Discussion on management skills of local portal website forum

review the development process of forum in recent years, I simply share my experience in business forum with friends and friends.

1, accurate positioning and development direction

early development of a forum is to identify the location, according to their own location, select the appropriate crowd, and then publicity for the characteristics of the crowd. Our local portal website is to combine the local characteristics to find their own positioning.

the position of our forum is very clear: it is to create a "home" atmosphere, with eight words, sixteen words: local friends, making friends, exchanges, interaction, mutual assistance, entertainment and harmony. In line with this orientation and direction, we will strongly support; if it does not meet, we must oppose it.

, for example, for a time, some of the local members of the online posts or find me in private exchanges, are put forward to our forum to create a platform for local public opinion, this comment the doings of government agencies. In this regard, we immediately feel that this is not in line with the direction of development of our forum, China’s current national conditions in this situation, the government will never allow such a platform exists. Therefore, we adhere to their position, for extreme posts are deleted, not involving political, sensitive topics, this is our forum survival and development of the fundamental guarantee.

positioning of the forum, this is the problem before the establishment of the forum must be taken into consideration, but also with the development of the forum key issues. Only correctly grasp the position to their progress! And the need to have a complete set of position to adapt to their development direction, such a plan, can guide the forum at any time will not deviate from this direction and go the wrong way.

two, about expanding publicity, attracting new people,

forum established, positioning and direction came out, the next step is to advertise, so that more people know you this website, come to you this forum. We mainly start from the following aspects:

1, make good use of QQ group this tool

QQ group is one of the most effective real-time communication tools, we Dongying online site currently established more than 5 QQ group, and actively search for other local QQ group and join. Through QQ group exchange and publicity, so that more people in Dongying know your forum.

2, through a variety of ways, consciously hinted that members introduce their friends to come in, so that members of the initiative to help us publicity.

3, building good relationships with some other local network media. Such as Baidu’s local post bar, the city’s other county portals, other sites in the county (government networks, authorities units, websites, enterprise websites, etc.) exchange links,

4, we are a computer company, and require our salesmen and technicians to sell computers, maintain computers and other routine business activities