Actual combat a low cost strategy for small and medium sized enterprise website construction

enterprise website construction, as one of the most important contents of enterprise informatization construction, often puzzles the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises. It’s a common complaint, spent thousands of dollars or even million yuan in the construction of enterprise website, discount is not well with the visitor interaction effect; the development of enterprises, the website needs to upgrade, upgrade costs much higher than expected; the security is not high, is frequently into the Trojan and submit spam, etc..

to really reduce the cost of small and medium-sized enterprise website construction, first of all from the enterprise website construction way. At present, the enterprise website construction methods have the following three kinds:

fool self help station. In the early days of Internet application, it was welcomed by the users because of its low cost and zero technical threshold. As time went on, his shortcomings gradually emerged. Unable to translate upgrade, limited by the platform framework; data can not be completely autonomous control; template rich, but very similar, inflexible, can not meet the needs of enterprise personality image; the site can not be long-term operation guarantee.

Personalized customization of

network company. Because the network company is not good, the price is also very different, and usually more formal network companies, the initial construction costs and late site upgrades higher, generally higher than expected.

purchase open source management system built on its own. Relative to the previous two ways, regardless of the site cost, system flexibility, have a very prominent advantage.

ASP is still the most widely used China enterprise website development language, and almost all of the ASP virtual hosting space support free ACCESS database collocation, is fully capable of carrying the data quantity and safety, and can effectively reduce the construction and maintenance cost, should be the preferred site for small, first from the ASP+ACCESS website operation platform to reduce website construction cost.

ASP but without special treatment, is completely open source, so there is little technology company issued a completely open boutique program, most of the network spread through early system changes renamed released, which can not guarantee the security of the system, it can not guarantee the subsequent upgrades. As mentioned in recent years, the enterprise website management system, as a rare ASP open source boutique program, has entered our line of vision. It has almost functional blocks of small and medium-sized enterprise website, such as enterprise information introduction, news, product display, product ordering, Download Center, recruitment information, membership management, guestbook, advertising management, Links, database maintenance, traffic statistics and other practical columns, taking into account the minority enterprise website to release other unknown information, therefore specially designed a similar news release bar unlimited extension bar. It is worth mentioning that all the classified information item with infinite classification management, each information edited by complete online editor, and membership management to achieve seamless integration, information view object constraints, and information storage management is the enterprise website information management problems, there are corresponding solutions. Enterprise with perfect function and friendly management interface