A story from a network administrator to a webmaster

‘s story from a webmaster to a webmaster

in the winter of 2006, to give up warm campus. Regardless of parents, teachers, classmates strongly opposed, I left the key high school. The ideal only to find their own heart at that time. As for reading, reading to those friends, I will be more than they read, can contribute to the society!

a time did not know what to do, stay at home to spend the winter. Every day is my game and machine Taiwan 1 with Yang! Find myself more and love computers. Every day to learn computer knowledge, to three or four in the middle of the night is still on the network shopping.

at the beginning of 2007, boring I decided to go outside to enter ideas. Their ideas with parents said. Dad quite opposed. Two of us had a fierce quarrel. Earn first and dad quarrel so much. Self determined, unshakable. Sister in Zhejiang to go to a the phone, that the day after tomorrow to Zhejiang where she was to play.

second days, with only a few hundred dollars, go to the bus station. The mother in the back came to give me the money. I don’t say what I said, I have enough money. My mom said a few words, eyes were red, suddenly nose suddenly brimming with good acid! With tears. She said: " mom, you go back, the car is going to leave, I will take good care of yourself, you will take good care of yourself!

When the

car, I was always low head. Usually I also secretly. The drop a few drops of tears!

the train quickly took me to another city. I came to a place to live, take the rest of the day. Sister to go to work every day, every day can not play with me, I just want to spend some time in the first time, sister here, anyway I haven’t met her! And then find a job


the sun still rises from the East, the morning to prepare breakfast for my sister, he went to work, I get up after breakfast, so boring to open the computer. The QQ sign up. Oh, I’m sorry, QQ four or five people online. One name attracted me, let me talk to her a few one day


, the first word I sent was "hello". The other party answered: "do you understand the computer? I need the network management here.


I did not know at the time the network is what she asked, the other said: usually some small computer fault, the basic problems encountered in the guest online can help solve it. One thousand yuan per month, the canal eats! I usually love the computer, quickly agreed to ask from the address down! My sister is not far away from here. It is probably the train for more than an hour. At night I go home with her sister. After that, the support she said to me, you go, but what is difficult to say to call my own sister immediately. So be careful for a few hours of


got up early in the morning on the second day. The same thing, she told me that I’d better go to work. I walked out of the door