nnovative development of vertical maternal site

at present, an ordinary mother users, through various channels to online real friends, maybe she is an old netizen, because of the special status of the mother, she went to the family channel to obtain information; she may also choose to search in Baidu free, came to the Pacific Ocean parent-child network or Parenting Network; and or, her friend introduced her to a baby tree, or mother network in Guangzhou maternal and child supplies free trial activities, which translates into where the users.

In addition to these

transformation way, a large part of the original mother users don’t do the Internet, because their daily shopping needs, go to the official website of the brand, or B2C shopping site can be found through a variety of network behavior, such as posting, diaries, photos and so on, for trial, coupons, and they go to the online activities, network guides on the Internet to share, exchange, record. From the "source" of these users can see that, at present, China’s mainstream maternal and child web site has four major categories:

, a professional vertical maternal portal, such as Pacific family network, cradle network, Parenting Network, they need to focus on maternal and child professional knowledge and content, to create a professional and friendly online learning, communication atmosphere, get a large portion of her customers.

two, portal parenting channels, represented by Sohu and sina. The Sina integrated channel to parenting known, and the Sohu to the forum for the king; there is a more interesting phenomenon, the two portals have tried maternal electronic business, including Sina Mall (now part of parenting Sina mall), and Sohu to build online mall compararive marriage initiative.

three, the mother said, the Web2.0 community as the representative of the baby tree, pay attention to user communication, through user generated content is its typical characteristics, the mother receives more and more recognition, but the biggest problem is the problem of profit.

four, traditional brand manufacturers or E-commerce mall penetration into the mother and child network, typical representatives include good children, Beingmate, red children.

no matter what kind of mother site type, we can see that the website contains content in more professional and rich; in addition, there are attempts and maternal actual consumption associated, including online personalized products order, e-commerce cooperation etc..

Here we come to the

analysis has been neglected in traditional maternal and child products manufacturers, the brand manufacturers mother only focus on the production and sales of milk powder, diapers, food etc.; but these manufacturing enterprises "heartache" in advertising for the huge cost ratio, is a huge "energy" is the energy produced by the network you can see, some enterprises have begun operations, such as Johnson’s $1 million acquisition of the famous American Babycenter.com website, the China version also launched in 2007; or as a subsidiary of Beingmate China nursery network Babyschool.com.cn, as well as 07 years of on-line good parenting website, with respect to the special >