n the era of rampant websites, what is your website competing with others

the Internet every day there are tens of thousands of or more sites such as bamboo shoots emerge, everyone wants to have a good rankings, everyone wanted to have good traffic, you can stand the top few? The Internet in recent years more and more fire, adding more and more people, regardless of will do stand all want to come to share. Some people even do not understand the basic knowledge of website, only know to do stand to make money began to rent space, buy a domain name, to join the ranks of webmaster, after adding will only day to see traffic, but do not know how to operate, how to effectively promote the.

what are you competing against in a flood of websites,


follow the trend, always follow in other people’s back, no matter what you do, only do first, you are the boss, do second, you can only drink soup, do third, basically to stand aside. Then, in the era of rampant websites, how can we create a piece of our own? First, time, and the two is innovation. No matter what you do, drive any company, factory, time, and innovation to the top of the line.

one time,

you started the first thing, you did it first, then you easily made the first, you’re the boss. Like China’s first what, the first, what, will talk about a company, someone invented, and so on, this is the effect of time, walking in front of others.

two innovation

, did you ever think about the hot spot on your website before you set up? If everyone can find what you need elsewhere, will you come to your website? I think this will not say. Because you do not attract other people’s things, you have no innovation, only mediocre.

wants to innovate. It can only be done in an unconventional way. For example, do you know that Taobao has a seller’s shop? In Admin5, he has already checked in. "I am the monitor, my class."". They are 05 graduates from North China University of Technology. They are looking for jobs on the internet. At present, more and more severe forms of employment in China, a lot of people in danger can not find work, but how many people would think in such a way to promote to sell yourself? "Sell" although the shop twists and turns to shop success, 15 pieces of goods for sale, 15 graduates, in the shop shortly after there have been 2 graduates through enterprise interview success, has started to practice in the company. The sale of the remaining products are consulted every day, every day will receive the employer’s interview notice, I believe that soon, "seller" shop in the goods will be sold out.

did they succeed? Why did they succeed? In innovation, did your website innovate?

as one of the most vivid example, where local portal forum, I think we are very familiar with, a forum area where there may be several dozen or more, how do you walk in front of others? Now basically the forum is to learn the main work, idle away in seeking pleasure, your website who are the same to your website? Take my website "Longyan forum", the early model with others.