4 months’ development course of free movie website

was bored a few days ago by February 22nd. What about boredom? Let’s go to the movies. Suddenly discovered that the previously popular BOBO player no longer exists, and previously few people use Qvod even inexplicably occupy BOBO in P2P online on-demand status. I feel so puzzled that a BOBO with such a strong surface seems to have been wiped out overnight. Curious, Baidu made a list of articles about BOBO and Qvod. Since I used to find some popular movies, I used Qvod. Feel good about this software. Plus 05 years, also made a music website (oh, oh, MP3 music network), because there is something in the house, gave up the road to do this station. Although things have passed for a long time, but before the station, there is also a little bit of experience left in mind. Say, do, do. Repeat it. Ha-ha。

first, choose a movie program. Which one do you choose? QvodCms is good. It sounds like a new movie program. Look, the program name seems to be good for a dedicated Qvod movie station. Just pick him. After the discovery of this program function is too little, but the follow-up version of the function is slowly increasing, and feel basically enough. It’s a good program, too.

followed by data, of course, acquisition. A few thousand were collected. The result was Baidu spider disdain. My God. I didn’t do that when I was standing here for 05 years. Previously, there were 100 pages on the site, and Baidu wanted to grab you 101 pages. Now how so?? after all, long war. This time is different. What to do? It seems that relying on search engines to promote websites simply doesn’t work. What should I do? What should I do?


I suddenly remembered Baidu, not only search, but also know and paste it.. Say dry, and the next few days is crazy to know and paste advertising, while I’m crazy hair, Baidu crazy delete.. Then a friend said this will be Baidu search punishment, I thought, decided to give up Post Bar and know for days after Baidu included left posterior section.

give up and know when Post Bar in the plan, I found that not 100% and delete, some subtle advertising was left, that is the question of the post.. For example: who knows the top cinema web site? Is this the top movie site? Ha ha ha?. Put a question, and I have laughed.

so, my movie website has welcomed the first batch of guests. Visits also reached more than 200 ip. It has been standing for 10 days now.

suddenly remembered that I had a loyal group of visitors in my hand. These years have been playing games, plug run rampant today, playing games do not have to hand. Games hang up, chat, listen to music and watch movies. In this way, I sent my news about a movie website to my friends I met in the games.. In the station for almost a month, the amount of visits has reached 50>