Fade buy coat, buy web site to embrace O2O thigh


fourth quarter of last year, when Groupon released three quarter earnings, announced that the transition will be electronic business platform, which means that Groupon’s main business direction will make great adjustments. As the originator of the Groupon industry group purchase group purchase mode transformation, indicates that the future outlook is bleak, the butterfly effect produced by this news is spreading rapidly Chinese group purchase market, coincidence is, the early start of the transformation of the electricity supplier platform (Wo Wo Group) Wowo mall has today submitted to the SEC IPO application, if successful, will become the first litters China life service electricity supplier industry shares also opened in 2015 takes stock of the first stock..

Groupon clear transformation, or to promote the transformation of China buy speed

as an iconic American listed company, Groupon always affects the development trend of every act and every move China group purchase market, especially for group purchase enterprises, means that the survival of the "group purchase concept" burst, if you want to seek a new round of financing or listed on the United States, will have to speed up the transformation steps. Because public opinion is bad, buy voice will only become more and more big, the overall market environment is looked bad, it is not conducive to enterprise growth.

In fact,

, China group purchase market has high consistency with the United States, even if there is no Groupon transformation of the news, the company also China group purchase have been secretly "group purchase", is now in the Groupon news of the stimulus, the market will accelerate the transformation of China group purchase.

US group actively expand the single line business, faded clothing cover obvious intention

recently, the United States Group turmoil continued, and the cause of these disturbances is just from the expansion of the U.S. mission’s business line. Since last year, although the group purchase market is still simmering, comments received in the Tencent investment, Baidu wholly acquired glutinous rice, the two events for the group purchase market pattern of new possibilities, however, after a year of competition, group purchase market structure is stable on the whole.

facts have shown that U.S. market share appears difficult to further increase, so not to have been a pressing matter of the moment with other competing products for group purchase share issues, but to be "strong" and "potential" business to do business more. So we see the U.S. group had strong business independent film made opal film, and has achieved impressive results, but recently in very heavily pound "potential" takeaway business.

recently, media reports said the group is recruiting talents of tourism industry, which is regarded as the U.S. group will be formally to kill the OTA market. Prior to this, the U.S. group declared that the hotel business has become the industry’s first, but also caused a lot of trouble, many OTA enterprises dissatisfied, and now the U.S. group secretly expand tourism, it seems to be officially engaged in the war, OTA market competition.

from film to takeaway, and then to OTA, the group is relying on group to hatch other vertical business, and the vertical Business >