie fan; far from being a fan, I do so respectful — as I should be — of the opinion of any fellow Guyanese, and aware that Freddie’s view would be informed by some scholarship; although in my view it is too often forced, selective and distorted, all in efforts to be critical of the PPP and the PPP/C.Freddie’s article on Jagdeo, in KN of Tuesday, January 23, is true to form. Morbidity would be a more apt description of Freddie than of the PPP, PPP/C, or former President and current Leader of the Opposition (LOP), Jagdeo, who provided the great opportunities for the transformation of Guyanese and Guyana for the better.In Freddie’s Column, paragraphs 2,3,4 and 5, as well as the fourth from the end, there are quotes from a recent press conference of the LOP, in which Jagdeo reiterates forcefully what has been the aspiration of the PPP (and the PPP/C) from its conception: a party that in its leadership reflects Guyana, so that us Guyanese, thrown together so recently, historically speaking, may see in the leadership of the party — whatever our race, religion, or region of Guyana from which we come — fellow citizens looking like ourselves, who could empathize with us.No doubt, there have been a number of instances when any number of PPP and PPP/C persons may have fallen below our high ideals of seeing and treating with each other primarily as Guyanese; but whoever questions the earnestness and persistence of the PPP in this regard should look to historical facts: the four founding members in 1943, composing the PAC (Political Affairs Committee) – Cheddi, Janet, Jocelyn Hubbard, Ashton Chase; the grabbing of the recently returned young lawyer L F S Burnham to be Chairman of the newly founded (in 1950) PPP; the formation in 1990 of the PPP/C when it appeared that there might be a return to fair and free elections, adding and combining new non-PPP persons (patriotic and not anti-PPP) with those who had stuck with Cheddi and the PPP during the years after 1964.I want to reiterate that whilst in office, we — PPP/C, including President Jagdeo — sought to do in the context of the time and resources available what was good for developing Guyanese and Guyana holistically. I can’t recall ever going through a list detailing that this programme is for Indians, this for Africans, this for Amerindians, and so on.As I have recalled on previous occasions, in 1994, we put aside the commitment of the then outgoing PNC to close the bauxite operations forthwith if profitability could not be found by the international manager. We read in the newspapers today about all the things our Coalition Government has to face in reforming our sugar sector.Well, we PPP/C and Jagdeo, faced all the same issues (about paying severance pay promptly, and reconciling and making good the workers’ saving scheme, statutory remittances to GRA and NIS, and so on). We did what we had to do without any fuss, as we were Government for all Guyanese and Guyana.Concerning the four specific examples given by Freddie of actions taken by the PPP/C under Jagdeo to seemingly alienate Afro-Guyanese, one who is not morbid would see them as possibly mistakes, though well intended; and well-intended they were: (i) whatever was in Roger Luncheon’s mind when he told the court that “no African Guyanese at the time was qualified to be a diplomat”, there must have been subsequent review, because soon thereafter, without notice and fanfare, a number of African Guyanese were appointed diplomats.(ii) The then Chairman of the ERC recalls endeavouring to gather data from many agencies of Government and private institutions to give an ethnic breakdown of their interactions with the public. The universal response was that there was not the practice of determining and recording the ethnicity of clients. It was thus indicated that a bigger project was necessary to obtain the useful information desired.(iii) Siting of the 1823 Monument at the seawall was appropriate, as the design evoked the uprising and struggle, and it could be readily erected at the seawall site. Siting at Parade Ground should, and probably would, have attracted considerations of other designs appropriate for that site, perhaps designs evoking the “torture, mutilations and executions” perpetrated at that site.(iv) I went to the trouble of obtaining and reading a copy of the letter referred to by Freddie, and it could only be considered “venomous” in the pain of its truth. Some persons see similar sentiments and concerns expressed by Freddie himself in his series entitled “Voodoo Political theory”. I, like Jagdeo and Ramotar, sense no case for sanctioning that lady.We, PPP/C, cannot hold out that we set out to do anything specific exclusively directed and intended for Afro-Guyanese, but we will hold out that Afro-Guyanese shared equitability in the growth and development that all of us Guyanese engaged ourselves in during the years of the PPP/C in office.We are not reluctant to acknowledge the actions of former President Desmond Hoyte which (re)opened roads to growth and development. I am not reluctant to argue that, subsequently, we have to largely thank Jagdeo as an exceedingly competent and practical economist and politician, as Finance Minister and then as President.It so happened that in the same issue of KN, in an article titled “Getting Help”, Peeping Tom remarks on how skillfully and successfully Bharrat Jagdeo had managed the effects of the world financial crisis of 2008.It would be informative and good to have listings for our citizens who were able to acquire their first vehicles and/or their first homes during the period 1992 to 2015, with the PPP/C and Jagdeo in office, to enter their names; and I would be ready to wager a big jill that it would be found that Afro-Guyanese have enjoyed a reasonably proportional improvement when compared to what Afro-Guyanese and all Guyanese had before 1992.Turning to the “poor Sam Hinds” in the last two paragraphs of the column, Freddie seemingly forgets the circumstances, the foregoing of the PPP and the unwritten covenants under which Cheddi and the PPP formed the Civic Component. Recall that when it looked like the anticipated 1990 election might be fair and free, not rigged, Cheddi Jagan, recognizing the estrangement and isolation that would have grown between our peoples post 1964, and sensing the need once more to pull our Guyanese people together, formed the PPP/C, seeking to bring into an extended leadership (and support base) any Guyanese who at that time was not hostile to, and was ready to work with, the historical PPP to rebuild and restore and take forward Guyana. It was obvious that, once again, Afro-Guyanese were particularly sought after by Cheddi and the PPP, even when they may have been at the heart of the PNC earlier.Jagdeo is carrying on along the long-held aspirations of the PPP and PPP/C.It was known at the time that Cheddi was seeking an Afro-Guyanese Civic member to be his running mate and Prime Ministerial candidate. Again, as was widely known, the then well-known economist Dr Clive Thomas headed his list, which was said to include other then known persons: Gordon Todd, Aubrey Armstrong, Maurice Odle, all known to, and respected by, Cheddi. It was when those (and perhaps others) could not, for various reasons, accept Cheddi’s offer that the name of then unknown but lucky Sam Hinds came on the table, and he has not been poorer for it. Sam Hinds was a novice to politics, he had no expectations of becoming President, and his stepping aside was him being true to the unwritten PPP/C covenant.A document presented by President Jagdeo about 2005, titled “Building Trust”, points to what all Guyanese (including Freddie) should be working towards.Yours truly,Samuel A. A. HindsFormer President and former Prime Ministerlast_img read more

