Pokemon GO has brought in $1.8 billion since launch

first_imgPokemon GO has brought in $1.8 billion since launchPokemon’s foray into augmented reality sees players spending $2 million per dayRebekah ValentineSenior Staff WriterFriday 6th July 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleNianticThough its initial launch had a visible boom and fall-off, Pokemon Go remains strong two years later. Worldwide, players spend over $2 million per day in the game, with an estimated $1.8 billion spent in the game’s lifetime.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games Intelligence firm Sensor Tower estimates that the United States is leading spending in the game at around $607 million total spent, with Japan following at $500 million.58% of total all-time revenue for Pokemon Go has been on Google Play; the remainder is through the App Store.Pokemon Go recently made a comeback over the summer, adding the long-awaited trading feature among other updates. These, likely coupled with the same seasonal traffic boost the game saw last summer helped to bring the game to its highest active player base since 2016 in May, and the success continued into June. Pokemon Go ranked 9th on the App Store’s top grossing charts for last month, bringing in approximately $70 million in global revenue. The game is still on the top 10 grossing charts across 21 countries.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Publishing & Retail newsletter and get the best of GamesIndustry.biz in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesNiantic launches Black Developers Initiative, offers funding and mentorshipPokémon Go developer continues efforts to support underrepresented Black developers in creating new AR gamesBy James Batchelor 3 months agoNiantic acquires community gaming platform MayhemSan Francisco gaming start-up to bring more social gaming experience to Pokemon Go makerBy Rebekah Valentine 4 months agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

NSTAR files with FERC for consumer protection order

first_img No posts to display Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR * Order both generating companies (affiliates of Sithe Energies and PG&E) to refund to customers all overcharges to date. Facebook “We are asking FERC to do what they have recently done in California and prevent generators from charging excessive prices to energy companies and their customers when the market is not workably competitive”, said Vaitkus. He added that during the past three years, NSTAR has spent more than $63 million adding new transmission lines, transformers and substations and increasing the capacity of several lines in Northeastern Massachusetts. He said, “We have an obligation to our customers to monitor the market and bring to the attention of regulators market inefficiencies and imperfections. As we move from a fully regulated energy market to a competitive market, there will be obstacles that regulators need to address so the market will benefit all participants.” 5.15.2001 * Limit the future prices of both generating companies during congestion periods to actual production costs. * Revoke the authority of both generating companies to charge market-based rates when energy imports from outside sources are not available. Optimizing Plant Performance: The April POWERGEN+ series activates today Vaitkus said the higher electric prices that utilities have to pay when cheaper outside power is not available are called “transmission congestion charges” and last year those charges amounted to more than $70 million in NEMA. He said that cost can be greatly reduced by FERC limiting these two local power generators to charging only their “out of pocket expense” for power sold during periods of transmission congestion. NSTAR Vice President of Energy Supply Paul Vaitkus said today’s filing claims that two generating companies, affiliates of Sithe Energies and PG&E, control almost 90 percent of electricity production in NEMA including the City of Boston. The peak demand for electricity in this area last year was about 5200 megawatts and about 3200 megawatts can be shipped into the area from other plants around New England. The NSTAR filing requests FERC to: Linkedin Vaitkus said NSTAR believes that power generators have an obligation to be fair to consumers and to refund the money they have collected above and beyond their “out of pocket expenses” during periods of transmission congestion. He estimates those refunds would be in the range of tens of millions of dollars. Twitter By chloecox – Linkedin Vaitkus said this is not the first time that NSTAR has identified inefficiencies in the relatively new wholesale market and asked FERC to take action on behalf of electrical customers. Last year when wholesale electricity prices soared to about $6000 a megawatt-hour (MWH), NSTAR obtained from FERC a temporary price cap of $1000 MWH to ensure customers would not be subjected to price gouging. He noted that the $1000 price cap was to have ended last October but remains in place as a further indication that consumers must be protected as the new market evolves. NSTAR files with FERC for consumer protection order BOSTON, Mass., May 14, 2001 — NSTAR today asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to prevent two electricity generators in the Northeastern Massachusetts Area (NEMA) from charging customers excessive rates when it is impossible to import cheaper electricity from competing plants into the region. This is the second time in less than a year that NSTAR has asked FERC to provide customer protection while a competitive electricity market continues to develop. TAGSISONE * Limit the ability of both companies to impose excessive limits on unit operations. Vistra: Texas freeze caused $1.6B negative cash flow impact * Require public disclosure of price reductions imposed by the ISO when it finds generators exercising market power (what prices were reduced, when and why). Twitter Ex-New York power market CEO named interim ERCOT CEO * Require both generating companies to divest of some generating units if the companies want to retain the ability to charge market-based rates in the future. Previous articleWhite House discloses conservation proposals from energy planNext articleCalifornia PUC allocates rate increase chloecox According to the NSTAR filing, the problem arises when transmission lines are fully loaded and customers are forced to buy more expensive power from local plants. Vaitkus said, “With two local companies controlling almost 90 percent of that supply, they have the ability to corner the market and dictate excessive prices that we and our customers believe are unjust and unreasonable.” O&Mlast_img read more

