Analytic Pinterest the big article behind the interest paradise


to count the domestic two months to introduce and learn from the most foreign models, Pinterest absolute list. Where the customer Master said,, Taobao, beautiful wow so you can see its shadow, yet, many smaller fight fan net and so on are also in learning the essence of it, even have a number of small developers have begun to develop generic template imitation Pinterest to push it into a step the pace of Chinese.

Pinterest is rapidly growing as a new star in the world, and its potential is not, according to conservative estimates, below Linkedin, Twitter and Tumblr. Andreessen Horowitz, a top investor, claims that, throughout the history of the Internet, they have never seen a more rapid and robust growth like Pinterest except for the early performance of Facebook. Its Pageviews (PV) maintains an alarming 50% increase each month, and this month’s monthly view has easily crossed the 1 billion mark.

Pinterest because of this, a new $27 million round of financing, many investment institutions have shown a fanatical interest in this company just like their eyes are bread, fight a fight at outrance. Its valuation has also risen rapidly to $200 million. And that’s just the beginning. This site in the end what magic let users and investors have so much of it, has a special liking for


"nail guest" interest Park

Pinterest has clearly indicated its function in its name, Pin (tack), +Interest (interest), and the thing that is "interested" is nailed on the nail plate (PinBoard) with "tack". In fact, Pinterest is just digitizing this logic, which helps you save everything you see on the web in pictures. Because of the fiery Pinterest, China has even come up with the word "pin" to describe Pinterest’s PinBoard model and its fans.

‘s idea of the project comes from the founder Ben Silbermann looking for engagement rings for his girlfriend. He found a lot of pretty rings, but needed to compare with each other, so he developed Pinterest and posted them on the same page. Later, he also used the Pinterest to help their wedding planning, plans for future holiday travel, record those family members most love things, even to build a "I love the little things" list.

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