Spencer/Columbus wrestling captures team title at Merrill Invite

first_imgTim Bauer wins 138-pound championship for RocketsBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterMERRILL — Tim Bauer won the 138-pound title, and five others placed third as the Spencer/Columbus Catholic wrestling team won the team championship at the Bluejay Challenge on Saturday at Merrill High School.Bauer improved to 17-3 by beating Stetson Potrykus of Wittenberg-Birnamwood 6-2 in the 138-pound title match.Six Rockets lost in the semifinals, and five of them came back to win the third-place match. Taking third for Spencer/Columbus were Bryce Shaw at 126, Nathan Neumann at 160, Hunter Hildebrandt at 170, Hunter Luepke at 185, and Logan Zchernitz at 285. Carson Hildebrandt finished fourth at 152.Spencer/Columbus’ next match is Thursday at Eau Claire Regis.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of ChallengeJan. 9, at Merrill High SchoolTeam scores: 1. Spencer/Columbus Catholic 424.5; 2. Sun Prairie 403; 3. Wittenberg-Birnamwood 399; 4. Barron 363; 5. Merrill 341; 6. Escanaba (Mich.) 321; 7. Tomahawk 286.5; 8. Lakeland 285; 9. Oconto 264; 10. Marathon 242; 11. Amherst 203; 12. La Crosse Aquinas 176; 13. Crandon 175; 14. Southern Door 157.5; 15. Waukesha West 142.5; 16. Almond-Bancroft/Pacelli 125; 17. Three Lakes 116; 18. Mosinee 88; 19. Tri-County 58; 20. Elcho 56.Championships and Spencer finishers106: Championship – Nathan Franke (MAR) def. Wyatt Thiel (SP) 10-8; Fifth place – Jake Dick (SC) pinned Alex Cox (BAR) in 2:29.113: Championship – Josh Ehster (MOS) def. Aiden Wusterbarth (OC) 6-2.120: Championship – Drew Scharenbrock (SP) won major dec. over Logan Walker (SD) 13-0; Fifth place – Dominick Wichlacz (SC) pinned Courege Krueger (ESC) in 2:30.126: Championship – Devon Schultz (MER) def. Tyler Nelson (SP) 8-5; Third place – Bryce Shaw (SC) def. Tyler Wusterbarth (OC) 8-5.132: Championship – River Pawelski (SD) def. Elton Kelsey (OC) 3-1; Fifth place – Austin Post (SC) def. Jack Scandin (LAK) 4-3.138: Championship – Tim Bauer (SC) def. Stetson Potrykus (WB) 6-2.145: Championship – Jake McClintock (LAK) def. Zach Urquhart (WB) 2-1; Seventh place – Caden Schillinger (SC) def. Matt Turkowitcz (TOM) 5-0.152: Championship – Shane Gantz (WW) def. Tanner Pettit (MER) 7-3; Third place – Ethan Reid (LCA) won major dec. over Carson Hildebrandt (SC) 13-3.160: Championship – William Waldofski (BAR) pinned Griffin Magee (WB) in 1:00; Third place – Nathan Neumann (SC) def. Joe Sedivy (MAR) 13-6.170: Championship: Bryce Holderman (AM) pinned Will Van Pietersom (SP) in 0:28; Third place – Hunter Hildebrandt (SC) def. Jordan Schneeberger (MAR) 18-11.182: Championship: Quinn Wallenfang (TOM) won major dec. over Gavin Sneller (AM) 9-0; Seventh place – Dyan Bukovic (CRN) pinned Elijah Welsh (SC) in 2:15.195: Championship – August Peplinski (WB) def. Kaleb Kaminski (TOM) 3-2; Third place – Hunter Luepke (SC) def. Max Villnow (AM) 5-2.220: Championship – Dane Borchardt (TOM) def. Sam Presser (SP) 11-4.285: Championship – Cole Warzynski (ABP) pinned Mohammed Hoque (ESC) in 2:43; Third place – Logan Zschernitz (SC) def. Jacob Mohr (MAR) 7-0.last_img read more

