How is the portal optimized

portal optimization strategy for internal connections

portal is a large web site with a wide range of knowledge and a wide range of knowledge. Here we have to analyze the more successful domestic portal " Sina " how to optimize keywords.

Sina, as one of the larger portals in China, has a large number of users and traffic. However, Sina’s internal technical staff has done relative optimization. You can see Baidu optimization and Google optimization for the importance of the site.

well, let’s start with sina. Take an experiment, search Baidu and Google for your favorite star, Richie Ren (I’m his fan), Andy Lau, or search for the latest movie. You’ll see, God, how can Sina’s position be so good? Don’t be surprised. That’s the quality, skills, and skills of a real SEO team.


keyword with "Richie Ren" as a case, we can see many connections in Sina’s Richie Ren page, is connected to the Richie Ren and other relevant internal pages, and each TITLE and description of all included Richie Ren, and a large number of internal connection connection. This is the importance of internal connections to related pages. But there is also one point to note, not too dispersed connection, try to focus on several pages to optimize.

and then we’re looking at Sina’s Richie Ren page, and it’s not pretty. That’s right. Don’t make too many pictures, code. Spiders know the text, Sina this point in the page has a very good expression. The connection appears in text. Avoid spiders can not find the phenomenon of the north.

sees other pages and finds that many other "Richie Ren" stars are connected to this page by keyword tracing. Import connections and export connections are highly relevant. And the weight of these pages in search engines also have a big advantage.

conclusion: in the process of optimization, we should not just see external connections, but the internal connections of our websites are very good resources in themselves. For SEO, the waste of resources is wasted if the optimization of the internal connection is wasted. SEO does not advocate wasting resources.

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