Eight principles to improve the click rate of AdSense

how to improve the click rate of AdSense, mainly in the following principles:

1. how to make AdWords better match the content of the web page, not too many keywords, more accurate confirmation of the site keywords, better match, can get higher click through rate.

How does

2. know what tourists want most and, similarly, better hits for content?.

3. how many AdWords ads are showing on your website?. When only one or two AdWords shows, our click rate is down. So, one more display means more than one point, and the appropriate AdWords shows that it is more likely to bring one point of income to.

The choice of

4. format is also the most important, saying that banner formats are the most profitable, often the worst.

5. website content quality, content quality is bad, may let your website reduced by half, visitors even see AdWords all ignore, it will most likely reduce your click through rate.

The position of

6.AdWords advertising, the partial avoidance position, so that customers can not see, thereby reducing your click rate.

7. website appearance is concise and obvious, to the customer to leave a good feeling, with good AdWords in content, the effect is best.

8. site layout, a large amount of white space around AdWords is easier to attract eyeballs, and easier to increase your click through rate.

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