Absolutely let your station PR value on the 2 method

one month PR value on 2 of the method, really want to keep the method secret, I know it, too many people know, do stand is also more difficult.

but think about it… Share it… Hope and get everyone’s help…

me 4 months to build two stations, two stations are the PR value 2… A lot of people say that the PR value of 4 the following are garbage, rubbish is rubbish, but also with the effort to do garbage

I’m lazy… (lazy means I won’t go to lots of forums to promote, I spend time on page design)

has been a hobby since university. When I graduated, I also shared (blue flame design station, ASP graphic management system)

a lot of people use this source to do web site, because it’s easy to use… This source, then gave me that old domain name (robbed of others),

takes a lot of traffic…

, 5 months ago, I didn’t work. Before I did the curtain photography, I quit my job and find it difficult. Later I thought I could sell clothes online,.

source online proxy… So, I spent a month’s time built " female " www.nvxingwang.net I want to use this shop selling clothes, do small business. The website is built, it is necessary to promote

I go to Baidu post bar, know, wait a lot of place to send a post, but the quantity is not much.. because lazy… Website is highest when also 100IP

is too difficult… Then came the idea…. look at the way…

put 100 flame clothing online shop PR value did 2 after… Found or no one buy clothes… Hey… Forget it… Lost that no matter…

has a new idea… So I spent 10 days or so… Building clothes, www.chuan18.cn

content is collected and manual input. I also go to Baidu and other posts, but this station I’m more lazy… Many places are not issued….

, but my PR value is still 2…. unique skill???? listen to me!


my method is to share my own source code. I changed the blue flame design station to

version 2.3 with DIV+CSS rewrite

bilingual web source code in the Webmaster Station released…

Webmaster Station is very good, collected my source code, as long as a few days, there are hundreds of source station collection station station content, my source code

also got it… My links are everywhere… >