Baidu optimization, the first step, what should do

many webmaster to Baidu hold great expectations, want to draw traffic from Baidu. The idea is good, but compared to the number of Chinese websites, there are very few websites that really take out traffic. The fundamental reason is that the hope of holding too much, too dependent on Baidu.

has many friends asked me Baidu optimization problem, I will tell him, don’t care too much about Baidu, don’t pay attention to Baidu, don’t use Baidu, Baidu will soon included you. Baidu optimization, the first step, to enrich your website content, FAQ, LINK, ABOUT, CONTACT, COPYRIGHT, as well as your website related content of some basic knowledge, it is best to add.

rich content should change some links: for the novice, good links with the resources to find, are often sent to Baidu Post Bar address link, link to other blogs to link spam messages, forum posts and so on… Jocee I hope you do not do this, if Baidu will punish consequences very serious, may your site will be in a very long period of time will not be included.

for beginners, I suggest that you do your best to enrich your website and make your website ideal. After all, if you put your heart into a station, it won’t be bad unless you don’t take it seriously. After that, the link question can be considered to include good site applications for links. Now there are still many people see links, not pick PR and included, and only pay attention to the content of the site, if your content is interesting to them, they will certainly exchange with you.

Even if

does not exchange, add some address links on their message boards. Such links, Baidu does not think you are cheating. Note: link content should not be copied a lot, through this method, Baidu within 2 weeks should be included in your site, and Google should be included in your website within 3-5 days.

finally reminded: "


will be a website with maintenance will get the attention of the search engine, if you feel the site is rubbish, search engines will be included you? If you have very high weight of the intention to do it?.

experience source: MDT fashion digital mall