Brief analysis where is the outlet of stationmaster class kind of website

this is the best of times, but also the worst of times. And in this era, there is such a noun, often brought to the Internet heavyweights, that is the webmaster. They have miraculously developed and miraculously survived the internet. They are free, they put a lot of time to the website; they are often so pragmatic momentum, update the article until two or three a.m..

, in this magical Internet nation, stationmaster kind of website appears more peculiar, no matter be the quantity of website or replacement speed. Throughout the domestic webmaster website, first of all to the mind should be the webmaster’s home and A5 webmaster nets, they in their own way barbaric development.


webmaster home relies on cnzz, as well as a series of related sites, in traffic has an overwhelming advantage, as well as source code, query, data statistics, Alexa and other tools, also accounted for half of the country. In addition, website information, and a magic weapon is stick webmaster.


relatively speaking, A5 webmaster network is more grassroots webmaster, technical webmaster. And the advantage of A5 is soft Wen contribution, the construction of the chain, to the webmaster an unlimited play and don’t give up the platform. At the same time, on the other hand, the webmaster trading platform to say is another highlight, strength of excellence, for the development of the site to provide awesome power.

in addition to the positioning of the site, I believe that the founder of the development of the site, the impact is also very large. Webmaster home can think of Yao Jianjun and Qiu Song, A5 can think of figure king, good generals create good products and good user experience. However, throughout the whole of China, the webmaster class website is far more than their two, but can be familiar with the station and profitable, probably only them.


for discuz and phpwind, they are all free source providers, have the webmaster group of natural needless to say, continue to introduce new applications, upgrade new functions, beginners to learn knowledge master station here, here to make technology veteran answer. At the same time, they are in the process of development, in all parts of the country to carry out the webmaster assembly, but also gathered a batch of another batch of webmaster.

is so keen on what reason, webmaster webmaster kind website, advertising is to earn commissions? Is no alternative choice? Is to divide the world into three parts to get a piece of land? No matter for an idea of what you can try to do it, but in the blind hot blood, you have not thought about how to kill them,

in thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers?

often in Webmaster conference, hear big brother said, big and all web site to do already very difficult, the webmaster’s next direction is local, vertical industry. Do portal, think >