Grassroots entrepreneurs, college students, new idols

this is Zhang Mingyuan’s first contact with big clients since the summer – I love my real estate brokerage company. She and the companion in the subway clothes up and again, for fear of wrinkles and affected merchants give the first impression. "Judging by the tone of the phone appointment and the tone of the text, he should be forty or fifty years old, and he feels like a tough, tough, tough businessman." Several college students were making conjectures about the head of the business they were about to face.

they are Minzu University of China KAB club students, this summer, the club has 16 people participated in the KAB national promotion office and Chinese Youth Daily jointly launched the KAB (Chinese) experience of entrepreneurship education curriculum for the first time the pilot activities visited schools surrounding businesses, interviewed merchant business stories, provide campus marketing suggestions for businesses.

as of September 1st, 16 students collected more than 300 community business information, dug 20 grassroots entrepreneurship story, recorded more than 300 mood diary, successfully signed nearly 50 single campus marketing business.

"fix" a big client,

through the real estate integrated service, "I love my family" in a branch, the students contacted this time is "I love my family" head of the planning company, Ma liang.

"to tell you the truth, we have no idea. This is a big client. I don’t know how it will turn out."." Into each business has a classmate as the main negotiator, and this time it’s a big girl Zhang Mingyuan, she specifically inquires the real estate circles academic terms, prepared a set of "old man" opening remarks.

out of the subway station, the corner is the destination, a line of three people in the doorway brewing mood, encourage each other, check their own equipment again – laptop, GPS locator, letter of introduction and so on.

pushed open the door of the office, and the little girl was shocked, and the young superintendent, Ma Liang, got up and greeted him. Zhang Mingyuan’s carefully prepared set of remarks was useless because she thought it would be an easy negotiation". But, as soon as the project was discussed, Ma Liang interrupted them and signalled that they would not have to say anything more. Zhang Mingyuan and several companions at a loss about what to do. Ma Liang frowned and turned the ring on his right hand. The half minute seemed so long that Zhang Mingyuan thought he had said something wrong.

Ma Liang in a leisurely manner and said: "I understand, I’m sure you support." This sudden good thing, but suddenly let the students aphasia. "First you must have confidence in their own projects, businesses will have confidence, you have shown increased business to you jittery, distrust." Ma Liang became a business coach at this time, pointing out the lack of students in the negotiation process. He not only taught different ways of selling for different businesses, but also recommended some good books to his classmates.

Ma Liang said, "one afternoon: Ma Liang, only 25 years old, has 8 years of entrepreneurial history, from one."