Local property network operation experience sharing

Hello everyone, last time wrote a Veterans Property Network Entrepreneurship Road, and today we exchange, how should the local property network operators?. This article is only for my personal experience to share with you. Hope everybody exchanges more!


real estate network pre operation

1. program. Finding a good program is the most important. It’s like we build the foundation of a house. The ground is well played. We don’t think it will be a problem to build tall buildings. I’m using the.Net program. .net is relatively powerful. And it’s easy to develop. Now many online PHP property network program is also good.

2. domain name. At first, I used the CN domain name. Ha ha, I was silly, and I began to do it. The promotion has opened. But in May 26th, suddenly canceled my record, my website also can not open, I had wanted to change the domain name idea. When I started doing web sites, I took a fancy to a domain name. It has been registered. The price is 1000. Love money, so registered a CN domain name. In fact, good. Real estate abbreviation.

at the moment the website was closed, I knew the CN domain name was not what I wanted. Bought the pzfang.com domain name the same day. Website also changed its name subsequently, changed by Pizhou real estate net "Pizhou house net"".

3. keywords. Keyword positioning, do not move. Key words very good, can refer to other cities real estate network keywords. Change the city name on it.

real estate network official operation

1. Outer chain. Hair chain method, I say briefly. I don’t say any of those blogs or forums. I’m using classified information to publish classified information about job search. Or housing is released in the door Huxing property network, such as 99 rooms, Amoy house, 58, go to market and so on, and finally leave your site links, links to diversity. It’s easy to pass, and you add a chain.

2. content. Baidu is hard to deal with now, but as long as you do it, update 30-100 articles regularly. I’m sure Baidu will favor your site. The domain name I used was ranked 90 in the first place, and now it’s a jump to http://s.pzfang.com, but the ranking has also gone up. For about half a month, 100 articles are updated every day. More information about decoration. This keyword competition is small.

3. local promotion. Real estate online line, and our reality shop is the same. What we do is local. Therefore, we should also study the entity store, so as to promote publicity. Try to maximize the publicity with the least amount of money. You can send flyers, pull banners (bus stations, railway station exit) wall advertising, these effects are good. There are posters posted on the community.

property net profit

1. real estate advertisement.