Pilot in Navy Super Hornet jet crash identified as Lt. Charles Z. Walker, 33

first_imgJack Mullins/iStock(DEATH VALLEY, Calif.) — A U.S. Navy single-seat F/A-18E fighter jet crashed on Wednesday in Death Valley, California, according to the Navy.On Friday, the pilot was identified as 33-year-old Navy Lt. Charles Z. Walker. He was killed and seven individuals on the ground suffered minor injuries, a spokesperson for Death Valley National Park said.“The pilot of the F/A-18E Super Hornet that crashed approximately 40 miles north of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Calif. on July 31 has been identified. The Super Hornet, assigned to the ‘Vigilantes’ of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 151 based at Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, California, was flown by Lt. Charles Z. Walker, 33,” said Joint Strike Fighter Wing public affairs officer, Lt. Cmdr. Lydia Bock on Friday.The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.“The NAS Lemoore aviation family is grieving the loss of one of our own,” said Capt. James Bates, Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific. “Lt. Walker was an incredible naval aviator, husband and son. He was an integral member of the Vigilante family and his absence will be keenly felt on this flight line. Our aviators understand the risk associated with this profession and they knowingly accept it in service to our nation. The untimely loss of a fellow aviator and shipmate pains us all. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.”The pilot was on a routine training mission in the area at the time of the crash, Block said.Tim Cassell, owner of the Panamint Springs Resort nearby, said he got in his truck and drove up to the crash site.“I stopped my vehicle, got out and walked over to the edge and attempted to see if I could see any large pieces of the aircraft,” Cassell said. “I was unable to see anything other than a large blackened area, some of the bushes were still on fire. And there was smoke and then debris all over the ground around me.”“The pieces of the aircraft were smaller than a dinner plate … and scattered over a large area,” he added.Patrick Taylor, a spokesperson for Death Valley National Park, said the park received a report around 10 a.m. PT from the Panamint Springs Resort that a military plane had crashed on the west side of Death Valley near Father Crowley Overlook in an area known as Star Wars Canyon.The area has been used for military training flights since the 1930s, Taylor said, and regularly attracts tourists who want to get a glimpse of military pilots in action weaving through the narrow canyon in maneuvers reminiscent of the Star Wars movie.Seven individuals on ground sustained burns, cuts and scrapes from shrapnel flying through the air when the jet crashed, according to KABC. The injuries were mostly to their backs, arms and legs as they ran away from the crash site, about 50 meters from where they were standing.The Father Crowley Overlook was temporarily closed. Emergency responders from the park, military and Inyo County were dispatched to the scene.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

QAnon, once a fringe conspiracy theory, edges into the mainstream: ‘Things could get much, much worse’

