A why do you scold the Wangzhuan always can’t earn money

if you join the Wangzhuan army for a long time, but not to earn money, do not feel ashamed, because a lot of people like you, do Wangzhuan are not making money, let alone one day a day a few hundred, are not up to.

you say he doesn’t work hard, he works hard every day he spends a lot of time for his dream in the online forum to Wangzhuan, learning, people see the sun income share, can be passed dry cargo, and he still can’t make money.

what’s the reason? Because he’s been learning, but he never really worked on one or two projects. Or they may have been exposed to many projects, which do not pan good money project, but they have not encountered a little problem, difficult to feel no project or project is not suitable for them, and to look for new projects.

takes some of the new projects that are not recommended by the blog, such as a game money making project, and I see less than 10% of my recommended friends. After 90% people registered, may look, do not know what reason, never go to the operation, but also a person registered, there have been few members of half a month from the game to make money in the project total withdrawals 100 yuan, while the vast majority of the accounts, is always zero.

see here, some users may have to sniff at, "Wow, only half a month to earn 100 yuan, but fortunately I did not make this money to do, I would rather spend time watching movies playing games." No blog said, indeed, half a month to earn 100 too small, but the use of half a month to earn 100 yuan of users, in the future will certainly be Wangzhuan road than you. Look, a lot of money will not make people want to fly higher and farther.

why? Money is not much, but when these projects he operation, will certainly come into contact and learn that you never know these not to operate knowledge, such as some project skills, say some promotion methods, not much money, but it is the most valuable experience and methods. And, for a higher people, don’t ask what a blog: a new start can Wangzhuan the daily income of several hundred yuan? Are you? No, is me, I’m not, cattle B such as Ma Yun, is also the experience of the others he love to ignore the experience, will have today let other people can not afford the achievement.

has an analogy, and a person’s wealth, from 0 to 1 million, may take 10 years, but from 1 million to 2 million, it may take only half a year. So do Wangzhuan, from 0 to 100, you may need to make, or even half a year time, but from the day to earn 100 to earn 500, you may only need two or three months.

so, don’t look around all day, against a hoe dug everywhere, choose the one you think for their own projects, fold life pain for three months, if not to earn money, not to scold you on this blog.