Electricity supplier operators change from traffic to the community, mobile providers in the rise


I world network operators review electricity supplier in this four years, we found that the electricity supplier is fast slow trend, return to this change is essentially operation. When it comes to operations, the founder of the pocket white crow often says, "go to consumers, stay with them, and be friends with them."". This idea seems simple, but many enterprises do not, with the mobile Internet, had increasingly concentrated electricity providers also have a new opportunity to contact of the mobile network to contact the consumer, brand building.

text / pocket founder, white crow


China’s electricity supplier development has been ten years, the beginning is to help consumers find low-priced and more commonly difficult to buy goods, in such an opportunity, began to rise rapidly.

first round of electricity providers are centralized, from multiple platforms / independent B2C, gradually focused on Taobao / Tmall / Jingdong and other large platforms. Businesses have almost one platform to play, that is, the mall model. Whether it is Tmall, taobao.com, Jingdong, vip.com or Amazon mall, shop No. 1, almost all is such a model, in the mall on the platform, although there are amazing traffic, but each play on sellers are unable to control traffic, it is difficult to control their own destiny.

with the first wave of electricity providers gradually occupy the market, some new trend is starting up, for example, now a sudden increase in the several retail platform and mode, instantly entered a new inflection point, or second climax – mobile community electricity supplier. Although the mobile community electricity supplier is still in the bud, but on the Internet, and the electricity supplier brand rise, never fight is speed faster, who is the first to seize the market, seize the terminal users, who can take the initiative.

, when the second round of electricity supplier reform is under way, the big platform still plays an important role, "low-priced" + "long tail" products of comparative shopping still occupy the main share. But relying on the electricity supplier platform, such as the existing Taobao Tmall, the platform or the flow of information, such as micro-blog, WeChat brand stores, businesses will become a powerful strength, this is mainly due to the electricity supplier, payment, logistics, credit mechanism environment and mature, consumer shopping psychology matures and gradually formed a brand of "circle", and "tribal" consumer demand, rather than blindly pursue low-cost products.

for sellers, with the increase in the platform, with the outbreak of fan economy, you may suddenly find that businesses also have the possibility of self-control customers and traffic.

from buying traffic to finding customers,

marketing costs more expensive, customers demand more and more personalized, whether it is based on the view of marketing, or to grasp the consumer demand perspective, or to deal with future trends based on the flexible supply chain, we need to establish communication channels to rely on customers to improve, to keep customers and traffic control, at least in part control.


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