SA teen in Scirocco R-Cup driver’s seat

first_img18 September 2013 South Africa’s Kelvin van der Linde, one of the two youngest drivers in the competition, will go into the final round of the international VW Scirocco R-Cup in Hockenheim in Germany on 19 October sitting in first place in the Championship standings. He went into the event on the back of four wins and increased his lead in the standings by taking second place in Saturday’s opening race behind Denmark’s Kasper Jensen. ‘Everything went wrong’“Absolutely everything went wrong in Sunday’s race,” he added. “I wanted to play it safe because of the Cup title. Then I came into contact with another car and got the drive-through penalty. “All in all, I was too cautious and didn’t take enough risks. I’ll come back stronger in Hockenheim. I want to claim this title.” SAinfo reporter Commenting on his performances on the weekend afterwards, Van der Linde said: “At the beginning of Saturday’s race, I tried to attack Kasper. But then I took a conservative approach to the whole thing and stopped taking risks. After all, what I really want is to win the championship and it’s looking very positive on that front. Most recently, the 17-year-old was in action at Oschersleben in Germany over the weekend. Mid-race accidentHowever, a poor 15th place in race two on Sunday saw his lead reduced. Van der Linde began the race in seventh place on the grid and was aiming to put the Championship beyond doubt. A mid-race accident, when he was lying sixth and on course to wrap up that title, put paid to those hopes. With one race remaining and a maximum of 60 points on offer, Van der Linde leads the standings with 290 points to Jensen’s 247 and fellow South African Jordan Pepper’s 232. Instead, Van der Linde was handed a drive-through penalty after race officials deemed that he had pushed another competitor. Post-race viewing of the video footage showed that the other car had spun in front of Van der Linde and that contact was unintentional. A victory in the Volkswagen-backed series would almost certainly open doors to an international racing career for the young South African. What it means is that Van der Linde needs to finish the season’s last race in 12th place to win the world’s only single-make championship powered by natural gas.last_img read more

