A netizen’s post has rekindled my passion for being a station

today in Webmaster tools to see my BBs reverse link, suddenly found in the Tencent BBS on a netizen’s post, a look at posting time since it is 06 years, 9 copies of the matter. The post is probably about being a Hunan person when you see the Hunan dialect forum, and he says he’s really "very happy, excited",


this article probably probably wrote copious and fluent hundreds of words between the lines, put some architecture comments I write the forum. To be honest, I’m not a professional website, I do not understand technology, just use a home DZ forum code + indiscriminately engage with! But didn’t really think he can bring so many feelings! I have been thinking about how to improve the level of technology to the forum, art design, forum function so, this article has given me great inspiration. Now I find that as a forum, the content of your target group is the most important,


, the purpose of this station was simple. I am a Hunan person, I hope I can give my friends around Hunan all the happiness, so I want to make a forum based on Hunan dialect communication. Ask some webmaster friends, spend a bit of money to engage in a virtual space, bought a Hunan local distinctive domain name "that pet phrase naqoshi.com". (oh, foreign friends probably cannot read), and then installed a DZ code, so quickly on-line forum. So I put my studies from the station all things on the move, on the Post Bar post, QQ group website, attracted a lot of slobber, of course also brought a lot of friends and a group of love that the forum moderators and people! They don’t what to expect from this, only hope that the Forum can ask development stable, give them a dialect of the exchange space, they always gave me the motivation of


but good times don’t last long after a fight, to bring it in the cradle of the forum. Because at that time the sharing of space has been less stable, the server often can not open! With the help of a member of the forum, a circle of friends volunteered to support me forum space to help the development of the forum. I was really happy for many days, the forum members also but also because of this, as cheerful as a lark!, I also relax the protection to the forum data! Six months later, sponsored friends server hard disk is damaged, the first half of the data can not be restored to the original, this content is rich enough that it’s fatal. Half a month without access to the forum, one day, more than 200 IP loyal members left in succession. My confidence dropped to the bottom,


what should I do?!?!? At the end of the support of friends I was to re build up Forum (or virtual space), but the forum is absolutely empty!! he has disappointed! The maintenance time is reduced repeatedly, I don’t want to spend too much time. Let the forum think! Because a station are so tired!

, it took about a month or so for the forum to send