By making good use of the product, WeChat’s zombie relationship may no longer make you anxious

in order to alleviate the "zombie relationship" caused by psychological disorders or to more actively into zombies relationship ties, smart users will be more attention to share their information and choose which content sharing has become strict and careful, to share content will be carefully considered.


note: there is a relationship on WeChat, called silent "zombie relationship". After this article was released, it caused a lot of people’s sympathy, discussion and forwarding. Author Chang Ning said "this let me not, for any stage of the Internet, perhaps the social network for users is a double-edged sword, which brings convenient communication, it allows users to fall into the whirlpool of information overload -" zombie relationship "is the best example. Changning of "zombie" issues and new thinking: "zombie relationship" on the WeChat platform flow of information content and the user itself means what? Deep thinking media [] long weekend to Ti:

"zombie relationship" may really touch our pain point, but also gives us a whole day to face the WeChat circle of friends anxiety, lack of strength and other emotions provide some explanation. Perhaps many people will begin to count their circle of friends, so that those who do not have the intersection of "zombie relationship" forever sleep.

however, as WeChat has become the work and occupation, social marketing, promotion and other hodgepodge platform, based on our interests demand and the establishment of temporary social relations will be more and more, this also means that the potential of "zombie" will be more and more, and we will therefore feel more tired and loneliness.

however, I thought of "zombie" did not stop at this, but more and more curious about what kind of relationship will be and how that translates into "zombie"? What will happen in the link? "Zombie" flow on content, WeChat platform user information itself will bring what

?How does "

" and "zombie relationship" come into being? Temporary social relations change; in the process of information sharing, "

" on the same stageThe

has been analyzed in detail, because of the job, occupation, social marketing and other reasons and set up temporary social relationships, most likely to become a "zombie", the main reason is the lack of power exchanges between the two sides.

, however, this "zombie relationship" is not absolute. As long as conditions change, it can still be a close social relationship. Temporary social relationships translate into more interactive relationships, about three conditions: real face-to-face interaction; uninterrupted communication on the WeChat platform; increased understanding; finding empathy with others. If it is difficult to do these three, then this temporary relationship can easily become a zombie relationship". It can be said that there are many problems that are difficult to break through in the direct communication and communication between WeChat and other parties. With each other’s ignorance, there is less interaction between the two sides in the circle of friends

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