first_imgABC NewsBY: EVAN MCMURRY, JOHN KAPETANEAS, CHO PARK, EAMON MCNIFF, and JUJU CHANG, ABC News(NEW YORK) — It was a statement that shocked almost everyone watching. For a few, it was a moment a long time coming.When pressed about a baseless conspiracy theory that he is leading the charge against a global Satanic pedophilic and cannibalistic syndicate, the president of the United States appeared to approve.“If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it,” President Donald Trump said during a White House press conference in August.Trump said that he knew little of the ascending fringe movement known as QAnon.But for the multiplying number of QAnon supporters, that apparent nod from the catalytic figure of their worldview was the culminating event of three years of online theorizing, prophesying and posting.QAnon had arrived in the mainstream, exactly where its acolytes always believed it belonged.The next destination for the movement — one blamed for numerous acts of violence and deemed a potential domestic terror threat by the FBI — could be the halls of Congress.‘Regardless of how deranged it sounds’“The broad narrative of QAnon is that the world is controlled by a Satanic cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles,” Travis View, co-host of the podcast “QAnon Anonymous,” told “Nightline.”“And this cabal, they control everything,” said View, who has tracked the movement since it emerged from the labyrinths of 4Chan in 2017. “This includes the media and entertainment and politicians. QAnon followers believe that this cabal would’ve continued ruling the world indefinitely were it not for the election of Donald Trump.”The amorphous belief system has generated a wide spectrum of fictional and ludicrous beliefs based on deciphering cryptic messages believed, without any evidence, to be released online by a figure — or figures — claiming high-level clearance within the Trump administration.Any number of Democratic Party leaders and celebrities, from Hillary Clinton to Chrissy Teigen, have been imagined at the center of expansively sinister plots.Major events, from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting to the Mueller investigation to the coronavirus pandemic, have been assimilated into the increasingly sprawling theory — often, as soon as they occur.Elements of anti-vaccination beliefs, COVID-19 misinformation, anti-Semitic tropes and more have also been recruited into the roster of beliefs, inflating QAnon into a catch-all of conspiracy theories.“Q kind of encourages followers to basically believe whatever sounds most appealing to them, regardless of how deranged it sounds,” View told ABC News. “As a consequence, they run off in these wild directions.”‘We think humanity is literally at stake’QAnon first came to national attention two years ago, when a group of attendees appeared prominently in “Q” t-shirts at a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida.But the movement had already been festering in the caverns of the internet for some time.QAnon metastasized out of “Pizzagate,” a false conspiracy theory that circulated during the 2016 election, which held that prominent Democratic Party figures were running a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington, D.C.-area pizza parlor.The wildly baseless reports eventually led Edgar Maddison Welch to discharge an AR-15 assault rifle inside the restaurant, believing he was investigating the nonexistent trafficking operation hidden within.Welch was sentenced in 2017 to 48 months in prison and “Pizzagate” dissipated after the incident.Then, in October 2017, an enigmatic post appeared on the chatroom 4Chan claiming to be from a member of the Trump administration with ‘Q’-level clearance that anticipated, wrongly, the impending arrest of Hillary Clinton.Q clearance is an actual level within the U.S. Department of Energy, though that’s where the link to reality ends.Hundreds more “Q-drops” ensued as the theory incorporated the central suspicions, if not the specifics, of “Pizzagate.” Followers became convinced that a global pedophile ring was running in plain sight, and were assured that mass arrests of prominent Democrats and movie stars was imminent — prophecies that were routinely shown to be bogus.“QAnon followers believe that Q’s posts are coded information from high-level military intelligence officials close to President Trump,” View said.“So they’ve developed a lot of excuses as to why Q’s predictions always fail,” he explained. “They say, for example, misinformation is necessary or disinformation is necessary. This idea is that sometimes whenever Q gets something wrong, there is a legitimate reason they think that Q is trying to trick this global cabal that they believe that Trump and the Q Team is fighting against.”Two QAnon devotees who spoke to “Nightline” in 2018 about their involvement remain staunch advocates today, despite the grandiose predictions’ failures.“If you believe like we do, we think humanity is literally at stake here,” Melissa Dietrich, of Reading, Pennsylvania, recently told ABC News. “It’s not just about our country. It’s about, again, this global power structure that’s been in place forever.”View said that the rapid intensification of some QAnon supporters’ beliefs distinguishes them from people who may passively believe in other conspiracy theories, such as the existence of aliens at Area 51.“They’re being radicalized, in the sense that it becomes a major part of their life,” View said. “They spend so many hours, every day, obsessing over it. And it starts to detract from other areas of their life, like their family or their career.”It’s a radicalization that could trigger offline violence, according to Eric Jackson, a former FBI agent who specialized in terrorism.“If you look at their actions from the time of them expressing their feelings to the time of their action, it can be a very short period,” he said.‘Things could get much, much worse’In 2018, Matthew Wright blocked a highway atop the Hoover Dam and demanded the release of a report from the Office of the Inspector General, a common QAnon battle cry at the time.Armed with a small arsenal, Wright led state troopers on an extended chase before he was apprehended. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to multiple charges, including making a terroristic threat.This real-world act of violence perpetrated in connection with QAnon was one of several cited by the FBI in a 2019 bulletin saying the group was a potential domestic terror threat.It wouldn’t be the last time QAnon was tied to mayhem.In 2019, purported Gambino family boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali was gunned down at his Staten Island, New York, home in what initially appeared to be the beginnings of a mob war. Then, the story took a bizarre, QAnon-related twist.According to court documents, murder suspect Anthony Comello was a QAnon follower who thought he was striking against the “Deep State,” with the protection of the president.During an extradition hearing in March 2019, Comello displayed ink scribblings on his hand, including a large “Q” in the middle of his palm.Commello, who is awaiting trial, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.Some QAnon followers have recently begun targeting Child Protective Services and the foster care system, believing the agencies to be a “front” for child trafficking operations.At least three parents who are allegedly QAnon supporters are facing charges for attempting to take their children from their legal guardians.One of those parents, Alpalus Slyman, gathered his five children into his car after allegedly throwing their mother from the vehicle, believing her to be involved in child sex trafficking. He livestreamed the ensuing police chase on Facebook.