Blind takeover As commercial behavior behind the music, investigate why


recent music as a fire, this is not to say that the music in their own business on how well, but because of the music in the industry has made a controversial merger, through equity conversion and cash acquisition of the flowers television and music as new media. Your views are different, some people earn, although the paper is 1 billion 300 million of the price, but after careful analysis it is easy to find the music to pay capital and not so much, also some people said, as the acquisition of the two companies is swallowed two irrational contract for future development will be too much instability, so in the eyes of the author, as the acquisition will give his own future strategy is to promote or hinder the layout a little more


actually, we can’t say "right" or "wrong" about the Internet acquisition. Because the current vision of the future to judge the existence of instability itself, apple IOS7 and 5S touted that the market and the user is the sole criterion for testing truth. Based on this idea, then to judge music as it will from the acquisition itself as the meaning of music as soon as possible.

flower, film and television and music as the new media product attributes for music as the help, where


we all know, as music is a video company, its product selling point is mainly authorized content, super TV concept and Foxconn elements, as well as a small amount of price advantage. For this advantage, LETV also understand their own, in the fierce competition in the video industry, LETV resources and reputation is not an absolute advantage, so with the help of a certain environment to heighten the overall business atmosphere is the key. Speaking of this, we may know the intention of the author, and that is the acquisition of the two companies, as the music as the help, but also better reflected in the business improvement and brand exposure promotion, this is the key.

compared the flowers television as we all know, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and "new stories" is the editorial department of product, the market response is fairly warm, but as a newly established company, the depth of resources is not strong, but also for the flowers television channels of the control is really limited, join LETV, may more help is made of TV boxes and video content, this is probably the biggest help.

as for the new media as the music, let alone, seemingly music as a management subsidiary, the acquisition of the company’s capital requirements should not be too high,

?The driving force behind the implementation of


said it is necessary to analysis the two transactions meaning, just look at the flowers and new media resources and the depth of the market potential, the truth is really not the music, but also for LETV help is not as good as we painted. So what is the happy view of these two deals in such a case,


1 stock price promotion must be the dominant idea behind it, because as a listed company, as music needs to do some of the performance to the market to see, rather than users. You create something, make public opinion, and make the market feel