How to do a website on the road of sustainable development (end)


micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) some time ago wrote four website how to walk in the sustainable development of the Internet on the article, respectively, from the analysis of Internet marketing in all directions, the contents of strategic planning, and how to operate, but also how to do publicity, actually do the most basic network marketing is how to do, I have to nag about what to do today, network marketing work ready, or how to do.

wrote this before the end I have been thinking, why the mechanism of network marketing is changing, the development of the Internet too fast or network marketing thought Daniel’s avant-garde ideas, according to the results of my own, neither, because some Internet marketers are trying to use the network to profit. The various means of network marketing has become the product of modern marketing. Well, talk a little more, directly into the topic. The rapid development of network marketing today, old-fashioned marketing gradually unable to adapt to the new environment, how to promote the network, has become a familiar challenge for many marketers. Whether the traditional marketing and network marketing you have to recognize their own position, market, people, find your advantages in the peer competition where you are, what your strengths are a good summary, even a little can, you can then you must expand the sentence describing momentum filling, the complete the color of the vivid tell to a search engine and you tell these content should accord with the search engine users search habits and search engine spiders crawling training of intimacy, to try to meet him. Only you go to cater to it and let users like it so that users can find you in use.

The main premise of

network marketing is that you have to have their own advantages, a significant advantage to have the market, big market, if you can not attract customers something, then the good marketing to play, so the network marketing in the process should pay attention to innovation, to explore the source of innovation. In network marketing should pay attention to the point: "the three aspects of market positioning, brand image, product differentiation" is the three objective factors can do network marketing, is the three index directly affect consumer purchase sales promotion, is also the core content of network marketing communication. Establish a unique brand image, word of mouth, and the effective dissemination of information to potential customers, which is the network marketing in the dissemination of a unique internal marketing.

One of the "

network marketing two criteria: the attraction attraction" is a kind of network communication means, in a clear understanding of consumer demand analysis, targeted to make the event marketing theme, effectively seize the attention of consumers, let us in a number of similar talent shows itself information, has become the focus of attention of the target audience groups. To improve our communication more effective, more powerful. Two of the two major principles of network marketing: "external reputation": good word-of-mouth is a good brand information to pass on to the outside world, and brand reputation is one side