6 suggestions to help you do an English station

‘s personal webmaster rely on Google Adsense advertising, obviously reduce income than in the past two years, so many webmaster to do English station, in order to obtain the high income for new friends, do not English station can imagine in the brain as simple, not simple to use Yahoo Goole Chinese text translation or translation tools translation you can, you need to face a lot, Chinese do foreign stations, is the most important linguistic problems, suggest that we do stand after the first to find a foreign friend to see to do the next step.

many of my friends have said, the biggest problem is to do English station domain name and space, it is one-sided, the real problem is the value of English station in foreign countries, only the valuable website they will be viewed, in their eyes, the access time is money. In this way, the biggest problem comes out, how can we get more foreign friends to visit?. This is our Chinese said traffic problems, some people say do English station with China traffic, I tell you, do you, but advertising will not have significantly increased advertising costs will be high only foreign IP click after the. Now, I will share my experience with you, and I hope you will gain some benefit from it.

first: domain name, space choice.

this is the last point, is a point of this article is not the main, many of my friends do not know, do English station with best international domain name com, net, org, as to which of them with this is not important, but you should abandon the Chinese Pinyin completely, all foreigners cannot read Wangluo the meaning, because they only know network, then think 518518.com abroad do not (I want to) is a good domain name; another point, don’t care about the length of the domain name, the domain name meaning is more important, seen webmaster-talk? Website-hit-counters seen? The domain name with the development trend of the website can be. Space, it is better to use foreign space, in the access speed is guaranteed. By the way, if you want to know how you stand in the foreign access speed, recommend a tool www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze (specific methods: Click to open the URL below, enter your URL information you enter, all sites are displayed, and you can find a lot of information on your site in a lot of countries of Europe and the United States web, FTP, content etc.).

second: English station must have accurate construction strategy.

The design and production of

English station must conform to the style of foreigners, cultural habits and the way of using Internet to search information, and follow their psychology to make. For example, do a forum, in the choice of procedures, do not feel popular discuz, ww> (www.discuz.net), phpwind