Let the visitor get what he wants and you’ll get what you want

I have a "master the use of technology and idea of the monthly income of twenty thousand make a lot of friends remember, wise remark of an experienced person. Some people think that is nonsense, a bad review. Filled with righteous indignation. Now, all sorts of strange things network profit all the way, some people could ‘surprise’. Sometimes what you see is the result, and the careful planning and hard work behind it are often unknown. If that piece of writing makes you confused, and can not find something to learn from, today to share with you will be the specific implementation methods.

what is "successful web site", at the beginning of the establishment of the site, or site positioning has been decided, but no matter what kind of station, if you want to succeed, must remember two words’ value’. For websites, judging a website’s success in the future, the current traffic is just a reference. If the true value of existence, regardless of his visitors there are several, will eventually become a loyal customer, in other words, visitors will be far greater than the growth rate of speed reduction, a long time, the flow will naturally come up.

in order to avoid the emergence of empty description again, today I will take one of my website web578 as an example, for everyone specific analysis of a successful website, what will be successful?.

1, website initial planning

web578 initial site, in fact, there are some period of confusion, for the time being. Accurate positioning in May 22, 2010 played a decisive role in reducing the original 21 plates to the current 8 plates. Before the reduction, the basic station information from the Internet, the original content is less and less, although the ranking is very good, every day will have access to hundreds of people, but the statistics obtained by the results, the bounce rate is greater than 90%, the faithful visitor is scanty. Such a station, if you want to survive, must be "take the first flow. After advertising ‘this road, but only a few hundred people can bring traffic flow benefits.". With the rise of the same type of website continuously, must be caused by these limited traffic strike violently. Not that I am afraid, but that I have foreseen the result. For better survival, you have to be precise. Through the re planning adjustment, it has evolved into the current video tutorials based network marketing learning station, visitors are the industry’s novice and webmaster.

2, site content positioning

now has a word that everyone knows about ‘pseudo originality’. Reproduced content on the search engine optimization is not good, the original content is too much time, so pseudo original can meet the search engine, but also save time. This is a perfect choice. Yes, it will be good for optimization, but if you want to keep the site to stay, it’s not enough, just because they are not search engines. A valuable visitor is what the customer wants. It is for this reason that the video tutorials on site 99% are original. You may think the workload is great, but the person who wants to succeed is doing what others can’t do or what others don’t want to do. If >