“If you truly believe that they are truly doing these Satanic evil things in pools, underground, and raping babies, and Pizzagate … all of this is real … that’s not a conspiracy theory,” Slyman said on Facebook. “Because once the facts are out — that’s not just a theory — that’s a fact.”When Slyman’s daughter tried to commandeer the wheel from him, he appealed to Trump and QAnon, shouting, “Donald Trump, I need a miracle or something. Somebody, QAnon, help me.”“It’s a movement that has inspired some of its followers to commit really egregious criminal actions, including acts of terrorism, kidnapping and vehicular assault,” said Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch, which monitors extremist groups.“So Trump’s statements about QAnon, speaking favorably of them, I fear, as having watched this for so long, is incredibly dangerous,” Holt warned. “This is something that I believe should be nipped in the bud as fast as possible and condemned. Otherwise things could get much, much worse from here.”“Their ideology and their rhetoric are becoming more violent,” said Jackson, who feared QAnon may be inspiring lone wolf terrorists to commit attacks.“Where QAnon may be a foundation for those types of individuals … they’re operating beneath the radar,” he said. “They’re using social media to gather their ideology.”‘The potential to lead to offline harm’Social media companies have — belatedly — begun taking action.Twitter cracked down in July on accounts and hashtags related to QAnon, citing an uptick in terms of service violations by supporters, especially concerning “behavior that has the potential to lead to offline harm.” TikTok took similar action less than one week later.Facebook, a nexus for QAnon supporters, followed suit in August, removing nearly 1,000 pages and significantly curtailing the reach of thousands of pages, groups and Instagram accounts.Facebook characterized the effort as part of an expansion of its “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy” to cover “organizations and movements that have demonstrated significant risks to public safety but do not meet the rigorous criteria to be designated as a dangerous organization.”All three companies significantly lagged behind Reddit, which deplatformed QAnon in fall of 2018. Many worry these recent moves are too little, too late.Researcher Marc-André Argentino, a PhD candidate at Concordia University focused on technology and extremist groups, told ABC News last month that QAnon-associated Facebook pages and groups exploded this year, boasting a 651% increase since March as groups allied with the conspiracy theory jumped from just over 200,000 members to 1.7 million.Despite the platforms’ crackdown, followers were recently able to infiltrate #SavetheChildren, a non-QAnon related hashtag, according to NBC News, raising concerns that social media users could be interacting with QAnon content without realizing it.‘Q is the information’Having vaulted from the depths of 4Chan to the heights of the White House briefing room, QAnon now looks poised to enter the machinery of U.S. politics.Nineteen QAnon-supporting congressional candidates are on the ballot this year, according to a tally from the left-leaning research group Media Matters.And while few are favored to prevail in their general elections, at least two candidates tied to the theory have a strong chance of being sworn in next January.The likeliest is Marjorie Taylor Greene, who recently won the runoff for the Republican primary in Georgia’s 14th congressional district, despite a history of praising QAnon and other conspiracy theories and her espousal of a litany of racist, anti-Semitic and Islamaphobic views.In a video originally posted to Facebook and later reposted to YouTube, Greene called the poster behind the “Q-drops” a “patriot,” and claimed “he’s on the same page as us and he is very pro-Trump.”“Now, he appears to have connections at the highest level,” she continued. “It’s not just someone poking in the dark, messing with people. He seems to be very high up. He seems to be very close to President Trump.”Fellow Republicans distanced themselves from Greene during the runoff. But following her victory, Greene earned an endorsement from President Trump, who tweeted that she was a “future Republican Star … a real WINNER!”Pressed at a subsequent briefing about her QAnon statements, the president again praised Greene but sidestepped comment on the theory.NEW: Asked about his praise of QAnon-embracing candidate who won GOP runoff in Georgia, Pres. Trump says Marjorie Taylor Greene “did very well in the election” and “had a tremendous victory,” but does not comment on the fringe conspiracy theory. https://t.co/ihohIMxeWK pic.twitter.com/nbtG85hl5c— ABC News (@ABC) August 14, 2020Greene, who is expected to easily defeat her Democratic opponent in the solidly red district in November, has since walked back her support of the theory, telling Fox News that “once I started finding misinformation, I decided that I would choose another path.”‘We want to make sense of the world’If scattered Republican candidates have dabbled in the theory, it may be because the leader of their party has flirted with it for years.President Trump has retweeted dozens of QAnon-tied accounts, tweets and hash tags, with the first coming early on in the movement’s development in the fall of 2017. It’s a pattern of behavior at odds with his comment at the now-infamous press conference that he knew little of the group.For a movement built around Trump as a savior-like figure, his refusal to disavow the theory appears to be a rallying cry for some, like Mike Cargile, a long-shot California congressional candidate.“The president’s very deliberate, very exact, in what he says because he knows everything he says is getting scrutinized to the Nth degree,” Cargile told ABC News’ Juju Chang. “So when he makes little statements, little overtures, little retweets that seem to affirm something, I’d believe it.”Cargile said he began investigating the theory because “I feel my responsibility as a congressional candidate is to know everything.”“I give the allegation credibility. I don’t know if this is true or not,” Cargile told Chang. “So I started checking into it and a lot of it I agreed with. And there are some fringe elements I don’t agree with.”While sex trafficking does exist, Chang pressed Cargile on whether he believed, despite lack of evidence, that “there is a deep state conspiracy that is trafficking in these young children.”“I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this exists,” Cargile responded.“I’m a very average human being,” he said. “And I think I have hundreds of millions of people out there like me who just want the world to make sense, and we want to make sense of the world around us.”ABC News’ Chris Francescani contributed to this report.Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