LP Executives’ Family Members Tour Historic Bluffton, SC, at LPM Annual Meeting

first_imgWhile loss prevention retail and vendor executives were engaged in business meetings at the annual LP Magazine, LP Foundation, and RILA Asset Protection Leaders Council three-day event, sixteen family and guests of attendees were treated to a tour of nearby historic Bluffton, SC, sponsored by CAP Index and Zellman.The tour started with an hour-long boat ride down the May River through the unique South Carolina marshes with miles of oyster beds that wrap around the Bluffton area. Accompanied by beautiful sunshine, light breeze, and “refreshing” boat spray, the participants were welcomed by a resident dolphin, many egrets, and a hunting eagle.The May River cruise included educational facts provided by the boat captain about the flat, low country shoreline, including that there is a 10-foot tidal range that provides a lengthy oyster spawning season, natural oyster reefs grow in clusters versus individually, and why the oyster season takes place during the “R” months. The SC marshland ecosystem makes a perfect habitat for naturally growing abundant clusters of meaty, briny oysters.- Sponsor – The first stop was at the Bluffton Oyster Company—one of the last remaining companies harvesting naturally grown oysters—where their team of up to 27 pickers and shuckers process not only oysters, but also crab and shrimp.Church of the Cross, Bluffton, SCThe tour continued to historic Bluffton, a small Southern town classically decorated by tangled Spanish moss draping from century-old live oak trees and ferns hanging over wrap-around covered porches. The first stop in Bluffton was the Church of the Cross, a historic town landmark built in 1857. The participants then split into smaller groups to explore shops, art boutiques, farmer’s market booths, and chose a perfect spot for a leisurely lunch. All who went on the tour helped support the local economy by purchasing one or more treasured items from the local shops and vendors. Last, but certainly not least, all met new friends and enjoyed the camaraderie of the fun group of men and women.“I want to express how much I enjoyed this year’s family tour,” said Maureen Arigi, wife of Kroger executive Tom Arigi. “It is always great to see new and fun places and learn a bit about the local attractions. Even more important, I appreciate that family is included in the LPM annual meeting. Being part of the meeting allows me to meet with all the friends and business leaders Tom has worked with over the years. I know planning an event like the LPM annual meeting is no easy task. I appreciate those who worked so hard to make it a success!”John Vece, husband of Protos Security executive Kris Vece, said, “The family tour was a great way to meet and greet with other LP spouses. Together we took a boat tour from Hilton Head Island up to old town Bluffton, where we learned about local oyster harvesting, shopped, and enjoyed a nice lunch. It was a perfect day! Thank you for including me.” Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

vKernel Helps Troubleshoot Sluggish VM Deployments

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… david strom Are your VMs not performing up to snuff? Then it might be time to take a look at a new version 3.5 of vKernel’s vOperations Suite (vOps). It is now available and comes chock full of features to help you diagnose your virtual infrastructure problems. The suite has four separate modules for analyzing performance, looking at capacity issues, a general VM optimizer and a reporting tool. It installs as a single agentless virtual appliance that collects information directly from VMware’s vCenter, and then has a centralized dashboard so you can keep track of everything. For example, you can figure out which of your ESX hosts have the most spare capacity, whether any of your VMs are running out of virtual memory or need additional virtual CPUs to handle their workload, and how many actual VMs you are currently running. Related Posts Tags:#cloud#Virtualization Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… New to v3.5 are enhanced reports that can be shared, better support for more complex VM infrastructures, better “what-if” analyses, and improved analytics. Pricing starts at $299 per socket for a single module, with the entire four-module suite available at $649 per socket. You can download a free 30-day trial at the company’s site. Subsets of the features for the VMware product (which requires at least ESX 2.5) are also available for HyperV installations. last_img read more

Tapjoy Grabs Former Sony SVP As Its Chief Marketing Officer

first_imgTags:#mobile#Mobile Ads#news Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologycenter_img Mobile advertising and marketing company Tapjoy has added a big chip to its company. The company announced today that it has hired former Sony senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network development Peter Dillie to be its chief marketing officer. Grabbing an executive of Dillie’s stature is a big win for Tapjoy and a sign of the company’s maturation. Tapjoy’s network spans over 10,000 mobile applications that has around 250 million users on iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. As Tapjoy looks to expand to Europe and Asia, Dillie will be instrumental in helping the company acquire more users, more developers and advertisers.“This is just a red hot market,” Dillie told ReadWriteMobile. “I think as far as size, it is a small company where I can really step in and make an impact.”Dillie left Sony in March, well before the hacking scandal where the PlayStation Network exposed the personal information of 70 million users to malicious hackers. He took the summer to spend time with his family including taking his son on tours of colleges. “Once you take a step back you can assess what kind of company you want to work for,” Dillie said. “There is a real close parallel (between Sony and Tapjoy) from a CRM and ARPU perspective.”Tapjoy plans on enhancing its product line to further help developers monetize their apps. That will include a video product that he describes, “will be on everyone’s go-to list when bringing and app to market.”“Peter has proven operating chops in the interactive entertainment industry and we are absolutely thrilled to bring Peter’s depth of experience to the Tapjoy team as we continue our rapid expansion,” said Mihir Shah, president and CEO of Tapjoy.Dillie’s hiring shows that Tapjoy, which has had a couple run-ins with Apple over the course of its short history over app store regulations, has turned a corner to become a mature startup. Its revenue is healthy and it has made developer partnerships in the last several months that should ensure its viability as a marketing platform. Related Posts dan rowinskilast_img read more

