How can the local talent website be PK comprehensive talent portal

  talent website has entered the competition intense degree, mode of development and future prospects so explore talent website, it is necessary for us to compare local talent website with comprehensive talent portal, so that the future mode of favorable development, the long entrepreneurs, is a very important thing, therefore we explore this topic, it is necessary to the development of the local talent website for analysis, it is even more necessary to portal on the comprehensive talents in-depth study, so as to obtain the positive conclusion of this issue to be discussed.

advantages of an integrated talent portal

in the Chinese market, comprehensive talent portal can basically be defined as Zhaopin, worry free recruitment, Chinese talent network

, this is the current Chinese network recruitment market but the giants, we all know, these sites are rich, because they can be filthy rich, huge advertising promotion, and quickly occupied the national market, which launched with its development goal of coordination of brand operators, therefore, in the domestic market, the development is the big 3 is a scene of bustling activity. Not just because of the rich and powerful, reliable background, not only financial advantages, they also occupy most of the domestic first-class talent network, the advantages of human resources, launched with the market competition ability of technology development and technology promotion, through technology development and technology promotion, gradually squeezed out of the small workshop of those trying to enter the comprehensive talent portal that is a combination of the official talent + money. In spite of this, but we should see the comprehensive talent portal in hard-edged also show soft le of its development, especially in the bar Zhaopin website directly to the development of such soft Le climax, this can cause our deep thinking.

Disadvantages of

two comprehensive talent website

we all know, a comprehensive recruitment website has been reported huge losses, these reports showed the development of weakness comprehensive talent recruitment website, the reason is very simple, the online recruitment market has entered the "King" of the times, in such background conditions, we are more comprehensive discussion on talent website what are the disadvantages? Obviously, comprehensive talent network, there is a common problem is that leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, the area involved span is too large, obviously not adapt to rapidly changing market. We all know that comprehensive talent website once entered the two or three line of the city, its malpractice completely unmasked in website with local talent, the PK horse lost the premise, because the master and be familiar with the local affairs of the local talent website has shown a strong momentum of development in the future, the ability to maneuver quickly and quickly occupied the market, so as to find a in line with the actual development of the business model, this is afraid is a comprehensive talent website to "patients". Based on this consideration, we will discuss the advantages of local talent websites next.

three local talent website advantage


local talent website has relied on its good mobility