9 things to watch at Tory conference

first_imgOne of the most well-known think tanks, Policy Exchange, is hosting Business Secretary Greg Clark.If you can get an invitation to the Sky party you are in a minority. It is a sought-after ticket.London Lounge will host a live band for its karaoke night — an event always well-frequented by journalists and ministers alike.9. Staying healthyFootballers from the traveling press pack played the Conservatives in their annual match Sunday morning at Manchester City’s ground. Journalists beat the Tory team 2-1. Also On POLITICO Boris Johnson draws red lines for Brexit talks By Bjarke Smith-Meyer Theresa May leans toward Hammond over Boris By Tom McTague Owen Jones, the left-wing commentator, will speak at two fringe events, including on how the Conservative Party should tackle intergenerational unfairness Sunday at 4:15 p.m.Labour donor John Mills, the chairman of Labour Leave, will speak about Brexit Britain at 12:45 p.m. Monday.8. PartiesBeing seen at parties is crucial. The best ones are invitation-only and the time and date is always kept a closely guarded secret by those on the guest lists.The Premier League held beer and football drinks Sunday afternoon.The Conservative Home website and 1922 committee joint party on Sunday was very well-attended by ministers and party officials and the assembled crowd sang happy birthday to the prime minister.You are most likely to find yourself rubbing shoulders with cabinet ministers at Tuesday’s Spectator party, thrown by the right-leaning political magazine. She must win over two audiences — voters she needs to turn into Conservatives to win back her majority, but, more importantly in the short term, activists and MPs uncertain she is the woman to lead either the party or the country.Her rival leadership contenders will also be trying their hand winning over the conference crowd.Chancellor Philip Hammond speaks Monday morning, and Tuesday afternoon Brexit Secretary David Davis takes to the stage.But it will be the reaction to Boris Johnson that will be most telling — a man with adoring grassroots fans and always a big draw for activists, the foreign secretary will find out if his recent Brexit vision shenanigans have sent him from hero to zero or vice versa towards the end of the day Tuesday.2. Set the narrativeThe party conference got off to a bad start with Sunday newspapers questioning May’s future as leader.The Sunday Times reported Johnson believes she will be gone within a year and plans to have another run for leadership. May gave a shaky performance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, laughing nervously when asked if her foreign secretary was un-sackable. It is not the start her aides wanted, and makes this week much harder for her. May’s team were desperate to put policy back on the agenda, but a promise on tuition fees and more money to help struggling youngsters onto the property ladder was largely overshadowed by internal party disputes.If May can return to front page reports of her policy agenda — good or bad — it will be a sign she’s salvaged a steady week.3. Follow the leader?Disloyalty in the fringes at the Conservative Party conference in 2003 hurt former leader Iain Duncan Smith, who was forced to resign shortly afterwards, said a veteran Tory activist, who did not want to be named.”I am not convinced we will get through this conference without someone down the line saying negative stuff about Theresa May [on the fringe of the conference],” he said.Here are a few fringe events to keep your eye on.Arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, who found himself at the center of leadership speculation over the summer, is already proving to be a big draw, and May’s team will be watching what he says and how activists react. There were huge queues when he appeared at a fringe event Sunday afternoon. He has already made headlines suggesting  “time will tell” if May will lead the party into the next election. 