A pet website user mining problem novice to learn a lesson

with the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of the fullness of the outside of the natural state will be much more. And this trend also makes pet sites a lot of attention. However, attention does not mean anything. It just means that we have a market and potential, and the later mining will depend on ourselves. Throughout the pet site industry, a lot of applause, praise a lot, but really able to achieve brand and profit double harvest case is very rare. More grassroots webmaster in the hard to support this gorgeous dream. What exactly is it,

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pet website although a high attention, but the development is obviously caused by criticism, for the user cannot change the profit mode of precipitation is difficult, homogenization of serious issues are not well resolved. These Difficult miscellaneous diseases is also very good "inheritance" to the hands of novice webmaster, you always think pet station, engage in some valuable content, get a few adorable photos is enough, in fact it is not so simple. Because you are running a Tibetan mastiff station, for the content to pay far more than we imagine, but the effect is not very ideal? For pet station do not others, not self-centered, to combining with the industry to improve themselves.

pet station has always been the biggest problem is that users can not precipitation down, only the user precipitation, we can complete the next step of operation, profit or expand. However, for the user’s binding, we do not have an accurate approach. Use some of the Tibetan mastiff breeding content, do some pet show, or get a picture exhibition to attract visitors, I think this is already used by many webmaster. I personally don’t object to doing this because, as a pet station, you have to do something about innovation. Pet stations do need some basic framework support. But what I am against is that everybody does this only, because everybody in the industry is so typeset page, can give the user a kind of tired feeling unavoidably. And doing so does not bring about accurate transformations. Do not others, we want to locate the user to judgment, take me, before I love some lovely pictures of Tibetan mastiff on it, that will attract the attention of many people. In fact, a small amount of attention, why? Because the attention of the Tibetan mastiff is a number of young men, for the word "cute", they do not catch cold. They are concerned with matters relating to the breeding of the Tibetan mastiff, as well as information about breeding and competition. This kind of comparison psychology is the stationmaster must seize. To this end, I will set up special buyers show in the website, encourage everyone to get baby by forwarding point of praise and to satisfy everyone’s desire to survive, and I give up the broad process of network marketing, but focus on the line, gradually open up the gap between the use of pet game player, line based fans again expand the use of online fans, to locate their own direction of development based on user attributes.

in fact, these are just some of the changes I have made for users, and the role is to retain users. But everyone wants to go in