Mentality determines the fate of the webmaster, a webmaster 3 years of history

in the past, everyone will have some memories, there will be many painful lessons, then I as a part-time personal webmaster with everyone else, there are also some non general feeling, through more than 3 years of personal career I found a truth, that is the mentality of a webmaster decided his site can go far, whether can succeed, I will be below some site 3 years had to share with everyone why "mentality can decide the fate of the webmaster".

share in the official before, I would like to say that the definition of success webmaster mentioned above this website or, 100 people can have 100 standards, but from the big direction, can be said to summarize the three aspects:

1, website traffic and website profit.

2, the social value of the website, is your website helpful to Internet users? Is there anything they need?.

3, the personal value of your website, including material and spiritual things, such as money and connections.

If you are watching this

, you can control the above three points, if you achieve a point or more, so do not dare to say you are successful, but at least in step by step to success, dare not say, because everyone is not the same as the pursuit. Below will officially begin my experience and experience to share, if write badly, ask everybody to give correct criticism, if to your help, help this article to tell more stationmaster.

remember in 2007 July I officially started the personal webmaster career before is to help others do the moderator, in 2007 July 26 I did at the time seemed a very creative website, named China fault network, I remember the domain name is and, the title is China fault network wrote: the world’s first exchange platform – the world’s first error reverse thinking training platform, then began to include the website to make all kinds of errors and misunderstanding on the network, quickly formed in the website, the weight of Baidu and Google are very high, there are also many webmaster friends to exchange links, also have a lot of enthusiasm who will help me make soft writing and release, also provide website space and technology, help design logo, enthusiastic friends to come with me Chinese wrong Management Forum About three domains, the time website Alexa Rank has achieved 500 thousand, the PR value has achieved 5. Because the station in 07 years at the beginning did not make this station as a hobby to do, just blindly pursue various websites and web site index data bring me profits, so when they find ways to make money on the site, including the sale of links, selling advertising behavior, this kind of action to the beginning of last year, because the website content and website to find not to make money, so I just stopped this once let me feel proud of the website.

, though about a year and a half