4. Backbench barometerChairman of the 1922 committee Graham Brady — who represents the party’s backbench MPs — is a good barometer of opinion. On Sunday he delivered a message to Boris Johnson (through the BBC’s Westminster Hour) that Conservatives “need to pull together and make sure [they] deliver.”5. Conference for Brexit boffins There is no shortage of sessions that might take the fancy of those seeking to understand more about Brexit at this year’s conference. These will provide important clues about how united the party is on Brexit as the positions of ministers and other influential Tories come under the microscope.Brexit minister and prominent Brexiteer Steve Baker is down to speak at “Brexit — the path ahead for the United Kingdom” Monday at 12:45 p.m. He is an influential figure in the party as former chair of a Euroskeptic group of backbench MPs and is still closely in touch with the most ardent Brexiteers on the backbenches. His loyalty to May is crucial for her survival.Look out for clues about how May will get on with pushing Brexit legislation through the House of Commons from comments on the fringes conference from Brexit rebels.Monday at 12:45 p.m. former Attorney General Dominic Grieve will chair a discussion on how others see Brexit with Tory Antoinette Sandbach and Detlef Seif, a German MP.At a fringe event Sunday, Grieve did not pull his punches, warning colleagues Brexit would not just happen of its own accord, and would not be without hiccups. He said Conservatives were at risk of being seen as delivering plenty of “unquiet government and a lot of strident noise.”center_img LONDON — Theresa May faces her biggest test since her botched snap general election campaign as she meets party members at the Conservatives’ annual conference in Manchester this week. Discipline will be in short supply as unruly cabinet ministers, backbench MPs and grassroots activists debate, meet and plot at alcohol-fueled parties, watched closely by the media.Here is what to look out for at the rest of this year’s Tory gathering — whether you’re in Manchester or watching from afar.1. Play to the crowdThe prime minister’s biggest moment will come on Wednesday when she rounds off conference with her keynote speech in the main hall at 12:30 p.m. local time. The reaction both from activists doorstepped by television crews as they emerge and from her cabinet ministers will be crucial. One of the Tory’s most outspoken soft-Brexit advocates, former Business Minister Anna Soubry and Iain Duncan-Smith, former department for work and pensions minister, have been invited to discuss whether Brexit is bringing the party together Tuesday at 5:45 p.m. Soubry will also talk about what Britain’s immigration system should look like post-Brexit Monday at 5:45 p.m.Nicky Morgan, Treasury select committee chairperson, will discuss what has gone wrong with Conservative campaigning Monday at noon.6. Grassroots love?May will be seeking face to face time with as many activists as possible — and she has a lot to do to convince them. She will be trying to get to as many receptions for party foot soldiers as possible. But will it be enough?”We think she should probably go to our bedrooms, turn down the sheets and put a chocolate on our pillow,” one activist said. “I think Theresa has a lot of work to do convincing the members that she is in charge and that she is the right person for the job.”The test will come Wednesday when they react to her speech closing conference.7. ImpostersThere are always non-Tories who speak on panels at party conference, but how Conservatives sitting alongside them react will be telling. And there’s more of him to come. He will discuss the threat to Brexit at 4 p.m. Monday and whether the Conservative Party is still economically liberal at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. His tone will be crucial in judging whether May still has the hard-Brexit wing of her party on-side.Michael Gove was still in the bad books of many in the party last year after his post-referendum Boris betrayal when he backed out of supporting the foreign secretary to become leader in order to run himself.He remained loyal to the prime minister during a live TalkRadio debate Sunday. Early birds can see him at a Brexit breakfast at 8:15 a.m. Monday, while those who favor a lie-in can see him at an Open Europe “in conversation” at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday.Gove owes the prime minister after she brought him back into government. If he starts speaking out of turn, things are very bad for May.Tory “thinker” George Freeman — who organized a recent Tory festival of ideas — will be active on the party conference fringe and is speaking at 12 events. On Monday he debates whether Conservative Britain is for the over-65s only. A key policy man, he is largely loyal to the prime minister and part of the moderate 2010 intake. He is unlikely to put the boot in, unless things are looking really bad.We will no doubt learn more about Scottish leader Ruth Davidson this week. She is the star billing for two events Monday: She will be chatting to the editor of Times Red Box email Matt Chorley at 1 p.m. and will be in conversation with journalist-turned-Social Market Foundation chairman James Kirkup at 7:30 p.m.last_img read more

