An electricity supplier practitioners dissect the traditional enterprise electrical injury logic


How did

‘electrical injury’ come from,


, an electricity supplier practitioner, anatomy of the traditional enterprise electric injury logic

sequence: last night had a dream, dream of a black and white beard old man gave me a riddle: what network wide sky? What goods buy not sell not? What dreams do not wake up?…… Thinking of me, I lost sleep.

usually, we are accustomed to describe a revolution that can subvert or erode many people’s ideas and change or break many institutional rules". Such as the sexual liberation movement in the United States in 1960s and the reform and opening up in China in 1980s. I have been wondering whether this fire – making e-commerce is a revolution, and that any revolution in nature and form has its victims. People are immersed in the kiss the moment full of joy at the end of World War II, who also thought to cherish the memory of those comrades who pay for life? When people indulge in their data to a loaded mesh tongue business news time, who would have to pay attention to those dead comrades even covered all over with cuts and bruises in this revolution?

has hurt

Spring Festival I gave a manufacturing friend he excited with my pay New Year’s call, said: brother, I finally business! I say congratulations to you; then he said: Oh, I was injured! I say congratulations to you, because you are not the first one. In the face of increasingly complex business environment, in the dazzling business platform, bear all kinds of marketing expenses, in the electricity supplier hurt by electricity is not what new thing; but I think, you are not hurt but not normal power. Iron stores, mattery wound. A great degree of electricity supplier is directly proportional to the injury it suffered.

for some enterprises, can heal or recover quickly after the electricity supplier electrical injury, can I do, the conditions are ripe and then not later; but for some enterprises, this kind of injury, not half will heal well, and even some life cannot be restored, such as brand enterprises.

electricity supplier price war period, the prices of which goods will touch consumers, is undoubtedly brand products. Tmall [micro-blog] over the years "double 11", the brand contribution ratio is always accounted for 80%. The terrible thing is, as far as China is concerned, the so-called brand names in all walks of life can count on your fingers and fingers. In your 50 percent off, he must be almost the same. Customers behind the brand loyalty and perception, or interest in driving. When the brand is mixed to each electron business platform, unbridled all sorts of activities, who can care about the retention of your brand value even?


to a well-known sports shoes brand, for example, a year in Taobao even self, plus distribution and so on, sold to 2-3 billion yuan, a pair of shoes were sold to 99 yuan, also mail. You know, these shoes are at least 289 in the specialty store, when consumers are gradually accepting and recognizing new prices