How does the classified information website ensure the authenticity of the information

, Haian police called me this morning and said there was a fax for me to receive. My first reaction was that the classified information website was posted bad information. Watch sb know another fax spoof, the mobile phone number posted on the site, including Qiuzu, through a few friends information, housekeeping services. The life of the publisher is affected and then call the police. The internet police asked me to provide the publisher’s IP address and fax it in writing. Ask the internet police what else to do, say you are OK, now in tracking the publisher, the information is not deleted, waiting for notification.

from today’s matter, I’m thinking about a problem. The arrival of the WEB2.0 era, a lot of website information is public, if you ensure that the classified information website information integrity and authenticity? Split illegal, bad information; real information from where we could not verify? Every piece of information feedback to himself and then through the audit? This is the need to consider and resolve the problem. When your phone and address are known, he deliberately released information, how to investigate? How much punishment,


method will be unknown for a while, first of all rely on the consciousness of the net name.

moreover, today, Nantong XX network company called me and asked if the company wanted to do Internet promotion. I told you not to. Because in 10 minutes, four people in our office have received a call from the company, very disgusted. Then I told you not to call me. The man said it was impossible, and the attitude was bad.

Author: ItBuLu