Accurate positioning, clear profit model, determine the prospects of stock websites

in recent years due to the financial crisis and some other factors, the stock market has been bad. However, 09 years after the financial crisis subsided, the domestic economy began to gradually recover, the stock market is also due to macroeconomic recovery gradually back to the right track, the overall market so that investors see a little hope. Especially at the end of last October the opening of the gem, let the people of the 2010 stock market is full of hope. Also because of 09 years of big market promising, make the stock website personal and company more and more, the stock of new sites like mushrooms have sprung up a lot. As we all know, securities, stock sites, Google advertising unit price is high, but also easier to pull some other advertising. However, the securities and stock website traffic is difficult to do, similar sites, too many, the intensity of competition can be imagined, can really get a lot of traffic, there is potential for development, securities, stock sites are not many. A class of stock website to talent shows itself from the competition, we must make clear the good can master the resource exploiting its ability to establish their own profit model, accurate positioning, clear profit model will determine the future stock website.

first of all, securities, stocks, websites should first clear their position. Site positioning and profit model closely linked to the site to an accurate positioning, it means that the profit model has gradually clear. In accordance with the size of the site and revenue standards to be divided, and now the stock securities website mainly has the following. 1, relying on traditional media, large listed companies, large portals in the background of large-scale vertical securities websites. Securities channels such as China Securities, the news and finance industry and some media portals. 2, have a certain strength and operational experience of the site. This kind of website does not have the strong strength of the first kind, but also has certain user base and operation ability. Will also rely on a number of second tier media, companies and websites. Such as Shanghai days Equity Investment Limited ( 3, slightly worse than the second class, basically belong to individual operated stock class website. This kind of website is numerous, but there are some with certain strength. 4, the smallest size, revenue capacity is very low, basically rely on some advertising alliance profitable garbage site. To make a stock website, you should first make sure which level you are in. Then, make full use of your abilities and resources and operate with interest and keep on.

then begins to locate the content and type of your site. This is a clear point in order to further establish their own profit model. The general stock and stock website can be positioned from the following aspects. 1, segments of the stock site. Like stock book downloads, stock software downloads, stock technical indicators, formulas, stations, etc.. This kind of site easy to operate, better, grasp the user. Suitable for individual small and medium-sized site type operation. 2, B2C e-commerce site. Such sites through e-commerce business model, the sale of stock books, stock software, such sites should have their own certain resources and channels, usually in the form of commercial buildings. 3, stock information information site. This site is definitely located by giving >