How to build a high traffic Sina blog

in the past, the Bo Yang station is one of the methods of webmaster website promotion, because in the past, blogs generally have had a relatively high weight, the chain is quite good, but the blog search engine access is quite high, because the construction of blog group can increase the number of net station chain from the above a certain degree also increased the weight of the website, so early webmaster through the blog group built to get a good ranking in the search engine, but also because the search engine from getting good traffic. Since this year, Baidu and Google algorithm after adjustment, the weight of the blog has been adjusted in the past, good blog PR value can reach PR7 or PR8, but it is almost impossible, and the number of the most important point is that Baidu and Google access blog was significantly reduced, and Baidu search algorithm on New changes in the Sina blog as an example, Baidu on the Sina blog of the division level, lower than the 16 level of the blog in what direction to visit, what time of the visit, more than 16 level access to a point above the blog crawler, and access frequency the corresponding increase, so some owners will be very strange, what his article soon included, my article is not included, but also the original, because Baidu is the grade Division, and, for less than 16 blog, but also an observation period, so why delay is included in one of the reasons. So, if you still want to use your blog as a branding tool, then you have to master a tip to quickly upgrade Sina’s hierarchy and publish more original articles.

How does

improve the rank of Sina blog? The rank value of Sina blog is a comprehensive formula, which is related to the number of blog posts and the number of blogs visited by users. Therefore, from the perspective of a do not say, as long as the blog post as well as the number of visits reached a certain level, will be able to create a search engine love blog, your article will be fast search engine included, but this process may take some time, it might take a long time, the introduction of a I get tips, for friends reference.

source to obtain the original article: many friends as the source of the original article is the original article headache, why need to spend a lot of time and energy to do, need to write the level can be quite a good article, including sometimes for some number according to the background analysis and sorting, because a lot of people. Used to pass past some excerpts of others change as a false original, of course this is one of a good way, but it is not a good way, because, after all Chinese Internet reprint situation is very serious, and now the search engine is very intelligent, therefore, the chances of being recognition is greatly increased, so and what good way? The best way is to find a foreign article developed in their own blog, such as by special software to some foreign The Chinese Web site extracts some of their articles, and one