Combining McAfee ePO with vPro PowerShell Module

first_imgWhat if you needed to isolate a client due to a security threat event reported within McAfee ePO console?One approach is to utilize the System Defense capabilities of the Intel vPro technology.   A cmdlet within the Intel vPro PowerShell Module can enable the base System Defense filter, view the current System Defense statement, or clear all System Defense filters.Combining that capability with an Auto Response within McAfee ePO is demonstrated and explained in more detail here – read more

Remotely Unlocking Encrypted Drives using Intel vPro Technology

first_imgPeriodically the question comes up “Can I use Intel vPro Technology to remotely unlock an encrypted hard drive ?”, either because unattended encrypted systems need to be booted outside of business hours and patched or because there is a significant cost associated with IT helpdesk calls when helpdesk technicians must remotely guide end users through a recovery process if they forgot their drive encryption passphrase or PIN.Here are some available solutions for remotely unlocking encrypted drives using Intel vPro Technology…Intel Hardware KVM Technology: Using Intel AMT and a hardware KVM viewer like VNC RealVNC Viewer Plus or McAfee KVMView (part of McAfee ePO Deep Command), it is possible for an IT helpdesk technician to remotely connect to an encrypted Intel vPro system and manually enter the recovery password at the pre-boot authentication screen to unlock the encrypted drive so Windows can boot. The remote connection to the Intel vPro system can be made over a wired or wireless LAN and the system can be connected directly to the internal enterprise network or through a Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) session. The recovery password needs to have been previously escrowed to a backup database (usually done automatically as part of standard IT policy) such as Microsoft Active Directory, McAfee Managed Native Encryption (MNE) or Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) and the helpdesk technician needs access to that database. This solution is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is suitable for on-demand 1:1 type scenarios but it is not suitable for automated 1:Many type scenarios.Windows PowerShell: Using Intel AMT and Windows PowerShell it is possible to execute a PowerShell script on a central server or IT helpdesk workstation and have that script automatically retrieve previously escrowed BitLocker recovery passwords from a backup database, remotely connect to an encrypted Intel vPro system and use Serial-over-LAN (SOL) functionality to automatically input the recovery password to the pre-boot authentication screen to unlock the encrypted drive so that Windows can boot. This scripted approach automates the entire encrypted drive unlock process and can be invoked on-demand by a helpdesk operator or scheduled to run when systems need to be patched. This solution can be used with systems connected over a wired or wireless network and connected directly to the internal enterprise network or through a CIRA session. This solution is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is suitable for on-demand 1:1 type scenarios and automated 1:Many type scenarios. The video at shows an example of such a solution working. A consideration for using this with BitLocker is that when the recovery password is being automatically entered into the pre-boot authentication screen, the password is momentarily visible to the end user. If this is an issue then the recovery password could be programmatically changed as part of the IT procedure associated with unlocking systems.McAfee Drive Encryption: Using Intel AMT, McAfee ePO Deep Command and McAfee Drive Encryption (MDE) 7.X it is possible to configure MDE policies so that the MDE pre-boot authentication code automatically retrieves a disk unlock password from the centralized McAfee EPO server using a Serial-over-LAN (SOL) connection and uses this password to unlock the encrypted drive so Windows can boot. The Serial-over-LAN connection between Intel vPro systems and the McAfee EPO server can be made over a wired or wireless LAN and systems can be connected directly to the internal enterprise network or through a Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) session. MDE supports a variety of unlock policies including the ability to limit the number of consecutive unlock operations, the ability to control the times and weekdays when unlock operations are valid and the ability to configure unlock operations to operate inside our outside the enterprise network. This solution is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and is suitable for on-demand 1:1 type scenarios and automated 1:Many type scenarios. It is worth noting that this solution operates automatically with Intel vPro systems regardless of whether they require user consent or not.last_img read more