Bernadette Peters Fandom & More Learnings from Hello, Dolly!’s Victor Garber on Show People

first_imgAfter steering clear of performing in musicals for over a decade, Victor Garber is back on the Great White Way alongside Bernadette Peters in the hottest ticket in town. Currently making classic musical theater magic as the delightful curmudgeon Horace Vandergelder in Hello, Dolly!, Garber has won fans on both the stage and screen throughout his extensive career. Here’s what we learned from the incredible talent as he looked back on the Sugar Shoppe, Sweeney Todd, Assassins, Annie with Audra McDonald, Titanic and more on this week’s Show People with Paul Wontorek. Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 25, 2018 Related Shows View Comments Other must-read highlights:ON THE NEW STACHE“I wanted a period look. I’m sort of used to the mustache now. I kind of like it. It might last a little longer than the show. Though, every time I eat something, I now feel like I’m eating my mustache. I think, ‘Is there hair in my mouth? Yes, it’s my mustache.’”ON OVERCOMING SINGING FEARS“I’m singing again. I had sort of given up on singing completely. I just felt like I lost the ability to really sing the way I could hear myself. I couldn’t do it anymore. And then the great Joan Lader brought me back to Earth. I’m much better, and I feel much more confident.”ON HIS FANCY TALK SHOW HOST MOM“Her show was called At Home with Hope Garber. She was one of the worst housekeepers ever, admittedly so. Her cooking and cleaning sessions on the set were magnificent. She was a very glamorous and talented woman who was ahead of her time. She used to be a band singer before I was born. She continued to sing well into her later life. She was a celebrity. I grew up with her shining in our house.”ON COMING TO NEW YORK FOR THE FIRST TIME“It was for the Sugar Shoppe, to do Ed Sullivan. We stayed at the Edison Hotel, and I was afraid to leave the room. I was so scared. But then I fell in love with New York.”ON STEPHEN SONDHEIM DREAMS“Stephen Sondheim was one of the reasons that I came to New York. I would listen to Anyone Can Whistle in Toronto and would say to myself, ‘One day, I am going to meet him and work with him.’ Who knew?”ON USING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE GREATER GOOD“I have some problems with it, so I just don’t participate. I’m not on Facebook. I do have an Instagram account that I keep forgetting I have. But I use it to promote Type 1 Diabetes which I am and Alzheimer’s, which my parents had. I’m for causes and for raising awareness and money. Occasionally, I’ll post a picture that I think people would like. Of course, I talk about things that are meaningful to me. But my personal life is my personal life.”ON HIS ECLECTIC CAREER“My career is all over the map, and that’s, frankly, the most gratifying thing for me as an actor because I just set out to do as many different things as I could do. I love that that’s the way it is. My intention is just to find great roles and work with great people, and so far, I’ve been really lucky.”Watch the full episode of Show People with Paul Wontorek below! Victor Garber 1. HE’S JUST AS MUCH OF A BERNADETTE PETERS SUPER FAN AS YOU ARE“I’ve been a complete gushing fan for years, so this has been a dream for me to work with her in this capacity. She’s just remarkable to be on stage with. My role as an actor is to have chemistry with everybody—sometimes it’s more acting than not. With Bernadette, it was instant. In rehearsal, I just fell in love with her. It was so easy because she’s a remarkable person, an extraordinary talent and so generous. She never stops working to make something better. She’s still talking about moments that I’ve said, ‘It’s great! What are you talking about? It’s fine! Don’t worry about it!’ In the show as well, Dolly dictates everything even though Horace thinks he’s running the show. She is running everything. It’s so easy to look at her and say, ‘Wonderful woman’ because every night, I’m just amazed with what she does.”center_img 2. HE ONCE SKIPPED CLASS TO CATCH BABS ON HIS FAVE DAYTIME TALK SHOW“I once stayed home from school for a week because Barbra Streisand was on. Mike Douglas used to have guests on for a week. I was like, ‘I’m not leaving this room!’ because I was just obsessed with her, like everybody was.” Star Files Interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.Did you know Show People is available as a podcast? Listen to your favorite stars talk Broadway and beyond on your way to work, the gym, the theater and more on iTunes and Spotify. 3. HE KNEW SOMETHING DIVINE WAS BREWING DURING GODSPELL“I was cast as Jesus, and it was Marty Short and Gilda Radner and Andrea Martin and Eugene Levy and Paul Shaffer was the musical director, people I’m still very close to. It was just a bunch of nutty kids. I remember thinking at the time that I was surrounded by some extraordinarily talented and funny people. I mean, Gilda Radner—before she was Gilda Radner, she was this hilarious girl. You realized, ‘Oh, this is special.’” Hello, Dolly!last_img read more

La Fausto Coppi joins new Campionissimi delle Granfondo initiative in Italy

first_imgThe International gran fondo La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio will be part of a new challenge, created by ciclocircuiti.it, which celebrates pro cycling icons such as Coppi, Merckx and Gimondi. Starting in 2020, the event in Cuneo, in northwest Italy, is joining the new three-event ‘Campionissimi delle Granfondo’ circuit (Great Champions of the Granfondo).The La Fausto Coppi event team noted that the event has.. ‘gladly joined the project, which aims to reward not agonism, but the spirit of participation… In fact, there is no final classification; to reward the feat of those who will finish the long stages of the competitions, a celebrative garment will be assigned.’To participate in the Campionissimi delle Granfondo initiative, riders activate a subscription to the challenge. This offers a discount in comparison to the sum of the individual entries. By activating three event registrations through the ciclocircuiti.it website, riders pay a total of €100. This triggers a saving of €50, given that the average registration fee for a single event is €50.In order to complete the three-event challenge, only the longest route of the three events will be taken into consideration. With its 4,125m elevation, La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio is the toughest event of the circuit, which adds Alpine scenery to the other two events.Campionissimi delle Granfondo events10 May 2020 – Gimondi in Bergamo7 June 2020 – Alé La Merckx in Verona28 June 2020 – La Fausto Coppi in Cuneowww.ciclocircuiti.itwww.faustocoppi.net Relatedlast_img read more

