After the merger, it is still worth 15 billion. The masses will not see the future, or even more sad


these two days by the United States group and the public comment on the merger of news and comments brush burst of friends circle. A friend said to me, "look, the positive news of group buying has never been so violent. The last time it was maxed out was the take out war, and this time it was a merger.". There is some truth to this idea, but the old man left a sentence called "good things do not go out and bad news travels far away", which is worth deliberating. But is it a bad thing to merge the two? At least not a good thing, or a CEO.

from the circle of friends to see, the merger of the two seems to be mouthing the voice of the upper hand, this can not help but think of micro-blog when I was seen when the decline. But at the time, Viagra was strong. What was it like at last? So, this time, there are still some opinions about the merger of the two. Let’s say something simple.

merger is still worth 15 billion, the valuation fell in that the capital can not see the future

even if the two sides in order to finance and do a more extensive layout, and tell a better story, but the market valuation is a discerning eye can see the problem. In July this year, the US group announced a new round of financing to raise more than $1 billion, making it likely to exceed $15 billion. But now the valuations are still $15 billion after the merger, and there may be a certain amount of moisture in the middle. It’s a feeling of being naked and hitting your own face. At the same time, this also makes some insiders confused. The problem is:

first, why is the valuation of the merger as little as compared with before, you know, this is the two valuation of more than 10 billion of the group, the valuation of the merger after the same amount, which means that two valuations have plummeted. Then, in the future, the valuation is likely to continue to fall. There is no expected valuation rose, the estimated investment institutions and the U. S. group, the public comment on both sides already understand this point. The merger will usually have two purposes, one is to combine powerful forces to seize more markets, and the other is to tide over the difficulties together because of difficulties encountered by the two. Obviously, the joint of the two sides does not want to fall into the same category as the fast merger. The fixed valuation after the merger of the two parties can be regarded as a case in point.

Since we know that after the merger of

two is not too low valuation, why merge? We can ask you to estimate this one looks, the merger is likely to be the capital operation. The institutions involved in the capital operation, there are two purposes: either to the enterprises after the merger is stronger, to reap more benefits; either in the hands of the investment project when the future development of hopeless pain, get cash back to the. So, this is not to exclude investment in institutions under the interference of last resort to a marriage. In the future, whether listed or cheap, after seeking investment, will be the capital side of the interests of planning as the main purpose of maintaining operations. If you really go to this step, I must say the sorrow of two families.