Capture user desktop is master of traffic flow

I’m in the QVOD movie station. You know, it’s hard to get into a new customer. But the QVOD player has to shut down my site and pop up the official station when you install the player. This way, the new customer is still missing without remembering my domain name name. I think many of the stations have encountered the same problem, not just the QVOD station. Including all kinds of download stations.

because of limited technology, can only use simple batch processing to solve this problem, the following my method to speak out and share, hope to help everyone.

uses 3 of the simplest batch commands,

1. copies a quick cut of its own station to the desktop

copy C:QvodPlayer360 cinema.Lnk " C:Documents and SettingsAll Users desktop "

2., after the completion of the installation, pop-up your website

, start, /max, IExplore,

3. uses VBS to hide batch processing programs, so that you can install and install the same player as before, and it won’t feel awkward.

In fact, I also want to change the

batch file icon. Make him prettier and more formal, but with limited technology, he won’t do it.

my modified player installation address, Download:

hopes a master can help me solve the last difficult problem.

now say, "why did I change the previous 2?". Second, for users and for yourself is a good experience, because users in your station browsing information indeed because of the installation of a player and you stand off, play to the other stations, is affecting the user mood! Because he will have to find your station address, for some new players, think the station is almost impossible to find you.

first why change the reason is very clear, because put a very beautiful fast cut way to the user desktop, than malicious change the user’s home page is much more civilized. As long as your station does have content, can attract the user, the average person won’t delete. After this, users will often visit your station by fast way. Over time, your station will also impress users.

say this! Anyway, after using this method, I am standing more than one day. I hope you will help me after you see it. I hope the master can help me solve my problem. Or point out my inadequacy, let us these grass roots stationmaster also can have successful one day.

my QQ57662213, look forward to your master enlighten!