LZCMS discussion on international domain name resolution competition

these two days, we will certainly resolve the new network error, angry, and today we will talk about international domain name resolution competition, to see where the fastest resolution, where soon.

1. First resolution effective time

first name refers to a new domain name for the first time analytical judgment, according to my personal experience, Chinese old domain name registrar first analysis is slow, most will be two hours, but some analytical domain name trading sites such as ename, 22 analysis is very fast, can be up to twenty minutes over analysis. Foreign well-known domain name registrar Godaddy analysis, the first time seems to be similar to the new network, there is no obvious advantage.

two. Update resolution effective time

foreign GoDaddy that is analytic fast, you immediately change, you can immediately open the station, I was lucky enough to buy a ckjz.com today, the meters is under GoDaddy, I updated the analysis, I try to open the website, did not expect to open it, but not taking domestic domain name resolution competition. I wonder if I’m lucky enough to test the test more. The new Chinese network, at least one network update analysis to two hours to take effect, the analysis of 22 up to ten minutes, ename at least 15 minutes.

three. The probability of parsing error

China’s old domain name, business, new network, I will not say, can not say, we all know. I found no nets to miss out. 22 I found I missed it, but after the mistake, the technician took too long and could manage it for hours. Ename parsing or yes, basically no error. Foreign GoDaddy I don’t know, like most of the probability of error not inevitable, domain name from the station station analysis.

to sum up, domain name analysis in general, in this very period of time, for often changing space webmaster, preferably choose foreign or 22, their update effective time is short. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS:http://s.luzhuba.cn.

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