A novice webmaster helpless

Hello everybody, see many webmaster are posting. This evening at two o’clock, and see these webmaster hair these posts, a lot of emotion. I have asked myself over and over again what I am doing now. However, I have never been able to find the answer.

for an Internet bubble in the eight years of worms, others see the website, my heart itch, always wanted to own a website, but he is no money, no time is two, three is not technology. Ha ha, seems to be nothing, right?. But I was with great enthusiasm. Before college, always want to go to a computer and other professional, because I too love the internet. But they do not live up to expectations, and finally transferred to the most reluctant to go to their own professional history. In this way, mixed in the University for four years. I’m going to graduate, but I still do nothing, and I feel more and more useless. Previously, the enthusiasm for the network has gradually faded.

, but in June last year, by chance, you registered a domain name www.1234x.com.cn on the Internet. You didn’t know anything at first. That a web site has its own website, just know later, but also to space, then spent three hundred yuan to buy a space, but still do not know what to do because of own website, love playing PW, finally decided to do it, but still can’t do it, no way and money to buy a set of procedures, what has been, a small site is initially built, see finally have their own website Bengtiyouduo happy.

but I haven’t been happy for a few days, but I’ve found the problem. No one on my website, I began to worry. I am a person just to see what ah, come to know the need to promote, so according to some predecessors advice and methods of webmaster posts, to start your own website promotion, it is positive to find friendship connection, but people see my PR, just ignore, when I was in I think, although it is a small, not so much traffic, you should not discriminate against us. You are the stationmaster, I am also stationmaster. Which website is from the very beginning, very good, there is a process. This point, let me see, in fact, the network is a microcosm of society. I decided not to look at other people’s faces. Then I put my own website to the search engine submission, I almost did not miss a chance to let included, but included my site is scanty, originally thought it was their own website, and then optimized, then one by one the submission, so I am very pleased that Google included my site although, only one page, but it gave me great encouragement, it is because it gives me the confidence to continue doing it. But Baidu I submitted many times (two months to submit at least 100 times), often hope to see whether it is included, but every time I’m very disappointed, I don’t know what is where to offend him, have not included my site. So far, he didn’t include me. (I checked it out just now). On site days, I almost <