How to write soft text in A5

so far, I only in the A5 made 3 articles each time spent about half an hour, half an hour and this brought the chain effect than we usually go to the forum to send some AD a lot, because in A5’s article audited by the release came out, immediately there are many websites to reprint, these sites are also the respect for copyright, the source Author and other information are reserved, thus to be able to harvest a lot of the chain quantity and quality.

A5 then through what kind of soft can, how to write soft text? Many owners may lament their degree low cultural level is low, write out a few words, in fact, in my experience, not poetry or prose text, so without the rhetoric needs what needs a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. Is your true feeling of real experience, many articles touched by people to resonate and not a good writer but write it true. A5 article classification experience, tutorials, promotion planning and so on, maybe some webmaster will say I am also just into a novice, not what to write tutorials not what successful experience to share, in fact, this idea is wrong, not only refers to the experience of successful experience, failure is also a kind of experience that process is also a kind of experience, and you just put this in the process of things with their own experience is to write a original articles. For example, I am a novice webmaster, I will write a site for the first time to the site was included in the article, and their own site construction process and feelings to write, is a long article. A5 is an open platform, the reviewer will not because you are a novice webmaster your technique is not approved, because the purpose of the article focuses on the exchange and not let others see you this article learn what technology will become like cattle.

today wrote the purpose of this article is not through the short paragraph of the text to teach you what writing skills, but hope that through this article inspired, so did not write the webmaster of the soft text. A unique key is something I always enjoy is to write their own real feelings, I hope you remember! Soft promotion preferred A5, want to see this article friend to write your first article in A5.

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