How can build a good website

site is a long time I think the problem, but has not knowing what to do, because now learning network marketing need to do so, before the idea was again submitted, after and during the Olympic Games in July 20th all the space can not be sold and other reasons, do today bought a I get more and more space now want to make a website. But do not want to do what kind of game do what what, I’m not that kind of person, must learn to have a good positioning and analysis can be. Therefore, I have made the following summary. If you have any good suggestions, please contact the author website for promotion)

first of all, before making a website, I first analyze myself, I was learning website development, born, said that website development is actually that, and now even a web site can not do it. Can only be said to be half a web developer. If possible, half a 1/2 would be more specific. After studying the website for a year, I am now learning Internet marketing, and just getting started, only more than a month, fur knowledge to know a little. In other words, I don’t know much about the technology now, and I don’t know much about Internet marketing. In my words, that’s a waste. Hey, say waste, but I really do not, I have a website before (, that is looking for someone to do in 2007, and do is to buy products, the effect is not bad, earn some living expenses. So this site became one of the main reasons why I entered online marketing, but I was studying website major, so the reason was postponed for one year. But today, I feel uncomfortable in the continuation of that site. Why? Because I feel like I’m still a student now. I can’t think of money when I’m doing a website. It’s too boring. (estimated to be when students when, a little aloof) so I checked some data to think about the types of web site.

do Internet technology on the web site, there is no excellent technology is not dry, because they do not have the strength, and no confidence, I this 1/4 site developers forget it. If a website experience exchange websites or forums, oh, I am learning to coincide, well, look at that thing or not, competition is too big, and they are my fellow senior figures. Besides, no team can’t do it at all. Do a car industry information, or building materials information website, hey, I do not understand that line, and that East feels too much trouble, not suitable for their own, give up. Is the entertainment website very hot now? It’s good to be a good site. Well, the investment in the early stage is a bit too big to do so. Here, let me first explain, ah, I am now a student child, the economic conditions are limited, available for my disposal of cash only 101 yuan (space 100 yuan, +1 yuan domain name). Poor. So I want to do a PW website that type of website that good ah, but I hate to do that kind of website, feeling a little something against the value of heterodox doctrines, always is not for a long time. To be a consultant