How to pick 1U chassis server chassis

many friends mentioned how to buy 1U rack type server accessories, especially how to choose the 1U server’s chassis, power supply, ultra-thin radiator, transfer card and other special equipment. Today we have again has a very rich experience in engineer Zuotang server, make a detailed explanation for us.

you know, the case for PC have been placed in the most important position, but in the case of the server status is very high, the 1U server is even more so, the quality of the chassis can be said to some extent greatly influence the stability of the 1U server, but now the 1U server chassis Market it is quite confusing, so many consumers do not know how to choose, here I will aim at this topic, according to reader focused questions, as far as I know some of the answers, so this article is mainly aimed at the level of the assembly enthusiasts friends to write the server, it is not worth that day with thousands of yuan a dual Xeon motherboard aristocratic veteran and pass completely is an old DIYer biased opinion, inappropriate hope can hardly be avoided. Please correct me.

classic query one: buy 1U rack type server chassis, the most important thing is to inspect the products of those indicators

this is one of the questions most readers ask. I think that the most important factor is the first heat – heat is the most important index to buy 1U case, if the heat is not good, everything else is wasted, the problem in the P3 era is not obvious, the general 1U case only 2, 3 fans with a P3 ultra thin radiator. We can solve the problem, but now has entered the era of high temperature P4! I feel after P4 clocked into the 2.8G temperature, resulting in a jump, if not seriously consider the thermal structure of the chassis, the scientific design of the wind path, crash, burn element is hard to avoid, especially for the new Prescott core P4, such as P4-3.0E and P4-2.4A, casually temperature up to 90 degrees! In 1U such a small volume inside running such a strong thermal stability of core, and we talk about it? So for the heat, not accidentally .

then, how can you identify the heat dissipation of 1U chassis? For most compatible chassis, it is impossible to make a cooling hood for a particular type of motherboard, as in the case of a brand server chassis.

Because if

chassis is particularly suitable for a motherboard hood, is sure that the compatibility is not good, not suitable for more application of the motherboard, the motherboard layout now is not to say that the myriads of changes, but there are many types, as the case for DIY, will have a particularly good compatibility, in order to meet the cooling demand of most of the main board, which is why DELL, HP and other famous brand 1U rack server server, can be heat as well, because the internal chassis cooling structure of them is for them "