Willow Ridge West senior living project gets excise tax abatement from Shawnee city council

first_imgA rendering of the proposed Calamar Willow Ridge senior living facility.By Jerry LaMartinaThe Shawnee City Council approved the final plat and an excise tax abatement for Willow Ridge West, a subdivision of the Calamar Willow Ridge project in the 7200 block of Silverheel Street.The council approved the final plat as part of its consent agenda and unanimously approved the excise tax abatement as part of its public items for consideration at its Monday night meeting. The council had approved rezoning and a preliminary development plan for the proposed $15 million, 132-unit senior independent living housing development at its Oct. 23 meeting.The estimated excise tax for the development is nearly $83,900, according to the Planning Commission’s Nov. 6 meeting minutes.The developer, Calamar Enterprises, proposes to build a 150,282-square-foot, three-story building on a 6.93-acre lot, with roughly 1.6 additional acres for storm water detention and another 2.6-acre undeveloped lot that the developer expects will be rezoned and developed with an office or commercial use at some time in the future.The independent living, age-restricted senior apartment building would include a mix of market-rate units: one-bedroom, two bedrooms with one bathroom, and two-bedrooms with one and a half bathrooms. Rents would range from about $950 to about $1,250.The units would range from 638 square feet to 889 square feet. Each unit would have appliances, including a washer and dryer; a kitchen pantry; big closets; individually controlled HVAC systems; and a personal patio or balcony.The company expects to start construction soon, after obtaining all necessary approvals, and complete the project by late 2018.At its Oct. 2 meeting, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the council approve the rezoning request and the preliminary development plan for the project. According to the meeting’s minutes, the property had been identified since 2011 as a potential location for multifamily development, despite that the city’s land-use guide, part of its comprehensive plan, had categorized it as appropriate for office and commercial uses.Earlier versions of the land-use guide had said the site was appropriate for high-density residential use.The city recently revised its comprehensive plan to increase allowed density for senior living facilities. It defines medium-density residential as 5.01 to 10 dwelling units per acre. A senior living facility may have a density as high as 21.78 dwelling units per acre. As proposed, Calamar Willow Ridge would have 17.5 dwelling units per acre.“This location provides a good transition between K-7 Highway and the less dense multi-family residential uses within the Willow Ridge subdivision to the east,” according to the meeting’s minutes.Calamar is a real estate company with construction, development, property management and finance and investment divisions for commercial and large-scale residential properties in the Northeast and Midwest. The company is based in Wheatfield, N.Y., and has offices in Omaha; Boston; Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario; and Toronto.last_img read more

Citing lack of interest, developer drops plans for new hotel on Shawnee Mission Parkway

first_imgThe developer behind the Metcalf Crossing project said it will not pursue a hotel on the site.The developer behind the Metcalf Crossing project that will replace the blighted Ramada Inn and Knights Inn at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Metcalf told the Overland Park Planning Commission Monday that they had not been able to find a new hotel operator for the site.Attorney Korb Maxwell speaking on behalf of developer Sky Real Estate said that after considerable effort, the company had determined that it was best to abandon the initial plans to include a new hotel as part of the redevelopment project.“We thought that this was a hotel site. We went out and we had early indication from some of the hotel chains and franchisees and franchisors out there that this could work for a hotel site,” Maxwell told the planning commission. “But after substantial work by Wes Grammer, the developer for the site, and working every one of the significant hotel chains, and many different franchisees, we could not come to a hotel deal.”Instead, Sky has submitted a new preliminary site plan for the 5 acres of land that includes a single story office building on the western portion of the property where the hotel had initially be envisioned. Here’s an elevation drawing of that proposed building that was included in Monday’s commission packet:Maxwell said the developer did not have a confirmed use or tenant for the new office building yet, but that they felt it was important to move on from the hotel concept.The Ramada and Knights Inn had long been a point of contention for the surrounding homeowners and city officials, who witnessed the properties become the subject of frequent calls to the police to respond to crimes.“The single greatest concern I think this commission heard, the council heard, from the neighbors and others as we were in this process was they were concerned about the hotel,” Maxwell said. “Because they wanted it to be a hotel of quality given what the hotels that have been there did to their quality of life for so many years.”The updated plans submitted Monday also included a change to the planned self storage facility on the site, which will now include a basement.Sky’s initial timeline for the project suggested the self storage facility would be completed by the end of 2020.last_img read more

Metsger releases budget remarks

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Heather AndersonThank you Chairman Matz.  I want to begin by expressing my appreciation to OCFO Director Mary Anne Woodson for her dedicated service to this agency.While I know she leaves us in very capable hands, we will miss her both personally and professionally.I have been constantly amazed at Mary Ann’s command of detail and her ability to understand both the big picture and the individual line items of our budget. continue reading »last_img read more