How to make Baidu rights down, so that home to the first place

, I’ve written an article about what I’ve done since I’ve been dropped by Baidu. Of course, the effort I did was not wasted, and I did, and Baidu resumed the daily snapshot of my site. I believe that after Baidu drop the right webmaster, must want to understand how I do, in this first thank you all can take the trouble to see me nagging, the following about how I do.

what did I do in my previous article, and if I had seen it, I wouldn’t have to repeat it here. Today I want to say is, combined with my experience of these days, about my rookie how to enhance the site traffic and Baidu weight, but also talk about how you are in the process of improving SEO experience.


a long time ago, I only knew how to play the fool and didn’t absorb the experience of other predecessors. No matter how good my website is, how beautiful it is to do it, but my traffic is poor every day. This really troubled me for a long time, when I was busy with the formal work, coupled with the girlfriend: so time is always not enough to use, I have not been to study the factors. Of course, I don’t know the reason.

recently, I was doing life tips, when this site is not a lot of traffic at the beginning, of course, there is no good advertising effect. For these, I began to search a lot of knowledge about SEO and the experience of my predecessors, and then I found the Admin5 station. No matter what the article from the friend on the station, I would take a cursory glance at it. If I come across a good colleague or senior article, I will read it carefully. In this way, slowly improve the experience of building some stations, accumulated some SEO knowledge, also began to start their own SEO work. As I read and study, I reorganized myself on the basis of these knowledge and with my own ideas. After a period of discovery, the effect was obvious. After tasting some of the sweetness, I am even more convinced of the power of these knowledge.

now, my site from dozens of traffic per day to hundreds of traffic per day, and then more than one thousand of traffic per day. Just two months time, in my own knowledge of leaps and bounds at the same time, my site is also advancing by leaps and bounds, it is really hard work pays off ah! Here, I also thank the colleagues and predecessors of the article, but also to support my webmaster friends. Let’s talk about it today. I hope it will help you. I’ll write more about my experience later. Yes, there is one point, that is, we hope that more people on the Admin5 more soft wen.