Fang Xingdong new media is coming, nstant nternet era

blogger China Network CEO Fang Xingdong delivered a keynote speech at the second China Media Summit Forum 2009.

instant network era, the name of our internal temporary names defined, we believe that the third wave of Internet is instant network era or other era, has no internal, not too mature.

several of us began to study the new economy, the Internet, the revolution and culture in the 96 and 95 years. In 2001 2002, when we began to study the blog and 2, we focus on the study of the future of the Internet, including the short term of 1 years in the future, and the 3-5 interim and long-term future, 10-20 years in the future, hope to be able to make their own unique results in quantitative and qualitative aspects.

10 years, we basically predict the future more accurately, this point we are more pleased. The last two years, we mainly hope to grasp the next 35 years, the Internet in the world, China’s major changes are about to happen. At present, the industry, academia and the government focus on the Internet in the past and present, but very little research on the future. At present, only a very few people realize that the Internet will soon undergo third major industrial changes and a larger scale change. If this change is merely a fusion, it is not enough.

third wave, Web1.0 era to 2 era to the instant network era, is divided into three stages. We think the original portal represented the network media to social media in the age of 2, to instant network media instant media, this change is not in itself because of major technological innovation, but because of the development of the Internet to a certain stage, the most important is the number of Internet users has reached a certain critical point. Internet users around the world reached about 600 million, the network portal to determine, and is relatively shaped. In the Web2.0 era, Internet users reached 25%, because there was enough content to grow. In 2008, the number of Internet users was 1 billion 600 million, which was similar to that of China, and then entered a steady period of development and maturity. In the future, the critical point of the instant network is the popularity of Internet users to 50%, reaching 3 billion internet users worldwide. We expect to reach this stage around 2015. As far as the whole communication mechanism is concerned, the 1 era is mainly about the mechanism of "less to more", and the "2 age" is a mechanism of many to many, and the era of Instant Internet is the time that all people spread to all.

is a model of interactive control compared to Web2.0 and traditional media, where 2 and 1 differ in content sharing, but Internet applications are an asynchronous internet. But the real time network will really synchronize applications.

Instant Internet era is likely to be the birth of the next Google or a bigger heavyweight company out. We are currently concerned about micro-blog (, which will bring a new large number of instant network centers. This is a direction for change in the future. The inevitability of change is >