Analysis of the forum website to improve traffic three factors

forum webmaster all know, determine the number and popularity forum website success and the first standard is whether the members of the forum, a popular forum for the forum can not only bring in the original content, a large number of rich web content, but also improve the website weight, bring good rankings for the key words. No forum webmaster do not want their BBS has thousands of day IP, tens of thousands of members (except vest). Because as long as there is a certain flow of Web sites, light advertising can bring their own good income.

but many forums are unable to get into the virtuous circle of popular popularity because of lack of resources, lack of content and so on. Just imagine, visitors enter the new contact forum, what is the most likely factor to attract tourists to enter the registration? Of course is a popular forum and content, but as a new forum website how to attract tourists to come in, registered as a member? The following is my personal point of this summary, a total of three aspects from the website, content, resources and activities of the forum, hope to still worry webmaster help.

1. Prepare abundant and sufficient forum resources to inject fresh blood into the website

once had an old stationmaster to tell me, the website that builds a forum needs fresh abundant resource, otherwise do not throw into the bosom of forum website. Because fresh resources are the best food, to attract members of the imagine a completely not the content of the forum who will go there? We go to the forum is not to seek a can obtain resources to share the experience of the platform? If there is no such resources to lay a good forum for the early foundation, to do a good job is a forum impossible. These resources include forum can supply updated daily post, although these can be obtained through the method of collection, but this will only lead to the content of the website, easy to search engine to find which appears to be down the right punishment, this is the long-term development of the forum is very unfavorable. Therefore, in the early days of building the forum, we should prepare enough fresh content for the website to update and get the favor of the tourists.

two, rich forum content, put an end to rubbish placard,

when attracted some tourists registered members of the forum, I believe the scale will gradually grow, so this time we should pay attention to, many people without rules is easy to go wrong, just like the bustling street will leave a lot of junk, the forum also need to keep clean. Although the website content will be conducive to the emergence of a large number of search engines, but spam will only make the user experience straight down, in the long run, see the contents of the membership will be more offensive, to finally give up your web site. It is not because the site up and stop maintenance, to intensify the crackdown on spam, crackdown on garbage stickers is also very simple, specify the relevant provisions, such as: the prohibition of pure advertising, the title of the party, pure chain posts, then recruit related management personnel to take care of.

three, regularly carry out forum activities, to drive the forum atmosphere