Panasonic launches HC-WX970 and HC-VX870 4K camcorders with Twin Camera function

first_imgPanasonic has just launched a range of camcorders in the Indian market. The devices, which are part of its 4K Ultra HD lineup, are the HC-WX970 and the HC-VX870. The camcorders were first announced during CES in the month of January. While the HC-WX970 is priced at Rs 84,990, the HC-VX870 is priced at Rs 74,990. One of the only difference among the two gadgets is the integrated camera attached to the flip screen on the HC-WX970. Using this, one can shoot picture-in-picture recording of footage. Although both variants will feature Twin Camera functions, the feature can be used on the HC-VX870 on connecting a smartphone to it using Wi-Fi. The devices also include a rotatable sub camera, which can be used to take two different shots at different angles.The cameras run on a Crystal Engine 4K processor and hybrid 5-axis OIS system. Also the mic on the devices are capable of recording 5.1 channel surround sound. Both devices also sport 3-inch LCD screens and are powered by a 3.6V battery. The cameras also support 4K and high speed HD images. Both cameras support AVCHD and also come with an MOS image sensor, with more pixels for HD images and High-speed readout as well as reduced Rolling Shutter distortion. Other features on the camcorders include wind shield zoom microphone, night mode, Wi-Fi with NFC and narration mode to name a few.last_img read more

5 Marketing Lessons from Harry Potter

first_img Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Since 1997, the Harry Potter books have been a big part of many of our lives. Whether you were someone who stood in line for hours to be the first to see a new movie or anxiously awaited a book release to find out if Harry Potter would finally defeat Voldemort, you have been a part of the Harry Potter revolution. But this story goes beyond a wizard in a magical world to a strategic approach that J.K. Rowling took when writing the books and marketing them.  So as the movie series comes to an end on Friday, think about the marketing lessons that can be learned from Harry Potter. 1. Develop a Strategic Approach When J.K. Rowling first started to write the Harry Potter books , she knew exactly how the characters and story were going to develop.  For years, fans asked her how the story was going to end, if Harry was going to die, if Snape had allegiance to Dumbledore or Voldemort.  She never said a word, but she told the world that she knew the answers.  As a marketer, it is important to develop a strategy.  Create goals, and execute your strategy with those goals in mind.  You will find that you will have more success with a strategic approach from the beginning until the end than you will if you just make it up as you go. 2. Viral Marketing After the phenomenon began, J.K. Rowling did not have to do much promoting. The fans took over and created many viral campaigns on her behalf talking about the excitement they had over upcoming releases.  Harry Potter is often a trending topic on Twitter, Facebook events and page are abundant and thousands of bloggers create posts on their behalf.  These promotions are more genuine because they come from the source, the fans, instead of the person who makes a profit.  In the same ways, marketers need to utilize inbound marketing to create the same buzz over their product, service or company.  Positive reviews and promotions that come straight from consumers are more valuable than content that comes from the company.  Utilize the different social media tools that are available online to create the hype that you need to be successful. 3. Multi-Channel Approach J.K. Rowling used multiple channels to reach her audience.  She recognized that her audience ranged from young children to adults, and she needed to cater to their interests.  In addition to the books and movies, she created an experience through amusement parks like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  She is now entering the social media space by creating Pottermore which will open in October.  The Harry Potter trailers reached millions of viewers on YouTube . Marketers should follow her example by using many channels to get their message out.  Different parts of your audience are more attracted through different means making it necessary to use a healthy mix of promotional tools. 4. Play Off Your Audience’s Personality After a few book releases, J.K. Rowling knew how to reach her audience.  She knew the anticipation of new books or movies, sneak previews and subtle hints made her audience go wild.  In the years to come, she used this knowledge to generate more buzz about anything relating to Harry Potter.  Marketers need to do a lot of research to understand and connect with their audience.  The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to execute your strategy.  If your audience is attracted by a certain channel, use it.  If your audience is attracted by a certain message, use it.  If your audience is attracted by a certain spokesperson, use them.  Having this knowledge about your audience puts you miles ahead of your competitors. 5. Create a Distinct Brand When you think of Harry Potter a few keywords come to mind.  They could be wizard, lightning bolt scar, Quidditch, or “the boy who lived.”  These characteristics of this book series are recognized by people who aren’t even fans. J.K. Rowling has created a distinct brand for Harry Potter that is comparable to Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola.  Marketers need to follow this lead and create specific and identifiable brands for their company or cause.  What message does your brand have?  What is your brand supposed to symbolize?  How will other people connect with your brand?  What does your brand mean to your audience? Identifying all aspects of your brand is important at the start of any campaign.What other marketing lessons can you think of from the Harry Potter series?Photo Credit: bibicall Marketing Advice Originally published Jul 12, 2011 5:00:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Topics:last_img read more