How does a newbie build his own web site (two)

Hussein published the first rookie Jianzhan tutorial after. Got a lot of novice station webmaster response. Since yesterday, dozens of people have added my qq. Also asked a lot of questions. Their questions are so simple that they can be answered in a few words. But the biggest feeling for me is that no one seems willing to answer their questions. May be too simple, some birds don’t want to answer. Continue my tutorial below. This time, we mainly discuss the preparatory work and some common problems.

1, psychological preparation. Building a website is a long process. The development of the website is also a long-term process. For a short period of time, individuals are unlikely to create a web site that people can love. Be prepared for a protracted war. Constantly discover the needs of users and correct their mistakes. Continue to create original content and learn how to protect them.

2, technical preparation. The most basic thing is to learn the HTML language. You can use the tool book to read any HTML code, and you can use the search engine to find the code you need when you need it. Better ability to change code bit by bit. Understand what the relative path is and what is the absolute path. Understand the database management, understand SQL language, see the website management system of dynamic web design language, such as: ASP, JSP, PHP, and so on. Get to know the current popular CSS and div technologies. Proficiency in a web site management system. Proficiency in the use of FTP software.

3, hardware ready. Buy server space that meets your needs, including access type, supported dynamic design language, and space bandwidth. Buying a domain name that matches your site’s characteristics must be good for spelling and memory. Suggest that a site uses only one domain name.

4, manpower preparation. To join some webmaster groups and forums. Make friends with some old station owners. Establish yourself in the webmaster circle of interpersonal relationships. Ask for help when you need it. Asking questions never loses.

answers to some questions:

1, static website and dynamic website distinction? Static website basically depends on HTML webpage to store website content. The dynamic website mainly depends on the database to store the content of the website. Static web sites are good for promotion and dynamic websites are good for management. The best way is to combine the two: give users a static content web page, and use your own database to manage the content of your web site.

2, where traffic comes from, mainly from search engines, other websites for you to do links, as well as the user’s return visit.

3, domain name and IP and space relations, a IP corresponds to a server, a IP can correspond to more than one domain name, a domain name corresponds to a IP, a domain name corresponds to a server space.

4, that dynamic website design language is better, you have mastered the best?. Language is only a tool, it can achieve your purpose, master one