How does the Yongzhou talent net work out

these two years, with the talent network springing up, I saw the talent network prospects, through the talent network industry for many years experience, in September 2009, decided to set up their own home talent network. At the same time also want to seize opportunities for the home and make a little contribution! In order to distinguish and talent network the same name, I will site himself as a network of excellence, decided to start from the brand awareness! With the Yongzhou network of excellence across the board on the line, I hope, in the local network recruitment industry and is not very familiar with the situation of investment in TV a large number of advertisements, the advertising to under the wanton Yongzhou talent nets brand will quickly on red, but did not think that the network awareness of mainland enterprises relative to said coastal city is too large, they are a skeptical attitude to complete online recruitment, even some companies say that we are liars on the other hand, with the advantage of resources in the official Yongzhou talent network and on-line operation, which brings huge impact to the newly founded Yongzhou network of excellence, accompanied by huge advertising investment After the low return rate and strong competition pressure, at this time I almost to despair when the moment the company financial accounts was the most serious and even a penny, the company’s sales personnel of normal wages are difficult to maintain, Yongzhou talent nets can develop today completely rely on everyone’s solidarity and hope for the future. Here, I would like to thank all the staff who have come with me and say thank you to them,

the second half of 2009, the company timely adjustment of marketing strategy, for business users, we had invested in advertising costs spent for enterprise recruitment and selection of talent recruitment effect, 100% of enterprises that in any talents intermediary advertising are not important to the recruitment effect, we let the customer experience just to the effects of network recruitment and our service, for individual users, we use low cost propaganda posters, campus activities, sponsorship, and registration of individual members to send gifts activities related to the collection of personal meaning member, the first member of the sincere service.

in 2010, after more than a year of time to explore, Yongzhou low-cost mode of operation and effect of enterprise recruitment 100% guaranteed by the network of excellence, Yongzhou talent net market share far more than the Yongzhou market similar recruitment company, Yongzhou talent nets have accounted for the recruitment of the intermediary industry market share of 45%, to become the first brand of Yongzhou talent intermediary. With preferential prices, high-quality services, 0746YC these words firmly occupy the Yongzhou region’s large and medium-sized enterprises HR heart. With the Yongzhou network of excellence brand, some of the original was not related to IT industry, traditional industry bosses also had a great interest in our website, a group of company executives in Yongzhou had we promised willing to spend 50 thousand to buy Yongzhou talent nets. In fact, this is a huge network of excellence in Yongzhou * *, although in recent years the rapid development, but the profit is mainly used for promotion on the company’s actual and not what money after reflection we resolutely refused the boss’s intention to purchase. The development of Yongzhou talent network in recent years