Garbage space business to life advice, small and medium-sized webmaster

has been doing it for years, never so angry today, for the reasons below. Please also ask the brothers in the street to be patient and read it and remember my advice to you.

When the

in April, the website of a Motorola mobile phone (, was due to lack of server bandwidth, virtual host to buy a space of 300M+100MMYSQL, the reason is the scope of this station is too small, also with not too big space.

May Baidu began to include the station from the beginning of the starting point is not to rape engine to bring skyrocketing traffic, therefore, did not do any optimization and cheating, only in accordance with the conventional written title and introduction.

June, relevant keywords began to gradually rise, Motorola mobile phone, Motorola, Motorola and other words have very good rankings, because the relevant site traffic is not great, but in the two months to the first page, is a very gratifying thing.

July, on GG advertising, although the income is not much, but after looking down this station the cost is more than sufficient, then the nightmare begins, the website in July after the open, keywords began to drop right, then, in the case of unknown cause and gradually restore stability.


site in August because of illegal websites during the recovery, a space provider’s server, is a 5 IP, after the replacement of a IP, because the uninterrupted updates are restored weight. Just recovered, nightmare began again, space providers in the case of not asked, put a few not record site, resulting in broken network processing. Then, the server was sent to Jiangsu, Taizhou, and announced the new IP, after I referred to the domain name to the new IP a day later, and told the server was sent to Xuzhou, re replaced the IP. Yesterday, the site has just been able to access, from the network was broken to the present, has been 4 days. Today, the site is cleared by Baidu.


wants to say: brothers, what you need to do is to be a stable environment. If it’s like my experience, then you can’t do a good website any time. I advise you, would rather spend some money, but also to buy a stable server, with service on the IDC, do not lose the greater.

finally told: Baidu search team, my station did not cheat, the server can not open, not my reason, you can see, under the fair review, I was restored.